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Rédigé par E. Moris le Mardi 2 Juin 2020

.....and our ignominious and shameful position on the Black List of the EEC. Let me introduce them to you:

1/ Charlene Planche, once close to Xavier Duval, but now very friendly with Ivan Collendavelloo's Mouveman Liberateur.

You can now say that Ivan has libere her ambitions, despite her lack of qualifications (she does not have the Masters qualification required for Headship...). She was promoted at the FSC in the aftermath of the Alvaro/ Dos Santos saga where billions of rupees of unaccountable/dirty money swam rapidly from Angola to Mauritius. Charlene was the Head of Licensing at the FSC when those licences were given to Alvaro, the chap who Ivan knew straightaway was as honest and clean as him simply by looking into his eyes...

2/ Yonesha Sahye, 3rd wife of our gorgeous Old Pussy Face, Malice Gobin...

The post of Team Leader was created specifically for her, as she too did not meet the qualifications required to be the Head of the Enforcement Unit at the FSC. She became instead the Team Leader of the Enforcement Unit... 

Once the shit hit the fan and we found ourselves on the Black List of the EEC, Yonesha (or Yo, to her friends...) was seconded to the Ministry for Financial Services. Rather too conveniently, don't you think? but eh, this is our version of how an Etat de Droit really is...

During their time leading the Enforcement Unit at the FSC, Yo and Charlene became ardent missionaires ...not the sexual position, you perverts! They went on numerous 'missions' and amassed those juicy per diem by the barrel loads. The end result of all those missionary activities? There is now a backlog of over 400 inspections, which is one of the main reasons why we are on that black list of the EEC.

The FSC and the Ministry are now trying hard to catch up with those 400 missed inspections. Staff will have to work every day for the next two months in order to complete those inspections.

Where are the two lovely ladies responsible for this scandal now? I told you about Yo, old Pussy Face's wife, being rather too conveniently transferred to the Ministry for Financial Services, so she will not be in the cross fire when questions like laziness, incompetence, and useless missions crop up....

Guess who will be heading the exercise of rattrapement on the 400 missed inspections? Yes, you guessed right! Charlene Plance, the ML collaborator and activist! It is rather like asking the thief to solve the crime whilst giving him/her every opportunity to get rid of the incriminating evidence, non?

Ivan, despite being dwarf sized and owner of a face that not even a mother could like, likes to think he is God's gift to women. One can therefore safely assume that he knows how to use a rubber....Because many rubbers will be used to erase the traces of the misdemeanours at the FSC.

One has to feel sorry for Pravind Jugnauth, because yet again he will have to clean up the shit left by some of his ministers and their people...We have seen it with Steve Obeedoobeedoo and his relentless orgy of destruction against the homeless. 

Perhaps it is time for Pravind Jugnauth to flush a few of them down the pan, because the longer he keeps these walking toilets in office, the worse it will get for him.

Mardi 2 Juin 2020

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