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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 3 Juillet 2020

Pravind Jugnauth tells us he is a lawyer, although you would really need an ultra high powered torch to find any cases where he has represented any client.

But being a lawyer means that at the very least you would have a passing knowledge of the law, and that when someone mentions 'natural justice' to you, you would know what it means....

This is his interpretation of natural justice: A document that he claims to be ultra confidential, and therefore cannot be disclosed under ANY circumstances, mentions the names of 9 individuals, including those of Collendavelloo and Berenger.

Somehow, the ultra confidential document is given to Ivan Collendavelloo, so that he can read its contents. The braying of donkeys like Bobok Hureeram, old pussy face Malice Gobin, or the complete idiot Joe Lekouyon about how "Berenger tranper ziska la gorz" etc clearly suggests that these buffoons have also read the ultra confidential document. So much for ultra confidentiality....

Now, natural justice demands that if anyone should be allowed to see the document, it should be Berenger, because he is the only one whose name has been mentioned but who has not been given the basic courtesy of reading what is being said about him.

What does Pravin Jugnauth the lawyer and Prime Minister do? He invites Arvind Boolell, the leader of the opposition, and who has nothing to do with that document or the St Louis scandal, to come and read it! Eoula! How stupid can you be?

At one stroke, Pravind Jugnauth has poured a bucket of steaming shit over his previously held argument that confidentiality demands that he cannot make the document public or show it to anyone else. And now he wants to show it to Boolell? Eoula! Ou pa penser avan met la guele en marsse?

Apart from anything else, this is an example of incredibly bad manners towards a man who stuck his neck on the line for you when you were shitting yourself in Casernes and dreading having to spend the night in custody, re Medpoint. It was Berenger who stayed outside Casernes for many long hours, and his threat of not bouzer ziska zot largue li was one of the main factors that allowed your release. This is how you repay him? Eoula! Rekonessans naiba? 

This is terribly bad politics. We no longer have political parties being opponents, but always showing some decorum, propriety, and good manners. Now, we have a la cuisine which believes this island vreman pou mari zot mama versus anyone who says anything bad but true about them. 

Offering to show a third party an 'ultra confidential' document and refusing to show any courtesy to a man whose name is apparently mentioned in the document smacks of cowardice and bad manners. It is the attitude of a spoilt child in the school playground asking his friends and anyone else, " Vine guet ki ena lor sa kouyon la!", whilst not having the guts to tell the individual concerned, " Guet ki zot p dire lor toi". 

This is cheap politics at its most disgusting. Arvind Boolell was right to refuse this toxic offer from Pravind Jugnauth.

The 'adviser' who convinced the Prime Minister to do this should apply for a job at the Waste Water Management Authority where his expertise in smelling and eating shit will be highly valued.

Vendredi 3 Juillet 2020

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