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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 10 Mai 2019

Our "free and independent" press are at it again. Minimal coverage has been given today to allegations of a 10 year old child, apparently bloodied by an assault by the woman in charge of that shelter.

What makes it even worse is that the child's mother works for Radio Plus, and one would have thought that her colleagues would have rallied around her and denounced the latest scandal in a so called shelter, instead of providing as little coverage as possible of this latest abuse of authority towards disadvantaged children.

Yes, many of these disadvantaged kids can behave like little monsters and would test the patience of most of us. But that is not the point. If you choose to work in one of these shelters, you do it with this basic principle in mind: YOU CAN CONTROL THE CHILDREN IF THEY BECOME AGGRESSIVE BUT YOU CANNOT ASSAULT THEM!

You have a legal responsibility not to attack or assault a child, that is definitely out of the question in a real etat de droit. Unless if you happen to be related to some politician who certainly deserves a good kicking...

Read this complaint to the police last night, and it is rumoured (yet to be confirmed..) that the lady quickly withdrew it...Apologies for the terrible English in the police complaint...

" Miss Soodhun Noor-E-Muhtasheem, 34yrs, NIC: S26--------, shelter manager, Trio Rd, Triolet, Tel: 59438753 reported that he hold the post of shelter manager at the ministry gender equality and child development and actually posted at Shelter La Colombe at La Tour Koenig. There is one R C, 10yrs, with whom the staff always has difficulties. On 09.05.19 at 1130hrs, she was in shelter La Colombe when the said child without reason started using filthy languages to her address and while she tried to control him he dealt her a fisty cuff at her belly with his right hand and he kick her with his right foot at her right foot. At 1340hrs as he saw no following action again him he came and use filthy languages to her address and dealt her a fisty cuff with his right hand at her left hand. She has not been injured but feeling pain but do not wish to be medically examined."

La Colombe "Shelter" is run with taxpayers' money. It is a government owned shelter, managed since 2008 by the National Children's Council. It normally caters for 60 resident children, but unfortunately many more are often sent there. It has 22 child caregivers, one cleaner, one cook, two handy workers and a watchman, all led by an Officer in charge/shelter manager.

When JCI Curepipe visited in 2016-2017 with a view to painting and decorating the living areas, it described an " alarming situation" and reported this: " The 60 residents, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, have to share 6 rooms. In some of the rooms, 8 residents have to share a space of 14 square metres. Overcrowded rooms are not the only issue, there is also a lack of important facilities."

We have often read newspaper reports about sexual abuse and various assaults taking place in shelters where the living conditions for children are less than adequate. We have an Ombudsperson for Children whose very toothy demeanour is paraded about once a year with yet another bloody dossier that would suggest that these people at the top of our institutions do fuck all apart from writing dossiers that no one reads.

But what is really annoying and disappointing is the seemingly concerted attempt by our 'free and independent' press to write as little as possible about this latest incident. Is it because the child's mother happens to work at radio plus and is therefore their 'nou bann'? Or is it because the Shelter's manager's surname is the same as the fake Ayatollah's, an idiot notorious for treating Casernes as his sitting room with his numerous visits for all sorts of trivial complaints?

Another 'shelter'. La Passerelle was in the news recently when it was " l’objet de critiques et rappels à l’ordre de la part d’une unité opérant sous la tutelle du ministère de l’Égalité des genres....Les officiers ont jugé l’état du centre d’hébergement de l’ONG peu hygiénique, d’autant qu’ils ont été incommodés par une forte odeur d’urine. ... Ils ont aussi été priés de mieux nettoyer l’intérieur du réfrigérateur, tacheté de gouttelettes de sang… la présence d’une partie conséquente de denrées alimentaires expirées, entassées dans des buffets."

The president of La Passerelle at the time of inspection was Melanie Valere Ciceron, "journaliste/travailleuse sociale" of the Defi Media Group. She is the one who allowed the Russian Tchurel free time to bullshit stupid people about her art of reading their futures whilst dipping into their pockets at the same time.The alarming conditions at La Passerelle too received hardly any coverage in our press...

Every child deserves a safe place to cherish the hope for a bright future, despite the terrible circumstances that some find themselves in. Those kids who have to be cared in a shelter can only come out worse than when they went in if the right support is not given to them. 

That is not 'Shelter'. That is violence, assault, and ill treatment by cowards safe in the knowledge that in a corrupt island, anything goes if you have the right backing.

Vendredi 10 Mai 2019

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