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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 7 Juillet 2019

I received this message yesterday and it encapsulates all the rage, frustration, anger, and bitter disappointment towards a government which promised so much but which has done the exact opposite to the words they intoned to us every day with monotonous regularity " Parole donnee, Parole sacree".

The only thing they have found sacred so far is an unmatched greed for more and more taxpayers' money to fritter away on themselves, their friends (many of whom will become their enemies in 2019 when they will be unceremoniously kicked out of office, but they are too stupid to understand even this basic fact of Mauritian politics..) and their families.

Here is the message:

" Ki pli mo ve dan sa pays la? Enn pays kot Premier ministre et so gouvernman in endette nou ziska nou la tete avek larzan ki zot in kokin boukou ladan? Ou ene Lepep vreman Kouyon ki konne nek rode zot boutte avek ninporte ki salaud o pouvoir? 2 Presidents dan sa mandat la avek bann relations louches avek ban etranzer; Speaker so ene tifille dan magouille et lot la dan la pat biscuits; in ena 4 deputy speakers dan 4 ans, mai Maya is on her feet still; Lorla pliziere ministres et depites dan bann case la cour, zot piti oussi dan bann case, zot bann conseillers oussi pe bizin defane case la cour, asterr zot lichien oussi pe morde dimounn... Zot koz menti tou le tan. Kouma enn dimounn pou kapav ena la foi dan enn pays koumsa?"

And therein lies the source of the general atmosphere of malaise, of disenchantment, of a huge feeling of being let down by con merchants who promise us the earth and then make us endure five years of hell: the substantial number of idiots who run our lives and who make us sick every day with their non stop display of stupidity and greed. Wherever you look, the picture is a dismal reflection of all that is wrong with the arrogant, thieving mentality that is now in the DNA of those who run this island:

1/ Law and order simply does not exist any more, especially when you have a police commissioner who has pissed on all our wishes of goodwill when he was appointed, by becoming no more than a marionette whose strings are pulled by politicians without any integrity or honour.

Every single area of the island is now in the grubby hands of the louts, the vandals, and the drugs pushers; Judges and magistrates who pass sentences that make no sense whatsoever and which often contradict in terms of severity or leniency those passed by other courts and other magistrates and judges...and often those passed in previous cases by the same individuals in those fancy wigs! Sentences in cases of sexual offences of such leniency and stupidity that they can only encourage the deviants and the maniacs to abuse girls and women even more than they already do. Court cases that take years to resolve, and even court applications that would normally take an English judge no more than one hour to adjudicate upon somehow take our eminent magistrates/judges months to come to a decision.

Lawyers who have become nothing but the active partners of our worst drug dealers and top criminals, and who see money as the only aim for what used to be a noble profession; lawyers who would not know what the truth is even if it hits them in the face and who will use all the dirty tricks possible in order to camouflage the truth; lawyers who have also joined the game of the cowards known as 'pa moi sa, li sa!', on the rare occasions when they have to explain themselves. Lawyers who see politics as the inevitable next rung in the ladder for getting their filthy paws on as much dirty money as possible.

A Bar Council that sounds more like a place where people drink copious amounts of alcohol in order to get pissed than a respectable organisation where the high principles of judicial behaviour are respected and enforced. A profession that has now unfortunately become a byword for unscrupulous, underhand, treacherous, dissembling, dishonourable and, often, criminal behaviour based on greed and utter selfishness...all served with a generous helping of smugness, hypocrisy, and quite shameless arrogance.

2/ Our medical services which never fail to show us what a glowing example of mismanagement it really is. They have been playing with people's lives for decades now by allowing all sorts of bilo fail to return after 4-5 years of 'study' abroad with a freshly printed certificate that says doctor on it, and then letting them loose on a naive population that sees a prescription for panadol for every ailment in existence as proof that 'ene bon dokter. in donne moi meksin'.

We reached a situation a long time ago where anyone can become a doctor if the parents have the money to send a spoilt brat abroad to some obscure university that would be better used as a chicken coop. And the massacre continues: we already have an excess of doctors (many of whom call themselves doctors, but this is like me saying I am a Space Scientist because I have seen all the Star Wars films...), and yet there are thousands of them waiting to return from China etc with fresh certificates in their pockets. 

Of course, this is all under the control of a Ministry of Health that has had successive Ministers of Health who probably need mental treatment themselves in order to address the terrible delusions of grandeur that they suffer from. And that very infectious disease called greed has been ravaging many of the specialists who are too busy to operate in public hospitals but who will happily find time to treat you if you pay for their services for the same operation in a private hospital....

3/ A Ministry of Education led by a minister who symbolises the terrible waste and incompetence blighting the future of so many of our children. Her incurable affectation for showing as much of a fat stomach as possible is perhaps a Freudian, symbolic display of the waste in our educational services. Successive ministers have found it impossible to implement one of the basic things in any educational organisation: that the whole syllabus has to be completed competently in the school setting and not in the teacher's living room or garage. They all moan about the cancer of private tuition but none of them want to do anything to excise that pestilential obscenity.

4/ Our Civil Service: what can one say without lapsing into a volley of words of extreme abuse? It is now led by someone who comes straight from la cuisine, and who oversees a bloated, paralytically bureaucratic maze which has no concept of either the word 'Civil' or the word 'Service'.

5/ Our Lord Mayors, Mayoresses with their heavy, ludicrous chains and limousines, municipalities, etc: Every time it is the same thing, meme refrain: Nou pou ranz Plaza, Theatre Port Louis, L'hotel de Ville Curepipe, nou pou ranz drains, et ene ti zardin. In reality, they do not do much but know perfectly how to visit the many twin cities that exist only to allow these bastards to travel at our expense.
Many of us wish they would build large enough drains to sweep them all away to sea...

6/ Tro boukou accidents, tro boukou sofer kk, tro boukou pietons ki pa pran prekotion, tro boukou motocyclettes ki condire brite, tro boukou this, tro boukou that.
And no one ever talks about the one thing that is really, obscenely tro boukou and which is the main reason for the carnage on our streets and the environmental destruction of our once clean air: TRO BOUKOU VEHICLES LOR NOU SIMIN! We have reached the 500,000 mark and what do our politicians do? Make vehicles even cheaper by removing the duty free for many more people! We will soon reach a stage where no one will pay any duty on their cars and every household will have at least one vehicle. All for some cheap votes. No other country in the world has this duty free nonsense, but you will never find one politician from any party, not even one of those who want to 'gouverner autrement' and who claim to be environmental warriors who will say anything about duty free vehicles.

You see, my friend was right with the message he sent me. No other country in the world has this level of incompetence and sheer criminality amongst those who claim to be servi nou pays. It is all self, self, self, and greed and covetousness has become the norm. 

And the worst part? I fear that those who claim to want to gouverner autrement, the wannabes, and who have been plastering FB with silly photos of hands and two fingers raised merely want to be the ones enjoying the ministerial limousines, the VIPSU, the missions, the per diem, and the entourage of vile people who have no shame at all in being soucerres and roder bouttes. A few have already joined the 'dinozors' they have moaned about for years, because to these vile people, easy money and the appearance of power in the hands of such idiots is their primary motive for servi nou pays....In other words, they too are pointing two fingers at us, in their version of SAJ's " Mo pisse ar zot"......

Dimanche 7 Juillet 2019

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