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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 2 Novembre 2019

However much Berenger has tried through a largely unsuccessful, 50 year old career as leader of the MMM, one cannot escape the logical conclusion that he remains the paradigm of the typical Mauritian politician: full of empty words about egalite, fraternite, bizin kraz koription, meritokrasi, cousins/cousines papa/piti/tontons/tantines, bizin vrai sanzman, etc....and who then do the exact opposite of what they preach in public.

I don't really blame these politicians because who can admonish them for playing to a gallery made up largely of a Lepep extreman kouyon that rarely uses its innate ability to think for itself, instead of being led by the nose by corrupt and biased zourlanus?

Let me talk about our 'free and independent' press first: Have you noticed how the mainstream press tries hard to proclaim its independence whilst making its long standing support for Berenger too obvious?

How Berenger somehow escapes the vitriolic pen used excessively by zourlanus and cartoonists to lacerate both Pravin Jugnauth and Navin Ramgoolam to shreds?

How they 'innocently' place videos of longer duration on their hero Berenger, marginally less time for le ti cretin, and much shorter ones for Ramgoolam?

How they insist on portraying the Rs 10 millions given to Berenger by BAI as the the only case of donations politiques whilst conveniently forgetting the hundreds of millions of rupees given to the leaders of ALL parties by the Super Rich?

How the Super Rich, via Rogers especially, is the deciding factor in the way our 'free and independent' press portray politics in Mauritius? If you don't believe me, cast a dispassionate eye on the political contents of L'Express recently, le Defi (gradually turning to pro Berenger a la Nawaz NoBuzz...), le mauricien, always anti PTr and decidely pro Berenger via Josie Lebrasse and other Berenger devotees, the Bajaman and his IoN financed to the hilt by those 'patriotes' and trying hard but abysmally failing to hide its pro Berenger bias after a long period of flirting pathetically with the MSM?

Why do these zourlanus obsess over the Ramgoolam/Nandinee rather sordid affair and completely neglect the substantial number of mistresses of Berenger, Zaza, Ganoo, ti cretin himself (oh yes! he too puts it about...), Brylcreem Boy Nando, even ugly bastards like Rude Boy Veeramundar, A Shit Gungah, Etienne Sinatanbou rather unusual domestic situation over the years, Ivan the Poison Dwarf and his over active cock, etc....and the affairs of the zourlanus themselves with the pitiful ambition to sleep with any politician who might give them a ti boutte career wise, as well as the ti boutte between their legs?

The narrative of our 'free and independent' press has changed during the last month, and not too subtly either. Where before they used to throw the odd critic at Berenger in order to show 'balance' and 'impartiality', they now brazenly, and with no shame whatsoever, present his arguments as if Moses has revisited us with a different set of Tablets of Stone.

When Berenger says " Mo guet zot (Ramgoolam and Jugnauth) dessire zot meme, et mo rier", our zoulanus try to make us believe that this is tactical genius at its most superlative. Not one of them will question his attendance in the National Assembly during the last 2 1/2 years as an affront to parliamentary democracy, where a senior member, the leader of a party for God's sake, has indulged in a permanent sulk and has not asked even one question during all that time.

All for at least Rs 200,000 of your money every month plus a chauffeured driven limousine because of his 2 years as PM some 15 years ago.

Not one of them will castigate him for only paying lip service to the enormous scandals of the MSM/ML government of the last 5 years, but will have an orgasm when he throws the bone of "MSM pli pire ki Travayis" at them. Have you heard Berenger say anything about the savage repressive measures against Top fm for committing the terrible sin of showing us how the thieves no longer steal millions of rupees from us, but billions of rupees now?

Have you heard him condemning all the "Gates" scandal of the MSM/ML during this electoral campaign and which has deprived us of billions of rupees? No, like the hypocrites of the press, he too enjoys talking about one 'gate' only, " NavinGate", Ramgoolam danse touni, or 'coffres fort, as if he has only just found out about Ramgoolam's mistress or the coffres fort which contained 'donations politiques'', the same donations politiques that Berenger and the other party leaders have themselves received in huge amounts. We know the Ramgoolam's donations politiques are in his coffre fort, but do we know what the other party leaders, including Berenger, have done with their hundreds of millions of rupees of donations politiks? Eoula! Arete fer hypocrite do!

Now, let me talk about the two communities that have traditionally formed the bedrock of the MMM: the Creoles and the Muslims.

For many decades, the Tamils were solidly behind the MMM but the infiltration of the Tamil mafia within la cuisine with all sorts of nominations has now ensured that the MMM has lost the biggest segment of Berenger's obsession with the TTM.

Yesterday's ti cretin's promise at some Telegu festival to increase the amount of taxpayers' money given to socio cultural parasites means that the Telegus have probably deserted the MMM too, as have the Marathis following Ganoo's shameless desire to hold Lady Macbeth's kalchoul...The MMM's long standing rant about the Vaish, a rant that makes no sense whatsoever, whether statistically or psephologically, has served to only alienate Hindus from the MMM.

