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This electoral campaign has seen the worst possible traits of the personalities of our political leaders:

1 spoilt brat on centre stage, Pravin Jugnauth, weirdly keen on the contents of Ramgoolam's la braguete, and making all sorts of impossible promises that the desperate finances of this island simply cannot afford.

The other spoilt brat number 2, desperately trying to catch up with the farcical promises of brat number 1, Navin Ramgoolam, also making promises that simply ignore the parlous state of our national finances.

A third one, the man who keeps telling us he has 'la main prop', which seems like a preview to an advert exhorting us to buy a particular brand of hand wash, standing in the middle and watching with some understandable amusement how the 2 spoilt brats are trading blows in the schoolyard. But he too is making promises without telling us where the money will come from, esp as the national coffers are quite empty.

Out of the 3, spoilt brat 1, Pravin Jugnauth, and Missier la main prop Berenger have shown incredible hypocrisy over the two main issues that seem to excite the rather prurient interests of Lepep Kouyon:

1/ Coffre fort! Yes, we have all known about Ramgoolam's coffre fort since February 2015, but at least he can say with some pride that the police and other 'independent' institutions (i.e. MSM controlled..) have investigated everything about him...and so far, 11 out of 12 charges laid against him have been thrown out... and the 12th one does not look too promising either.

Ask yourselves this: Do you think Spoilt brat number 1 and la main prop are two individuals scraping a living in order to make ends meet? Or are they living in the lap of luxury, or in spoilt brat 1's case, enjoying a multi milliardaire status?

Now, what job has spoilt brat 1 done throughout his life to afford him such wealth? He is apparently a lawyer, so I will offer 12 langoustes GRATIS to anyone who can tell me one case, just one case, that he has won or even fought in court. Come to that, please tell me one case that his father, a Queen's Counsel to boot, has ever won or defended. So, where do their billions come from? You would have to be pretty stupid or thoroughly addicted to the toxic poison from la cuisine to pretend that you don't know....

La main prop has spent his working life living off the check off system of workers, and as a professional politician since 1976. But there has never been any investigation into his wealth or into the super wealth of spoilt brat 1, to the extent that Ramgoolam's innards have been displayed in public. So, on the one hand, we have the assets of Ramgoolam thoroughly investigated by the police, ICAC, FIU, the jasoos of NSS, fuck knows what other org, and they have found nothing that is impeachable. And Lepep kouyon mock him. We know nothing about the super wealth of the Jugs and the assets of la main prop, and lepep kouyon finds that ok...Weird, isn't it?

2/ Ramgoolam's past love life seems to obsess Spoilt brat number 1, in the same way that boys in their college days used to envy the teenage Lothario who seemed to attract the pretty girls from adjoining colleges. And the way he talks about the silly videos provided by angel Lee Shim and his mercenaries gives the impression of school boys casting a furtive glance at naked photos of girls behind the school shed. When will he ever grow up and derive some pleasure from his own sexual activities, instead of acting like a perverted bhai lookhe asking his porn peddling friend:

" Eh! kan to pou amene ban films touni la? Mo la tete p fermal, bizin casse sa ene cou"?
Grow up, ti cretin!

I have watched both 'Navingate' videos, and they really scrape the barrel in a quite desperate effort by the Jugs and their macros to retain power. They tell us nothing new, nothing that we did not know before... apart from the quite pitiable sight of a plump, quite stupid girl who would be serving tomato tins in Winners had Ramgoolam not indulged in some horizontal jogging with her mother...Nandinee's quite dense daughter is telling us stories that are simply unverifiable...

And if you believe the rehearsed and outlandish line about Ramgoolam nominating her mother as "High Commissioner to Italy", you must also believe the really 'true' news that I will be nominated as the next Pope, ok?

What a filthy, despicable, quite pathetic little piece of shit! I'll ignore the fact that she is clearly in contempt of court, and any other Attorney General except the clown currently holding that constitutional post, would have put a stop to this nonsense....

Oh and Ramgoolam smokes cigars! Hang him! For fuck sake, grow up! Or use a cigar in the same way that Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky and shut the fuck up!

But what about the leaders of our political parties? Have they all become sweet little angels, always faithful to their wives? Or have they too been having fun with other women (and in some cases, men...)? Next time Berenger or Pravin Jugnauth or their zombies talk about Nandinee and poke fun, remember these two words: Fucking hypocrites! And when they talk about coffre fort, ask them " kot toi to pitaye sorti? Nou koner zafer coffre fort Ramgoolam, mai toi kot to garde to coffre fort(s)? Dan Maurice ou offshore "

But be careful! Their zombies will beat the shit out of you if you ask them those pertinent questions. Why? Because the truth hurts, esp when thrown at hypocrites.

Samedi 26 Octobre 2019

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