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Here are a few facts about the ethnic politics of the MSM, which I am sure most of you already know:

1/ Only recently, the MSM has discovered that the second largest component of the Rainbow Nation and its most disadvantaged is the Creole community. For decades now, they have treated that community with absolute contempt and disdain, and even today, underneath all the sweet words of creole mercenaries and assorted pimps, the reality remains the same, as evidenced by the photocopy of a text message sent by the main bookmaker, Fu Manchu, who has made an absolute fortune since December 2014: "we need t get the Mazambik on board to secure victory for Pravind."

Fu Manchu is of course one of the heaviest financial backers of the Sun Trust, as he needs to somehow repay all the huge favours given to him by the MSM and its hugely corrupt Gambling Regulations Authority, in making him the number one parasite, sorry bookmaker on the island.

Ask yourselves why suddenly the prizes for not just medal winners but for everyone who took part in JIOI Games (mostly Creoles...) were hugely increased...Ask yourselves why suddenly the cites and poor regions of the island have become fertile ground for the most reactionary mercenaries in that community to beg, steal, borrow, and bribe the unfortunate poor.

From 1982 until this year, the only time you would see a MSM arselicker in those communities was when they had either lost their way and asking for directions to somewhere else...or when they needed to use the Bible in order to exploit the poor further by telling them that being poor now means they will go to Heaven when they die, whilst the bastards are using every criminal means possible to enjoy Heaven whilst still breathing.

2/ That fucking hypocritical, self serving Gregoire is, as usual, licking the arses of those his mercenary mind tells him are the likely winners.

Remember how in 2010, he asked people to 'vote avek leker'? And how when the MMM lost those elections, Gregoire suddenly found great love for the PTr? Well, in true parasitical form, whether in a branded suit or in an episcopal robe, the so called priest is on one of his yearly breaks from his very comfortable life style in the USA in order to enjoy an even more comfortable lifestyle in Mauritius with the politicians he suddenly finds very attractive.

Yes, Pravin Jugnauth's buttocks have been given the apostolic blessing now, and Gregoire and his lackeys can't apparently do enough to satisfy the bum. One can only hope that he knows that a candle is for burning and not for inserting, however much PJ's arse is suddenly attractive to him...

3/ I will have no mention of a luxury campman built and given for free and in the name of the sister and bro in law! No! Our self proclaimed representatives of God are here to spread His word for free, and nothing else!

Because we apparently can't read and interpret a Holy Book by ourselves as we are too stupid, and we need an idiot to explain it all to us, non? Anyway, these so called Gospel sessions have now become political meetings where the fake priest and a mercenary I shall mention later spend their time trying to convince the poor and the disadvantaged Creoles that their historical enemy is now their best friend. Big promises are being made, especially in La Gaulette, Le Morne, Rivier Noire until Tamarin, in the words of a Creole friend absolutely disgusted with the mercenary bastards in his community, that "tout squatters qui pou marse ar msm, zot cas pou légalisé, zot pou vine propriètaire terrain kot zot pé habité avec ene somme l'argent pou améliore zot lakaz etc etc..."

They are also being told to "pa vote candidats travayis ki pa creoles", words of a true patriot who loves to talk about nation arc en ciel and who shouts 'raciste!" if someone in the next room farts too loudly.... Shame on Ezra Jhuboo and Alan Ganoo, the two current opposition deputies of that constituency for keeping quiet about the divisive actions of the Toxic priest, who is doing everything to give their seats to the MSM!

4/ There are numerous other Fake 'priests' on a 'mission' to tell Creoles and stupid Hindu converts to vote for the MSM.

In their case though, this poisonous advice does not come free as their charter stipulates that membership demands you give them 10% of your salary to them every month. So tragic to see the desperate and the poor, those least able to afford it, falling for this con job...

4/ We now come to an ex brothel keeper, recently marsan farata at Gare Ian Palach, and who has always had a scent for big money, even during his days as 'loyal' supporter of Gaetan Duval.

Rich white folks apparently love to give him a little money in order to divide the creole vote further, thus ensuring that the main parties who get elected and who pick up hundreds of millions from the very rich will in return give them billions of rupees back in tax inducements in their very first budget. Recently, he aligned himself with Jose Moirt who, of course, should have known better.

And he has done to Jose Moirt and his Affirmative Action exactly what he did to Gaetan Duval all those years ago: he created a new 'Creole' party in order to divide and subdivide the Creoles and let those chosen by the oligarchs to benefit and therefore win the elections. In this case, he is, like Gregoire, working for the MSM, and financed by ban Missiers la.

5/ I don't want to give his name as he really makes me sick, but as you are insisting, his name is Edley Bergue.

Rumour has it that Rs 1.4 millions recently landed in an account he is quite familiar with and the purchase of a brand new car is coincidental, I am sure...But remember this: Just when Jose Moirt's new party looked like taking off, with Edley Bergue by his side in Jose Moirt's Forest Side office, Bergue vanished, only to resurface later with his new Facebook creation, Parti Kreol Mauricien, following a secret meeting with le ti cretin!

He has form for this sort of opportunistic, mercenary treachery, as in 1982, despite being an 'ardent supporter' of Gaetan Duval, he suddenly created Groupement Curepiens to ensure the division of the Creole vote and thereby ensuring the victory of the MMM over Gaetan Duval's PMSD, in the municipal elections. The tragedy is that there are still some creoles who believe the rabid nonsense of that pitin politik, ex Loka keeper, and arch racist...

Mauritius has always been divided along ethnic lines, but people have by and large managed to coexist peacefully. What Gregoire and Bergue are doing on behalf of the MSM is hugely destructive and does not bode well for the future peace and harmony of this small island.

Shame on the Cardinal and the other senior priests for pretending that all is well. One would have thought that with the less than flattering role of the Church in slavery, the modern Catholic church would come down hard on anyone who tries to exploit and divide that downtrodden community further. But I suppose, not even the soutanes can hide the roder boutte mentality that seems to be now endemic in every part of our society...

Imagine having a Vicaire General called Labour(travayis) who does nothing when his Church is being exploited for the MSM...Ena bez la!

Mercredi 28 Août 2019

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