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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 18 Septembre 2019

Yes, la cuisine! Dife bien for deor la! Despite all your efforts to destroy Navin Ramgoolam, with the help of your MBC and the zourlanus on your pay roll and various online trolls, the man seems to be making a quite remarkable comeback. It took 4 days to resuscitate Lazarus, but your quite nasty games of trying to destroy Ramgoolam in the last 4 years with trumped up charges have instead rebounded on you, and 11 out of 12 crap charges laid against him have been thrown out by the courts.

As you love to talk about the "independance de nos institutions", it would be a nice though improbable gesture of good faith and decency for you to now tell your zombies to stop their nasty little campaign of trying to put pressure on the DPP to appeal the Court's judgement, which, in any event, was impeccable in the way it examined all the issues that matter....despite what a Dick or an Anus might say in a desperate attempt to convince you that their tongues reach deeper....

The facts are quite clear: As things are now, you stand a less than 40% chance of winning the next elections, even with the help of some MMM traitors on the scent of some of your millions, and a ti mamzel who can't stop behaving like the pitin which seems to be embedded in its DNA.

Traitors are held universally in contempt and God knows why you felt it was a brilliant idea to poach those wasters from the MMM, esp someone like Obeegadoo who probably believes that an excess of vowels in one's name entitles him to be the gran nwar that he has always been. I can tell you now that not one of them will come anywhere near to being elected, so this is yet another quite useless decision by la cuisine....

Any chance of winning the next elections will depend entirely on the timing of those elections and whether a Lepep Kouyon will choose to forget the outrageous scandals of corruption, nepotism, stealing, maladministration, and financial irresponsibility since 2014, or feels so spoilt with all the political bribes you have been splashing on them during the last year that they feel 'duty bound' to give you a vote.

Remember, Lepep Kouyon has the memory of a moineau, and "goodies" given today will either be forgotten next week or will give rise to the expectation of more and better goodies to come...Take the JIOI as an example, where you desperately tried to make a national event sound like the triumph of the government via your ministre lamoresse zoranz. Does anyone remember much about this now?

As for the Papal visit, which you again tried to turn into a real zafer la cuisine, the only images that linger in the minds of most people is the humility and modesty of the Pope in sitting on the front seat of an ordinary Renault with the windows open so that he could greet the crowds, and you hiding away behind closed, bullet proof windows with your gorillas in a limousine paid entirely by us, and which remains the symbol of the immorality, greed, and vanity of the politicians we have been cursed with....

Oh that, and the photos of Chana Puri and his relatives with the Pope in our Reduit, and you and the monsters from la cuisine around the Pope, including a brother in law whose looks and incredible arrogance might give him a better career as a Bollywood villain than the one he has been playing so terribly during the last 5 years as a 'patriote'...

So, why November/ first week of December and no later than that? Because of the metro, silly! Many Mauritians will forget about the terrible environmental damage, and will be hugely impressed with the novelty of seeing those things on our landscape, and will rush to take advantage of the one thing that Lepep Kouyon loves more than anything else: GRATIS! Yes, that nice Brylcreem Boy Nando will let us travel free on the Metro during the whole of November (larzan la sorti dan poches la cusine sa! Lepep tro kouyon pou aksepter ki tou zafer gratis sorti depi poches lepep meme sa!).

But there are several stings in this tale of political bribery a outrance which could make the novelty wear pretty thin after a short while:

1/ What is the one thing that makes Lepep Kouyon drop everything and rush to where they think Father Xmas has arrived? Anything GRATIS! So, expect huge crowds during that month of Metro gratis, certainly during the first week. And what happens when there are huge crowds all going for the same freebie? Many will not get anything, due to the pressure of numbers. So, expect from day 1 comments of this type " ki ariver? nou figire pa passer, nou?" " "Ban la p guet figir pou laisse rantrer!" "Nou konne nou droits, nou!", etc etc.

2/ What is the one thing that Lepep Kouyon hates doing? Payer! They are quite happy to give Lee Shim and his bookies Rs 1000 to bet on a donkey, but to pay Rs over 40 for Metro kan bus p pran zis Rs 37? "Eoula! Zot p fer dominer!". So, expect a substantial fall in the number of Metro passengers from the 1st of December when the political bribery ends. The Metro will still be full, but of old age pensioners and school kids mostly, all benefiting from "transpor gratis"; but there won't be many paying for their tickets our of their own pockets.

3/ A culture that politicians have encouraged now means that most Mauritians love their cars much more than their own children. It is now a 'droit acquis' for Mauritians to aim to benefit from the one fiscal and environmental abomination that does not exist anywhere else in the world: duty free cars for the middle classes and the very rich.

So, don't expect them to leave their little darlings in the car parks near the stations and hop on a Metro, because it simply will not happen: Too many crimes on the island now means that almost everyone (except politicians with their police bodyguards...) is scared to be outside as soon as night falls...and too many will be scared to leave their cars in strange car parks as they much prefer to clog up our pavements and our narrow roads with their little pets instead.

So, if Pravin Jugnauth stands any chance of winning the next elections, he will hold them in November or at the beginning of December at the latest.

Forget the by election in number 7 where Anil Bachoo will give the MSM candidate, who looks like he has been badly stung by a mouche jaune, a real hiding. And the mouche jaune victim has been stupid enough to declare that the by election is a test of Pravin Jugnauth's popularity in the country! So, you can imagine what will happen when Baichoo trounces him and the effects on the MSM...

Forget the little top up in the old age pension due to take place in January. Most people will grumble that it is not enough compared to what others got. Forget any more freebies after this because 2020 will be the year when the whole pack of cards will come crashing down, and people realise how bad our economy really is. So, kontinier koup riban ziska Decembre!

And don't forget! Navin Ramgoolam has already seen 11 out of 12 charges kicked out of court.

I will write about the 12th one soon when I talk about the hypocrisy of idiots and zombies continuously yapping about coffre fort and its Rs 224 millions, whilst living in blissful ignorance of the many billions of rupees stashed away by this government via commissions/bribes/ contrats en beton ki personne pa kapav guetter/ Drugs/ Sun Trust, "donations politiques by the very richest on the island and people like Lee Shim, and all sorts of bare faced stealing from the National Treasury. And there is a good chance in law that Navin Ramgoolam will win the 12th one too, as I will try to explain in my next post...

So, it is end of November or beginning of December if PJ wants to entertain any chance of preventing his biggest nightmare, and that of the Jugs and their soucerres, from becoming reality: Navin Ramgoolam as PM showing the Jugs how to destroy your enemy with chilling accuracy. efficiency, and success.

Only the novelty of Mauricio can save this wretched bunch of weirdos now, and make Lepep Kouyon suffer from temporary amnesia over the truly horrific list of scandals involving corruption and nepotism on a scale never experienced before on our island, and the egregious, hideous theft of people's assets and the plunder and looting of our National Treasury.

Mercredi 18 Septembre 2019

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