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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 1 Mars 2019

Yes, Shivratri, an annual festival celebrated in honour of the God Shiva. Maha Shivratri means The Great Night of Shiva. It is a solemn occasion and celebrates our struggle to overcome darkness and ignorance in our lives and in the world around us. It is usually preceded by a period of fasting and meditation on those rare ethical virtues of self restraint, honesty, and refusal to harm others.

So, why have we allowed this glorious festival to be hijacked by the scum of the earth masquerading as serviteurs du pays?

Why have we allowed it to become such a market place for politicians to parade themselves as self appointed representatives of a whole segment of our population?

Why do zourlanus make it an annual jamboree to see which politician will be the so called VIP guest (invariably the Prime Minister of the day, with his retinue of pathetic idiots with tongues hanging out in expectation of a VIP arsehole to come closer...)? Can't they see how insulting this is?

This year again, Pravin Jugnauth has thrown his toys out of his pram because some crap organisation called the MSTDF which claims to represent ALL Hindus (Haha! If only that was true!) is seen to be too close to that other self appointed Hindu leader, Navin Ramgoolam.

So, poor PJ has grabbed his ball (the one presumably not in the vice like grip of la cuisine..) and gone to play with some equally parasitical socio cultural groups, Hindu House and Maha Sabha something.

How childish can you get?

Is he in the throes of some adolescent phase where 'playing hard to get' by not answering the invitation of one group of idiots and being nice to another group will somehow make him more desirable? Pathetic.

In this ludicrous scenario that not even a feverish Bollywood scriptwriter could have devised, up pops the rival to the hero and pretender to the throne, Navin Ramgoolam.

What Pravin rejects, Navin sweeps by and accepts with a devilish smile, whilst twirling his Prem Chopra moustache, if he had one....How stupid are these two? How thoroughly oblivious are they to the real meaning and intent of this religious festival?

Why can't they have the good sense, grace, and decency to say that they are going to Grand Bassin as individuals sharing the same intent and purpose of the other half million pilgrims, and are going there to meditate, pray, think of others (if they can, but I doubt it very much...), and nothing else? What would be so difficult about that?

Instead, they are both behaving like the spoilt brats that they have always been, and not as the statesmen they dream to be but have so far failed rather abysmally.

Why do they allow themselves to be led by the nose by the arseholes from these socio cultural orgs who have only one aim in life: what is in it for them, and never mind anyone else.

I am not very much into religion, mostly because of the idiots who have appointed themselves the representatives of God on earth and who, by and large, are the most odious, greedy, uncouth bastards imaginable.

I have to however express my profound admiration for the Catholic Church for refusing to allow any politician to hijack any solemn festival with stupid political speeches, and for Moslems for mostly ensuring that politicians are kept in the background.

Why can't the Hindus, including the various subsets, do what these faiths do, and refuse to allow politicians to desecrate their temples with crap speeches? What is so special about a politician's speech in a religious gathering which means that everything revolves around this, instead of the festival/deity people have assembled together to celebrate?

As you probably know, a new chap has replaced the Dulthaidiot as head of the MSDTF. I wish he would spend more time trying to sort out his wardrobe and stop wearing those cheap suits and ties that clash with everything instead of thinking and believing that he is ene gran kasser pake. You are nothing, mister!

You are just wind and piss that zourlanus may find interesting, but which the rest of us find excruciatingly boring, and which might induce some of us to commit suicide instead of listening to you.

These people like to talk about Dharma, the essential quality and character of one's own nature.

Where is the dharma of these oiks when it comes to helping the poor and the needy? We give at least Rs 100 millions every year to these socio cultural orgs of all religions...they won't tell us how much of this goes on charity work or in helping the poor. Guess why? 

Those cheap suits are quite expensive, you know...and they need every cent they can snaffle from the taxpayer....

May the Lord Shiva have mercy on politicians who believe that a festival in His honour is designed for them to play stupid games.

Vendredi 1 Mars 2019

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