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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 26 Août 2019

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! We know about the incompetence, nepotism, insane level of corruption and maladministration of the MSM led government; we all decry the constant abuse of power, the takeover of our police force, civil service, para statal orgs, and almost every department in the Civil service by a quite despotic and corrupt government.

We saw how a government voted by us destroyed a man and all he worked for on one dark night of April 2nd 2015, and sold off/gave away all of the BAI assets at ridiculously low prices; we can see how deep we are in shit with the huge level of our national debt.

We see our Civil liberties inexorably vanish in front of our eyes on a daily basis,and logic tells us that no elector with even only a few brain cells would want more of the same and vote for the same wretched lot of politicians again....And yet, this is precisely what seems to be on the cards in the next few months.

First of all, credit to Pravine Jugnauth for not being as stupid as he looks, and for his ability to show that the real ti cretins are the leaders of all the opposition parties who cannot control even their own party members, never mind having any credible aspiration to govern a whole country.

The ONLY political leader to have shown any real intent and desire to win the elections has been Pravine Jugnauth so far.

Yes, we may mock his koupe riban, we may deride his pathetic attempts at making good jokes sound even remotely funny, we may scream our heads off about 'political bribes', 'money politics', ti cretin, minis linposte, Sherry darling, Lady Macbeth, air hostess,/batter batri/Montrou/Insane News/ la cuisine, Sexpire, E.T., Lalang/ti zizi Tarolah, and the army of first timers oiks in parliament who know only to tap latab and nothing else, soucerres, trolls, mercenary zourlanus on the payroll of the Sun Trust, etc.

Yes, the MSM is now behaving like a Camion baydoum and picking up all the unprincipled, disloyal shits from the other parties.

But the end result is a positive one for the MSM because it shows that the other parties, esp the MMM, is now in terminal decline, with quite a few leaving the sinking ship, esp as the rats know that that MSM will send its camion baydoum to pick them up...and the PMSD has rapidly moved on from zoli mamzel to behaving like a real slut, offering itself to anyone who will give the most...

The fact remains that Pravine Jugnauth has so far shown himself to be the only one who really wants the job of PM and who is putting the effort and work required to ensure his victory at the elections. And this has created some panic amongst the rats and the mice who want to transform themselves into rats...and that panic has turned into paralytical inaction by the leaders of the opposition parties who are now reduced to shouting "premier ministre linposte', "ti cretin", much like a drunk slumped at a bus stop and desperately trying to get some attention.

As for those who proclaim "Renouvo" and 'gouverner autrement', I am afraid the few votes they will get will be shared amongst themselves (which is a pity, as our political world really could do with plenty of fresh blood), whilst leaving the main battle to the MSM with its little army of transfuges and perhaps with the Poison Dwarf and his rag tag retinue of political midgets and clowns in tow seeking a modus vivendi with Zaza and his political sluts...and the PTr which, despite its historically substantial base, seems destined for a result that will be worse than expected, although much better than 2014.

So, how have we come to this? How can a government that has been responsible for so much corruption, nepotism, waste/theft/dilapidation of our national coffers now find itself as favourites to win the elections?

The title of the post tells you why: the incompetence and terrible complacency of the opposition, esp the leaders. They have become masters of repeating the same old mistakes and forgetting what made them attractive in the first place. As I said, the MMM is now finished, which is such a pity, because at one time, that party had carried the hopes of a whole nation towards a new type of society.

The rot set in when Berenger decided that he would be the expert on the caste system and basing all his major political decisions on that divisive nonsense. He could have been the real one if he had stuck to being what he was in 1970-1971 instead of constantly metamorphosing into what those who own most of the country want him to be...and in that non stop sequence of tergiversations and somersaults, he has lost not only the Lepep which used to support the MMM, but also the big finances on the island who are now all behind the MSM.

What about the PTr? Well, apart from shouting "Rupture" a few times, and regurgitating the same old expressions of "avek moi bef travay, bef meme pou manzer"; or the promise of worse lentils in the future, "Zot dal pa pou cuit!". And as far as I can tell, getting rid of that obscene post known as Vice President of Mauritius and a few other tiddly little measures do not add up to a "rupture" is not even a scratch, for fuck sake!

And yet, Ramgoolam still has it in him to capture lost ground, despite everything that has befallen him. First of all, he has to jettison those arseholes who pretend to be 'advising' him, because they are useless. They have had 5 years to come up with some decent tactics, but they prefer to stick to the old, sterile ones: attend as many weddings as possible, hold little meetings in small groups, keep rehashing the same nonsense about linposte and ti cretin, and five fucking lost years of no new policies, no new laws, just plain, stupid statements of purpose that we have all heard a million times before.

Secondly, he has to grab his senior politicians and those he has already attributed tickets to, by the scruff of the neck and tell them to get off their arses and be seen in public talking to the public.

Thirdly, how come he is the only one to ever talk about the coffre fort nonsense? He has enough transfuges from the MSM, like Anil Baichoo, Shakeel Mohamed, etc who know about the Sun Trust and the billions of rupees pouring into the MSM, and who ought to have by now put the coffre fort nonsense into perspective: that NR's only mistake was to keep the money from 'donations' in his house instead of offshoring it or spreading it around, like all the political leaders of other parties have done. If you think that Rs 224 millions is a lot, then you really live on Planet Mars having sex on the beach with E.T. and believing that SAJ and the others did not receive much bigger donations...

Fourthly, the PTr does not need heavy funding to start holding at least one public meeting every week.

Neither does the MMM. Leave all that razzmatazz nonsense to the MSM, with drum banging, old women swaying their hips and hoping that arthritis has not caught up with them yet, and petars. How much does a lorry of the old days cost to hire for a few hours? Grab one, get a decent amplifier, a micro, speakers, and some music to attract the crowd and hold some meetings of no more than 2 hours in every constituency. And, for fuck sake, do not let every attention seeking idiot make a speech! Use only those who are good orators. Nothing worse than having to listen a boring fart spitting in the micro....The contrast with the showbiz nonsense of the MSM meetings would be quite telling...

And publish your lists of candidates asap. Stop the old nonsense of overthinking and ending up doing nothing or, worse, thinking shit. You promised 50% of new/female candidates. If you want to lose the elections badly, you stick to Kalyanee, Bolah, Bappoo, Assirvaden, etc, and the usual harridans who command no respect and no popularity.

Grow some balls and learn to say no to stale food and say yes to fresh, organic produce instead. I know of many young, capable, very intelligent women who would be an asset to any party, but if you want to stick to the vier siko, it's your look out...

One final thing for now: never underestimate the greed of Lepep kouyon and its manic obsession with " gouvernman bizin doner". Pravin Jugnauth has understood this and it does not matter to him if the island's financial future is destroyed. He will give, give, and give some more if it means the freebies result in votes for him. 

Faced with that, you think shouting 'linposte', or 'ti cretin' repeatedly will make people chose you instead of the one who is donner, donner, donner, even if it is being done quite irresponsibly? Think again.

There are so many things that can and need to be done in order to bring real 'rupture', and I will talk about them in future posts, the things that really amerde fesse dimoune and which have convinced most of us that most politicians are mercenary, thieving bastards who will pass crap laws to exonerate them but who will use the existence of the same crap laws to proclaim loudly that we live in an etat de droit.

At the moment, I am afraid Pravine Jugnauth is winning...but only because of the complacency and incompetence of the opposition.

Lundi 26 Août 2019

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