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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 25 Juin 2019

" Surveillance technologies now available - including the monitoring of virtually all digital information - have advanced to the point where much of the essential apparatus of a police state is already in place."-- Al Gore

Imagine this scenario, which is not far from the reality of the lives of many people on a daily basis:

You have a healthy sex life with someone you share deep feelings with, or if it is a purely sexual relationship on a "Friends with benefits" basis, you have moments of lustful intimacy that you want to film or photograph, presumably for those moments when you are on your own and you want to reignite the embers of your passion when you feel lonely. Both parties are keen to do this, on the strict arrangement that this is entirely a private matter between the two adult lovers, and that visual evidence of this passion will never be seen or shared with others.

In other words, what happens between those four walls will forever remain there as solemn testimony of the sincere and affectionate feelings that you shared at that moment in time.

Move forward to a change in circumstances sometime later. The police, acting under the orders of a new government in power and with the sole intention of making your life hell, comes to arrest you and searches your property from top to bottom. They charge you with several offences, but no offences follow from the contents of your phone or laptop where you have stored the films of your romantic escapades.

Most of the criminal charges against you are dropped because a/ either police was too incompetent and failed to find the relevant evidence or b/ there was no evidence to justify those charges in the first place. And, as you have not committed any criminal offence by filming your intimacy with another person, the police had the decency and intelligence to not charge you with anything relating to the contents of your phones.

Now, in a civilised society, in a real etat de droit, one would expect the police to return all the unused material, i.e. all the stuff they have taken from your house that do not and cannot form part of any criminal charge against you.

That is only common sense and an example of decency and fair play, non? Not in Mauritius, I am afraid, where decency, fair play, and any notion of natural justice are alien to the bastards who tell us they are servi nou pays.

They instead, in true Bhai looke mode, continue to keep possession of your phones with only one malevolent and thoroughly despicable intent in mind: to send the contents of your passion via films, photos, and text messages to their roder bouttes abroad who will then broadcast them online with a view to discredit you, and dishonour the people, friends, and family who are close to you.

That thoroughly undemocratic and criminal scenario can only happen if 2 or 3 sufficient conditions are met:

1/ You have a real Marionette as police commissioner whose only aim in life is to bend down in front of his political masters and ask obsequiously: Pa kapav met li pli fond, boss? This Marionette knows that his police officers are committing a crime by holding on to those phones for that purpose, but he does not care. Seki boss la dire, sa meme!

2/ You have an Attorney General with the face of a well used pussy who does not know the meaning of the expression that stands for all Attorney Generals in all democracies: The AG is the principal legal adviser of the government. By definition, the AG therefore cannot condone a criminal act nor actively participate in it, esp if it is one being perpetrated by the government....

3/ A completely useless press that exists only for its zourlanus to behave like affection starved kids on the look out for any sign of affection from the enemies of the people, i.e. our politicians, corrupt zavokas, useless gogotologues and sousoutologues masquerading as observateurs and analysts de la chose politique, and socio cultural psychopaths that our zourlanus love to criticise whilst providing them with the oxygen of publicity that these wretched people hanker for. The press knows very well that this criminal breach of our privacy laws by the government will be put into practice soon, but choose to stay usual.

4/ Politicians all know about this, but they keep quiet, probably worried that their phones have been tapped too, and therefore Tarolah's tongue will look quite inoffensive by comparison if their own appendages are made public.

5/ A para statal belonging to all of us, MT, now under the claws of a greedy Sherry and who has already placed the contents of those phones in its server, ready to be unleashed by the soldats de fortune.

This climate of fear is the result of a deliberate attempt by the government to deny us of our constitutional right to freedom of expression through their stupid ICTA amendment, and through the criminal breach of our rightful and constitutional right to privacy by tapping our phones on an industrial scale.

I told you a few days ago about the Israelis who have been toiling away in Tekwa's house near Riverside for many months now, and listening in to the conversations of anyone considered by a bunch of thieves and renegades from la cuisine as its enemies.

In any other democracy, people reading the above would be out on the streets...Not in Mauritius, where a Lepep decidedly very Kouyon is interested in only one thing: their bouttes....until the thieves and bandits come for them, and then there is no one to defend them.

For those who are too slow and can't identify the participants in the above scenario, let me make it simple: The police have had Navin Ramgoolam's phones in their 'safe keeping' since February 2015.

Over 4 years later, they still do, although there is no evidence in those phones that they can use, and should have returned them to their rightful owner a long time ago. But they will use it criminally soon and you will find private films and videos online soon, sent by their attack dogs from abroad.

But remember, never trust everything that you see online. In these days of copy/paste and photo shopping on a massive scale, what you will soon see is likely to be the end result of a lot of technical work, photo shopping, transposing, etc made by those Israelis being fed and nurtured by the original mercenary, Tekwa ...

It does not matter whether you are a fan of Ramgoolam, or you hate him, or you are completely indifferent to him: That is not the point at all. As a true Mauritian, your blood should boil at the thought that in the privacy of your own home, the Jugs can peep into it any time, and breach its sanctity through the manipulation of highly expensive surveillance equipment bought with your own money.

And in case some idiot decides that I must be a supporter of Ramgoolam because of the above, remember: I was the first one to protest strongly in a post on 8th December 2014 about that video in SAJ's house that was made public just before the elections. Lady Macbeth would most certainly remember that...

The personalities do not matter one iota. It is the principle that matters. The principle that our home, in true English fashion, is our castle, and that no one has the right to pry into legal, private, consensual activities conducted in the privacy of one's home. 

Unless if you want us to become a nation of bhai lookes also, to add to us already being a nation of roder bouttes...

Mardi 25 Juin 2019

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