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" Where do the evils like corruption arise from? It comes from the never-ending greed. The fight for corruption-free ethical society will have to be fought against this greed and replace it with 'what can I give' spirit."----A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, ex President of India.

And none of us has experienced greed and corruption on the level we have seen since 2014.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse, after the passage of all previous governments with their own crop of corrupt bastards, we asked for and obtained 'vrai sanzman' with a government that took great delight in showing us " Zot apel sa koription? Atane! Nou pou montrer zot ki apel koription!"...

There then followed a litany of unprecedented examples of naked greed and corruption, from one of the thieves in chief, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, venturing into the gold business with a loan from a bank under his ministerial jurisdiction, to the inhumane greed of vultures pecking at the few bits of flesh left on the bones of BAI, and led by an accuntant Yacoob the cunt, to the massive commissions worth billions of rupees siphoned off loans taken in our names.

2 loans in particular form the basis of this post and the incredible 'legal' lengths the thieves took in order to steal a lot in complete privacy:

1/ Rs 19 billions for 4000 cameras designed to watch many of us even have a shit, taken by MT and underwritten completely by Lepep Kouyon. No one knows how much each camera costs, but we are supposed to take at face value Pravin Jugnauth's and his bosom pal, close adviser, and la cuisine boss, Sherry Singh's assertions that they are servi nou pays, zot ban gran patriotes, and nou larzan parey kouma larzan Pravin Jugnauth, alor li pou depense li kouma li envi...

2/ The loans for underwater internet cables to Rodrigues which magically doubled in price, and where the valuable copper it replaced grew legs and traipsed quietly to some Indian metal trader....All in complete opacity of course, parski zot dire ki zot p servi pays, alor nou bizin koir zot, non? Ban patriotes sa!

In the meantime, Pravin Jugnauth is building a chateau for himself in Vacoas, conservatively estimated at over Rs 300 millions...All apparently from a life of hard work doing fuck knows what....Et ena p koz koffre forts? Eoula!

Sherry Darling, the man on the motor bike who rapidly graduated to chauffeur driven limousine, and professional tester of the swimming pool water at Vacoas. Remember the audio recording which was released 2 days before the last general elections and which involved SAJ, his wife, and a family friend of over 30 years? Remember how SAJ did not even know who Sherry Singh was? Well, he most certainly does now, and I am sure the daughter in law would have also told him what a wonderful man Sherry darling is, with strong arms, and every inch of solid, hard gristle....

Anyway, Sherry Darling has been blessed by God and has become enormously rich over the last 4-5 years. So rich that he too is building his palace in that place known as the abode of mostly thieves who pretend to be respectable people from servi nou pays so well: Bout du Monde

At this stage, please take out your calculators, but not those recommended by the Nobel Prize winning mathematician, Ravi Rutnah please! Have a look at those facts and figures:

1/ Sherry Darling, from marketing officer at Emtel straight to CEO at MT, is on an annual package of roughly Rs 15 millions per year.

2/ The land he purchased in Bout du Monde, Ebene is of an area of 900 toises.

3/ Land price there is at least Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 a toise. Therefore the land itself must have cost him 900 x Rs 35,000= a total of Rs 31, 500, 000.

4/ His chateau is 12,000 square feet.

5/ A luxury house costs Rs 3000 per square foot to build. A Super luxury one costs Rs 4000 per square foot.

6/ Sherry Darling will obviously go for the Super luxury one, sinon Lady Macbeth pou mari amerder!
7/ Therefore, cost of building his super luxury house= Rs 4000 per square foot x 12,000 square feet = Rs 48 millions.

8/ Now add the land price of Rs 31.5 millions to the building costs of Rs 48 millions, plus a few millions for the luxury things that Lady Macbeth would love to tal so fesse on.

9/ This brings it to a total of roughly Rs 80 millions.

10/ So, if it is not magic, tell me how ene narien ditou in 2014 is suddenly building a chateau with lots of spare change left over? Abracadabra? or corruption?

Remember, Sherry darling has always disputed his Rs 1 million per month salary, claiming it was far less, although he has never provided any proof of his actual income. Let us assume for once that he is telling the truth and has been receiving far less than Rs 1 million a month, where does the money for the above come from then? BTW, he also has to maintain one child and we shall ignore his own personal expenses...

In order to prove that your money is clean and that your assets are ok, you have to show your income. But the Pakistani in charge of the MRA is completely kayelousse and can never see any wrong in anyone from la cuisine...nor does Integrity/Good Governance sipaki, as trumpeted by ex la cuisine member, the UnReformed Bhadain...

Zot zalou! Laisse mo dire zot kot li in gagne tou sa pitaye la! He has discovered oil under the ground he has purchased! That can be the only explanation, I am afraid...

Unless if copper is extremely good business these days...

Mercredi 30 Octobre 2019

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