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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 26 Juillet 2020

This never ceases to amaze me: someone who writes a silly little post with at most 2 badly written phrases/sentences will get the 'likes' of people with apparently nothing else to do; or a flurry of copy/pastes that is unleashed daily and that suggests the poor sap is constantly on the prowl for anything written by someone else which looks popular or seems intelligent..

This then makes our deluded little individuals start to believe that the world is really dying to see them as a 'serviteur du pays'....

In the old days, people with that sort of delusion would have two electric wires attached to their temples, and the artificially induced electrical fits would soon cure them of that really annoying delusion.

Here, in Mauritius, an educational system that kills off analytical thinking but encourages learning by rote has resulted in some quite inadequate individuals trying to find some salvation for their pathetic little lives by copy/pasting in such a cack handed manner that the police arrest that inevitably follows is treated like manna from heaven in their never ending quest for some attention, for any attention.

The police arrest, however crude and unwarranted it was, apparently then lays the foundation for the path to 'martyrdom' that they like to think they are now treading, supported by like minded idiots who probably believe that 'analysis' is something that is related to bum holes and where proctologists like to spend their working hours...Kot nou p aller dan sa ggt pays la?

I love reading posts by people like : Prakash Neerohoo,Kevin Teeroovengadum,Sedley Assonne,Rajen Vencatachellum,Percy Yip Tong,Jean Eric Wong Cheong,Roland Tsang Kwai Kew
, and a few others.

Why? Because invariably, they analyse issues properly and often make me think about some angles that maybe I had not considered. In other words, their articles are often challenging and lose nothing of their potency and relevance by being original. Yes, original. The word that seems to be a complete mystery to the copy/pasters so deluded that they really believe they are the missing link in our degenerate political system.

Remember all those who were going to 'gouverner autrement'?

The new, fresh blood who were going to teach us how our relatively young people will show us the new, proper way to conduct public affairs? What have we got instead? A procession of heavily made up zombies each vying with the creatures from a distant planet to show their leader that their tongues will reach deeper in his dark orifice than the wannabe next to them.

The names of Lachanya, Subashinee sipaki ninny, LaTeena who seems more preoccupied with choosing the red lipstick that will show the leader where that mouth of big teeth would like to land, Bablee the fat oaf who like so many Mauritians believe that a fairly good command of the French language means that their arse has turned from black to white, Bobok Hureeram who opens his mouth every time just to reassure us that he remains the Bobok that he always was, that so called minister pretending to defend Creoles by mentioning "Code Noir" whilst squatting the lands of a poor many of them who were going to 'gouverner autrement' but who have turned out to be far worse than those they replaced, like Rutnah, Sesungkur, Gayan, etc.

I am afraid the same thing will happen to those suffering from what seems an incurable delusion that their presence is badly needed in our political parties and in government-----all on the basis of copy/pastes and crap mini posts that show neither originality nor an adequate grasp of the problems that we all face. All that matters to these cravers for attention is the deluded image that they have created for themselves and which makes them see nothing else but their bloated egos in the press and on TV.

The people who are really intelligent and who can analyse things properly, and I have mentioned some names above, will never brag about their aptitude for politics, or about how everything would be perfect if only they could get a ticket and be in government. In fact, I am convinced that quite a few of them will refuse to take advantage of the obscene privileges that being a MLA, PPS, or minister scandalously allows them in Mauritius.

I can quite imagine them still taking the bus or driving their own cars instead of gouverner autrement like Lachanya and others, and rushing to the nearest luxury car importer to pick one at our expense.

Can you say the same thing about the copy/pasters and the fake 'martyrs'? I can't. All that will happen will be the replacement of the current dickheads by the morons afflicted with the terrible delusion that their shit already smells nice.

I must try that copy/paste lark myself and then spend some time in my toilet whilst breathing in the rose scent of my turd....Perhaps it might be the only way for me to understand the motivation of these deluded arseholes.

Because try as I may, and with the best will in the world, I just cannot see how some of those positioning themselves for a future in politics will change anything, apart from giving their already enormous egos a massive boost.

Dimanche 26 Juillet 2020

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