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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 4 Avril 2020

It really is quite incredible how a quite nonsensical decision by the IBA, both in terms of law and the nature of the alleged 'offence' has been almost completely ignored by our "free and independent " press.

The chap I have often referred to as the Gonad has proven today that he has all the characteristics of a testicle by dangling his tool all over an editorial praising Zouberr, Jagutpal, and anyone else who makes our blood boil every day with their stupid press conferences. MorpiON News has not even mentioned the decision of IBA to suspend Top fm for 2 days, for an 'offence' which took place nearly a year ago, and which no one else found offensive or biased at the time it was published.

No thundering editorial or even any editorial/article in newspapers which are nothing but government rags like the aforementioned MorpiON News, le defi imaginaire, etc.

I don't read the toilet papers dripping with shit like Insane News, Wazaa sipaki, and the many other slaves of this government, but I am sure the pathetic idiots running them have been enjoying non stop orgasms ever since the news broke.

Let us have a brief look at the nominees who form part of this pathetic monstrosity known as the Independent Broadcasting Authority:

1/ Dheerendra Kumar DABEE, Solicitor General, who has had more nominations than most of us has had hot dinners. Question: What exactly has he achieved as member of so many parastatal orgs, all of them characterised by terrible incompetence and mismanagement? He does have his GOSK though, so that's all right...

2/ Sachin Jootun, the chap who still has not understood the fairly simple notion that glasses are put in front of your eyes and not on top of your fucking head....Oh yes, he was nominated to be in charge of our "film industry', a nomination based entirely on him taking photos of SAJ and his zombies during the electoral campaign of 2014. As our local Steven Spielberg, that idiot has amassed a fortune in per diem by going on useless missions to Hollywood, Cannes, the Russian film festival, etc.

3/ Dick Christophe NG SUI WA, who tries hard to look like Fu Manchu, and can count that as one of his few successes...His stint as a nominee at the Independent Police Complaints Commission has proven that he might be the only Chinese guy who has yet to learn how to plante petards...The IPCC remains another "Independent" body that has delivered fuck all so far. But he loves his selfies...and the per diem on useless missions, esp with Jootun..

4/ Last but not least,  Bhooneswar RAJKUMARSINGH, ex taxi driver, ex chamcha of Rashid Beebeejaun ( now a firm member of la cuisine despite the terrible damage done to his brother in law, Dawood Rawat...), and proud owner of a la langue passe partout. He is now the Chairman of the IBA and that in itself tells you the utter lack of shame of the other nominees to have such a nincompoop as their Chairman.

By any standards, the decision to ban Top fm is outrageous, unwarranted, untenable and unreasonable.

It falls short of any legal justification, and even raises the question of whether the IBA Act was breached or not. The IBA Act itself is a retrograde piece of legislation which serves nothing but to entrench the powers of the party in power. Its members are all nominated by the PM or the minister for Arts and Culture (i.e. the PM himself, because can you see the Minister of Arts disputing any of his nominations?)

And they have the cheek to call this bunch of zombies "Independent"? Eoula! Arete pisse lor nou, do!

And yet, what do most of lepep admirab believe in their bones about our media? Most of us absolutely hate the MBC, and even when a discredited Electoral commissioner condemns the MBC for its open bias during the electoral campaign and throughout the year, have you ever heard even one word of protest by those pipsqueaks at the IBA? This is blatant and unfair discrimination at its worst, a glaring policy of two weights and two measures by a bunch of idiots only interested in the huge sums of money they receive for doing fuck all as political nominees.

By the way, look at the above list of IBA members and try to marry it with Section 7 (2)(b) of the IBA Act of 2001: " A member SHALL cease to be a member of the IBA where he becomes a member of a political party or is actively engaged in politics" and 7 (2)(c) of the same act, " where he is engaged in broadcasting, advertising, or audio visual production". 

Look at the list of nominees and ask yourselves whether both Xavier Duval and Top Fm were not absolutely right to question the independence of those nominees.

The zavokas on that Board of inept individuals should at least have understood the principle that "Delay defeats equity". The alleged "offence" was committed in August 2019, if am not mistaken. Top Fm through its legal adviser had offered its explanations in October 2019. The suspension letter came out in April!

"Come on ! Come on !" As Sanjiv Teeluckdhary would say...

What can Top fm do now? It would be pointless asking for a judicial review, because the courts are in "legal distanciation" now, and the poor pets at the Supreme court are on holidays until the beginning of May..But Top fm should sue the IBA for damages for the lost revenue during the 2 days' suspension and for the damage to its reputation. Imagine the damage done if you are considered to be worse than the MBC, Insane News and all the other used toilet papers. It does not bear thinking, does it? Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la!

I repeat: there is nothing in law that makes this crap decision of the IBA tenable. It is simply the exercise of the unlimited powers of our government in our so called democracy, implemented by zombies nominated purely to carry out the wishes of their masters without any fuss. 

Slavery is back and flourishing, and those nominees and quiescent and colluding zourlanus have no problem being our modern slaves. The super arrogant bastards!

Samedi 4 Avril 2020

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