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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 20 Novembre 2019

You cannot have missed it during all the scandals of fraud and la regle magique regarding the November 7 elections.

Many people have put forward arguments based on facts and logic, often backed up with photographic or video evidence. The numbers do not lie, and we have yet to find a cogent argument from the Electoral Commissioner and that thing called the Electoral 'Supervisory' Commission to justify or at least explain rationally the numerous lapses of judgement/ active collusion in all the things that have made these elections the most 'unfree and unfair' elections ever.

This has nothing to do with party politics. If the PTr or the MMM had won under these same circumstances, we would have condemned the role of the EC and the ESC just as forcefully. You just cannot argue with facts. If we had put some shop dummies in charge of the EC and the ESC, we would have seen much more evidence of pro activity, proper management, and unbiased supervision of the greatest expression of our democratic rights: casting our votes in a free and fair election.

The only action that we have seen from the ESC and the EC has been a mild, censorious rebuke of the MBC, and that only after an official complaint by a political party. It is as if these institutions that we are told to respect cannot see anything by themselves, and even when their eyes had been opened by others, they issue an instruction so mild that the MBC simply unzipped its trousers and pissed on it.

We now have a comment from one idiot which has been taken up by a few idiots with similar I.Q. who repeat the same nonsense.

Their argument which they believe will kill every argument regarding those fraudulent elections is this: "KIFER LOPPOSITION PA DEMISSIONER EN BLOC? ZOT VA GAGNE ZOT ELECTIONS ZENERAL LERLA!", usually followed by the ubiquitous "Lol" or by the bane of our lives, those stupid emojis.

The answer, my dear nincompoops and morons, is simply this: "ki fer zot koir ki pravin jugnauth pou deklar nouvo elections zeneral si lopposition demissioner? Ki enpesse li zis deklar by elections et continier kom PM ziska 2024, ou ziska la cour supreme decider? Kan ti donne patentes kouyon, zot in pran tou zot meme?"

So sad seeing so many people who have been zombified beyond repair. And all for what? Pou gagne ene ti job al plisse pom de terre dan la cuisine? Quite tragic, really....

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la!

Mercredi 20 Novembre 2019

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