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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 10 Septembre 2019

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Ki kalite crimes nou in kapav fer pou nou gagne ene government renpli ar vrai cretins pou pini nou kumsa?

We all know about the billions of rupees stolen from us via hugely over inflated contracts given to the friends and financiers of politicians; we know all about the incredibly high salaries given to absolute dickheads nominated by venal politicians to our parastatal orgs and even to our Constitutional bodies; we react with horror when we see that the posts of ambassadors/high commissioners of individuals to represent and defend our island abroad can only be given to friends, mistresses/lovers, and relatives so stupid that they must be the missing link in the DNA of those politicians.

Because on the evolutionary scale in terms of intelligence, we have indeed, as a nation, been plagued by politicians of all parties who not only missed the starting line up but who were too stupid and joined the wrong queue instead.

We have had super zavoka Ivan the little man telling us, with all the authority at his command, that looking in someone's eyes, especially a very dubious billionaire's ones, can immediately tell him how sincere and wonderful the man is.

We have had the Ayatollah Moufta appointing himself " Minister for Islamic Affairs", "Minister for Hajj", "Minister for Foreign affairs" when he decided on his own that Qatar was no longer useful to us, "Minister for Biological Determinism" when he decided that Creoles zis droguer et fer pitin lor la ri and can therefore not have the same claim to houses built by taxpayers' money as the rest of the population enjoys.

We have had possibly the ugliest one in a competition for uglies, Anil Gayan, telling us in Parliament that "Government is government' and therefore zot kapav fer seki zot envi, including giving his mistress over Rs 323,000 of our money every month simply by nominating her to what was really a non job; we have had another stupid minister of Arts and Cuture, for crying out loud, addressing the Speaker as Mr Speaker, Sir when despite all her flagrant faults, Maya Hanoomanjee is, to everyone else, a woman. We have had a minister for sport so incredibly dense that his creativity resides in only wearing an orange lamoresse, shirt and tie, and sporting a pony tail that gives you an indication that there is a real donkey in our cabinet...we have had a minister with a huge stomach who has murdered thousands of French speaking people stupid enough to watch him speak French on television during the National Assembly proceedings; we have seen politicians being paid over Rs 200,000 of our money every month for doing only one thing: tap la table in the same way that seals flap their flippers, and hoping that a ti cretin will reward them.

But the worst one of the lot, the most hypocritical, useless, good for nothing lump that has ever sat around a cabinet table has to be the one who has made diluil coco his monopoly and whose generous use over that ugly head often makes it dribbles down a face that not even a mother could possibly like:

SefuckingSungkur! That idiot has to be the standard bearer in any competition for idiots who defy the human imagination to be that stupid. We have all seen how the several complaints against him have resulted predictably in Marionette and his dummies at the CCID ignoring them with an absence of professionalism that is simply beyond belief. We have all seen how every time he opens that sewer of a mouth, we end up battering our heads against the wall in the hope of some relief from this very cruel and unusual punishment of hearing and seeing such an arsehole.

But just to show that this man can plumb the depths of stupidity and nonsense that no one in history has ever done, he has now come up with a novel plan that is so far fetched legally that it must come from a Planet where only apes perhaps exist: " le ministre de la Bonne gouvernance, Sudhir Sesungkur, a également évoqué le cas Dawood Rawat. Ce dernier sera poursuivi en justice une fois que la liquidation de la compagnie sera terminée."

Really? Is that so, you diluil coco freak?

He really needs to read our Constitution... or preferably someone could read it out to him, and explain to him very very slowly so that hopefully he might understand this basic truth: In our constitution, the power to prosecute or not remains with the DPP ONLY!

Not to some Junglee minister who knows fuck all about anything that matters. Unless if in our so called Etat de Droit, la cuisine has now arrogated that right of the DPP and given it to the ministre diluil coco...Nothing surprises me in this fucking island any more.

So, if you are unfortunate enough to be in diluil coco's presence, please ask him these questions:

1/ The DPP, in his wisdom, has struck off all the stupid charges against those who were provisionally charged. On what basis will diluil coco now lodge a formal charge?

2/ What will be the formal charge against Dawood Rawat? For being too naive and trusting too many idiots and bullshitters?

3/ As Dawood Rawat is outside the jurisdiction of Mauritius and has Mauritian and French nationality , what stops the State of Mauritius from making an application to the French State for a Commission Rogatoire? After all, according to those bozos and their mercenary zourlanus, the "Crime of the Century" was 'discovered' nearly five years ago!

A Commission Rogatoire will be conducted by a juge d’instruction (a real one, not a serveur ti puris dan mariaz ti cretin, ein?) who will question Dawood Rawat about everything to do with BAI.

But remember! There must be a legal basis before a Commission Rogatoire is instituted in France. Pa Maurice sa!. Where is the legal basis, Sesungkur ? Dan to fesse? Ene jhant pa ena!

For the benefit of the arseholes, esp the zourlanus mercenaires who think I must have something to do with BAI or I must be financed by Dawood Rawat, or I am Dawood Rawat, just try to get your feeble brains around these basic facts: Dawood Rawat has NEVER been invited by the CCID to give a statement. There has NEVER been any request/demand by the Mauritian government for the extradition of Dawood Rawat! Therefore, there cannot be any formal charge without questioning him first.

Now, is there anyone stopping our gablous from travelling to Paris and getting it straight from the horses' mouth? Yes, there is. The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Fucking Truth will then come out....and you will then get confirmation that the real thieves are the ones sitting in the back of our limousines and stealing our money!

I am afraid that once more, that sixième fail is speaking shit. Sirma pas fin kk gramatin, sa p sorti par so la bouche aster! Kom dabitide...

Finally ask yourselves this, because this is based on fact too: Why hasn't Sesungkur himself been charged yet on many of the serious allegations made to the police about him? Why is the CP Marionette refusing to send his files to the DPP for advice on whether to prosecute or not?

In ler pou fer so diluil coco sorti par orifice ki en ba la aster! Pa kapav kontinier ar ban malpropte extra kouyon kumsa!

Mardi 10 Septembre 2019

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