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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 9 Août 2019

Dawood Rawat. @ Adeela Rawat-Feistritzer
Dawood Rawat. @ Adeela Rawat-Feistritzer
Pravin Jugnauth, SAJ, Bhadain, Wilkinson, Bonieux, Basantee Roi, Hajee' Satar, various accuntants esp Yacoob, many zourlanus mercenaires, idiots of all shapes and sizes who form part of Lepep Kouyon, the many trolls sprouting like poisonous fungi from la cuisine, Judge Domah, and so many others, including the Nimak Haraams who fed themselves to satiety at his table for years and then spat on him....

Look at this picture of the man you sought to destroy by stealing everything he owned and then covering up the Theft of the Century with a multitude of shameful, self serving excuses, aided and abetted by zourlanus who are an absolute disgrace to the noble profession of journalism...

Do you see someone who seems broken down? Does he appear to have given up? Is he looking at you and saying to himself, " The thieves have won"?

No, this is the look that says " I know exactly who you are and what you are as individuals. And even you know that you have no shame, no honour, nothing that would mark you as decent human beings. You know what you are and every morning when you look in the mirror, that pale, wretched reflection of the human being that you claim to be will be the last image you have of you when you take your last breath...which hopefully cannot be soon enough. "

And he is saying to you, in the words of Bob Dylan:

" I wish that for just one time
You could stand inside my shoes
And for just that one moment
I could be you
You'd know what a drag
It is to see you"...

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Vendredi 9 Août 2019

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