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Rédigé par E. Moris le Samedi 29 Juin 2019

Subash Gobine why are you being so coy about the Israelis employed by the Jugs to act as their bhai lookes into our private lives? Don't you think that such a hellish threat to our constitutional right to privacy deserves better than a vague, rather hazy and woolly reference?

How do you expect a Lepep Kouyon to decipher this? " D’où la rumeur, selon laquelle un coup spectaculaire et hautement dévastateur contre Navin Ramgoolam qui serait en préparation avec le soutien de spécialistes en informatique venus (à titre privé, comme contacteurs) d’un pays qui est le plus performant au monde en termes de prouesse militaire, de la maîtrise des technologie de l’information et de la communication (TIC) et surtout de service de renseignements le plus efficace de la planète. Ce plan serait mis à exécution dans la dernière semaine de la campagne électorale devant déterminer le choix d’un futur gouvernement." *

Rumeur? I described fairly clearly in a recent post about the white van that those Israelis are using in order to listen in to conversations, including the private and legally untouchable and confidential conversations of lawyers/tenors du barreau living in the Riverside area especially.I also referred to the fact, not rumour, that those Israelis are using Tekwa Manraj's house at Trait D'Union as their headquarters for snooping and other thoroughly undemocratic and illegal activities in our so called etat de droit.

I also explained that telephones obtained during a search of Ramgoolam's house and which will not/cannot be used in any criminal or civil prosecution are still in police custody, and have had their contents transferred to the servers of MT, where darling Sherry is acting as Goebbels and as the chief of misinformation whose grubby hands also extend to the kidnapping of our national TV station and its conversion into the Pravin Broadcasting Corporation.

I am afraid your refusal to mention Israel, and instead giving us an obfuscating assemblage of insipid details which could easily describe China or the USA, is not symptomatic of the courage of the Duke of Wellington when he exclaimed " Publish and be damned!" when he received threats that private details about him were going to be published.

At the end of the day, do we want a saint with an unimpeachable private life as PM? Or are we happy with a PM who has sunk us further in the morass of debts that will strangle the future of this country, with projects so outlandish and so hugely expensive that the word 'prodigal' should now be synonymous with Pravin? Are we really happy to be cuckolded like this?

Where is the outrage from you that a man who is keen to sue us for a hundred million rupees any time a cockroach farts too closely to him and who acted like the vierge effarouchee when a tape recording about Lady Macbeth and her private activities was made public? I had no hesitation in condemning that, because it was wrong to parade in public the private, legal activities of anyone.

Same as I now condemn the tactic of Pravin Jugnauth to use messages and films obtained ILLEGALLY AND CRIMINALLY about the private, legal life of Navin Ramgoolam, as a craven, desperate means to obtain votes from the many vierges effarouchees on this island.

A 'free and independent' press should be shouting from the rooftop about the activities of those Israelis on our island...and about the terrible assault on our constitutional rights by a government seemingly impervious to the primordial need to respect our constitution and the etat de droit they insultingly keep telling us we have.

But then you lot kept scandalously quiet about the gross injustice to Dawood Rawat, and instead happily vomited every lie that the government fed you....something which your editor, the GoNad insists on doing even now despite all the evidence---same like the readers of L'Express who insist in commenting on its Fb page and calling him a 'paedophile' despite all the evidence that says he is not one.

So, no change there, eh?

* Article de l'express publié par El Figaro : Excès de confiance chez Pravind Jugnauth 

Samedi 29 Juin 2019

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