Only those idiots who are fervent devotees of Ravi Rutnah's School of Mathematics would subscribe to the farcical theory that the Vaish, who form less than 20% of the population, can possibly control the 80% of the rest of the population, and who can decide who wins the elections or who becomes PM. Re al konpoz sixieme do!

The Muslims were solidly behind the MMM until 2005 when they deserted en masse and decided to support the Ptr. Doesn't this tell you something, that after 5 years of a government that they identified with hitherto, with Berenger as Prime Minister,they decide to abandon Berenger and to support Ramgoolam instead?

Our wonderful zourlanus of course have minimised to such an extent the MMM's central role in the destruction and theft of BAI that no one talks about the fact that the whole carnage started with Berenger's stupid PNQ on BAI, when he confused BAI Bahamas (a real ponzi) with BAI Mauritius and decided it was a Ponzi too. And no one talks about the fact that on the fatal night of 2nd April 2015 when the butchers removed Bramer's licence, it was Berenger who received one of the first phone calls from his erstwhile protege, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraido.

Have you ever heard Berenger explicitly condemn the biggest theft by any government in our history?

It is only recently that he has been making some whimpering noises, and his 'promise' of a 'Commission d'enquete' on BAI must surely make people ask this question: How can you now investigate this when you kept quiet during the long months and years when so many people's lives were being battered and shattered?

I am afraid this desire for a commission d'enquete is all part of his sick "communalisme scientifique" nonsense in his desire to obtain power, and to therefore tell any lies that would convince Muslims to return to him. He still does not understand a basic fact: BAI concerns ALL Mauritians, because irrespective of which party we support, we all hate injustice, esp when combined with bullying and abuse of power. And the investors of BAI come from ALL segments of the Rainbow Nation...

Let me give you just one example of how Berenger has let down the Muslims in general, but looked after those Muslims in his inner circle very well. Do these names ring a bell with you? Reshad Uteem, Khalid Tegally, Munir Lallmahamood?

They are respectively the brother, bother in law, and son in law of Cassam Uteem, the chap who loves to pontificate on poverty whilst not paying even once cent in tax on his monthly Rs 250,000+ pension for life + chauffeur driven limousine, 24 hour police guard, secetary, etc, all paid for by a Lepep Kouyon.

Well, one was appointed Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre, one was appointed Chairperson of the Tax Appeal Tribunal and is now Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, and the last one in a top job at BoM, a job specially created by him after a phone call to the then Governor by the then President of the Republic.

Now ask yourselves this question: Are you a good Muslim who deserves recognition only if the Uteems and Berenger support you?

Remember Fareed Muttur, the loyal shadow of Berenger in the early seventies? After he died, we never heard a word from Berenger, no attendance at the anniversaries of his cruel death, nothing...Until very recently, some 40 years later. Same for Azor Adelaide, who was butchered in broad daylight by the PMSD thugs. No mention of his name at all for decades until very recently...Ask yourselves, why now?

The Creoles remain our most deprived community for a wide variety of reasons: historical, cultural, and yes, gross racism shown towards them by all our politicians, esp those who claim to be their defenders. They have criminally neglected that community and it breaks my heart to see them again following the False Messiah, because I know he will let them down again.

You only have to look at his actions as PM for 2 years to see that he has done absolutely nothing for them , apart from pass diberr with a Nelson Mandela Centre and a public holiday re slavery. Would anyone care to tell me exactly what else he has done for the Creoles?

Ramgoolam and the PTr can rightly claim that the poor have benefited massively from free education, free transport , a free health service, etc...things that have substantially improved the lives of all of us, including the poor especially. Pravin Jugnauth can justifiably praise himself for establishing the minimum wage, and some other social measures for the poor. What can Berenger show us apart from making a lot of noise signifying nothing? How come he has never put forward the name of a Creole as President of this island? So Communalisme scientifik la fort kumsa do?

The sad reality is that Berenger has always been a bullshitter, a joker. He has slept with ALL our political leaders, and was responsible with Ramgoolam for the longest shut down of our National Assembly in 2014.

Yes, his courage, bravery, and actions as a Trade Unionist in the early Seventies are undeniable. But to now pretend that he is some sort of Messiah when he has been responsible for so many koustiks over the years is to deny the sad reality of the man: that the only person that matters to him is his own precious self. Getting ex MMM people like Salesse and Habib Mosaheb to 'interview' him is an insult to the fairness of the electoral process.

As a mature, elderly Muslim gentleman told me recently, about the Muslims shouting loudly for Berenger as PM: " All a bunch of lousy crabs looking for their meal, and pretending to care." People like Rashid Beebeejaun , who incredibly sees himself as our next President...or Cassam Uteem who wants a third stab at being President.

Samedi 2 Novembre 2019

1.Posté par Ouyouf le 03/11/2019 09:08
The leaders of all these parties are all living ironies. Why single out Bérenger?

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