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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 9 Juillet 2020

" A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could."---William Hazlitt

The quote from William Hazlitt describes perfectly the mentality of those who use religion in order to hoodwink people of the same faith.

They absolutely despise those that they manage to convince and deceive on grounds of religious loyalty and brotherhood, because they know that the evil of religious fanaticism bubbles furiously beneath the surface of our so called multi cultural society.

All that it needs for these nasty men to gain some cheap popularity is to appeal to some vague notion of group loyalty and solidarity, and bingo!

The only ones who benefit from this fictitious 'solidarity' are the evil men who see power as a means to steal from everyone, including and especially those who share his religious denomination.... yes, it is mostly men who indulge in this extreme example of hypocrisy, because most women are sensible and have far more important things to worry about than someone's religious affiliation.

That phenomenon applies to ALL religions where fanatics of all shapes, sizes, and ugliness abound.

You see it with the Creole community where its poverty and acute and real sense of deprivation is exploited to an insanely callous degree by cheap skates like Gregoire, who is always keen to leave his sumptuous surroundings in the USA in order to visit us for a few weeks every year with his particular brand of ethnic garbage, mixed in with some badly sung hymns and swaying of the hips which suggest he has other things on his mind...

He has managed to put two of his idiots in the National Assembly, and they both kept quiet when poor creole families were being evicted into the cold nights of winter by someone called Steve. You have self appointed Men of God in the Muslim community who, like all other self appointed representatives of God, are interested in only one thing: What is in it for them and for their families? 

It is the same, in fact more so, for the Hindu community. It remains hopelessly divided along linguistic and caste lines, and therefore representatives of each linguistic and caste group have mushroomed into toxic, poisonous algae of fanaticism and exclusivity.

We have those who call themselves Tamils who hate being called Hindus despite following a religion called Hinduism....They are the one group of all the ethnic groups in Mauritius who have used their incredible sense of solidarity (some would call it fanaticism...) to now behave like a Tamil mafia at the heart of government.

Before anyone starts shouting, as some of them will definitely do, just have a look at the huge number of nominations from that community when compared to the small size of their community.

I prefer to look at it as the intelligent response from a small minority group which has used its sense of solidarity in order to convince a cretinous Prime Minister of their importance at election times...

The other sub groups of Hindus, especially along caste lines, have learnt a thing or two from the Tamils, and they also have developed their mafia like tentacles. We now have Marathi, Telegu, Babouji/Maraz, Ravived, Rajput, Dusad, Ahir, Vaish, etc groups vying for some attention from the idiot we voted in as Prime Minister for the whole island, but who sees his job primarily as sharing jobs paid by the taxpayer amongst those sub groups.

Even then, one can see the nasty, evil intent behind those nominations where the mentality seems to be, "pa fer narien ki idiot mo nommer, tan ki idiot la sorti dan sak ti group..."

Nothing else could possibly explain or justify the huge number of absolute idiots nominated by the PM to sensitive posts which have resulted in the terrible corruption and incompetence of most of our institutions.

Now, we come to something called the Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples' Federation, which is going to hold its elections on the 2nd August, basically to see which arsehole will now be given the cloak of self importance when licking the PM's arse.

That seems to be the entire function of the MSDTF, because if you ask any ordinary Hindu about the MSDTF, the answer is likely to be, " ki eter sa ggtri la?"

New elections mean a purchase of new window curtains, as bright and garish as possible, for the elected idiot to drape over the shoulders of Pravin Jugnauth at any one of those arse cringingly boring festivities where God will be most displeased apparently if one idiot is not seen to be draping the shoulders of another idiot with that stupid curtain.

That seems to be the sum total of the raison d'etre of the MSDTF, a so called religious organisation which will then be at the beck and call of whoever happens to be Prime Minister

Once again, that clumsy, incredibly annoying peasant, Somduth Dulthaidiot will stand as candidate, and he will most likely get a substantial number of votes from those 1200 delegates who will vote....1200 delegates whose names elicit the same response from most Hindus, " ki sa ggt la sa?" And yet these are the people who claim to represent ALL Hindus on the island...Well, you most certainly do not represent me, and should any of you ever feel the terrible desire to tell me that you are my representative, I will make it my duty to fart in your face...after making my knee connect with your groin.

We are now treading dangerous waters because of the corrupt manner Pravind Jugnauth is nominating all sorts of idiots. It has now become a game of "Spot the non Hindu being nominated by the ti cretin", because the vast, vast majority of nominees are now from the Hindu (including Tamils...) community. This is nasty and dangerous for our society.

Nominating idiots to posts that we ALL pay for through our taxes and then rubbing salt in our injuries by giving them astronomical salaries is not only taking the piss, but in true SAJ style, actually pissing on ALL of us.

Pravind Jugnauth labours under the delusion that the combined votes of the different minority castes/groups in the Hindu Community, added to the votes of some mercenary Muslims and the votes of poor creoles fooled by some rhum and Kentucky and rupee notes will make him win the next elections. Yes, it worked the last time, but this time, no way!

If those delegates vote for the Dulthaidiot, then all hope is lost, my Hindu friends. It was a terrible insult to our intelligence that someone like him could be nominated to the board of the DBM. It was a slur to the whole Hindu community that he was considered the best qualified to hold that post. 

You vote for him now, and you are telling Pravind Jugnauth: To in bien bour nou, b bour nou enkor! Pa bizin KY jelly san foi la...ou katori, ou Kentucky, ou rhum ou billets roupies. Nou pou donne li gratis aster....

We will then truly deserve the insults from other communities.

Jeudi 9 Juillet 2020

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