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First of all, well done to Xavier Duval for at last raising this issue.

It is really quite beyond the pale that those idiots who keep yapping about our so called etat de droit happen to be also the most corrupt bastards on our island who breach the basic principles of an etat de droit on a daily basis.

Words fail me to describe this terrible state of affairs where in a so called democracy, we have a police force that cannot even fart without seeking the blessing of the politicians in power first.

How many more examples do we need of bent, corrupt ministers/politicians/their little army of arse licking toadies getting away with blatant acts of corruption and thieving because of the incapacity of the police, ICAC, FIU sipaki falousorma institution to show enough backbone just to do the job they are paid by us to do?

Why are they such arse licking cowards who feel their day is complete only if a politician smiles at them or if they salute a minister who then disdainfully throws a contemptuous grin at them?

What can one say about ICAC that has not been said before about the astonishing incompetence of our symbol of our fight against corruption, which is led by a chap so arrogant that the size of his head probably matters more to him than the size of his dick.

You don't have to be an opponent of this government or a disinterested observer to see the facts about ICAC: an institution under the complete control of whichever government is in power, and that spends the majority of its time 'educating' school kids about the nature of corruption whilst not doing much to deal with the adult corrupt bastards responsible for the massacre of this nation's morals and its natural instinct for decency.

And ICAC always needs months, if in fact not years, to 'etidier dossier la'....which is the excuse of the weak, the corrupt, the incompetent to tell you that " oken poil mo pa pou rasser ar fini gagne lordre pou laisse sa trankil. Nou dimoune sa! " 

Let me give you some examples from the top of my head and which have been covered in several posts about the endemic corruption and political oversight of the 2 bodies mandated by us to fight corruption, the police and ICAC.

1/ You must have heard about the civil case of Kriti Taukoordass against the coconut oil hub minister, Sesungkur for some tens of millions of rupees. I wrote about it with full details in a Facebook post in June 2015, which I will include in the 1st comment to this post....yes, the same diluil coco minister who took our chauffeur driven government limousine to try to extricate his arrogant little brat from the soft woollen clutches of the Quatre Bornes police on one Saturday night...

The police treated the criminal complaint of Taukoordass with utter disdain, and he has had to resort to a civil complaint in order to try to get his money back. 

2/ The shameful, thoroughly corrupt arrest of Hassenjee Ruhomally and his wife following their copying of a 'written off' bill for over Rs 400,000 from Apollo hospital for Ayatollah Mouftah Besharam, from my Facebook page. Which really ought to serve as a warning to other readers: don't copy stuff from my posts that you think will grab you many 'likes': it is not worth it, and the gablous will come for you because they can't seem to locate me...

Despite the fact that it is now absolutely clear that Ayatollah Mouftah never paid that bill, have you noticed any movement from Beekarry, ICAC, the Marionette, anyone from the police to do the Ayatollah for receiving a gratification?

No! Gran missier la guele fesse, our chuttur ka mou Beekarry, p enkor etidier dossier la...assuming there is even a dossier on what is a clear cut matter, even for the self appointed expert he likes to present himself as.

What happens when you make a complaint to the police about a politician who has clearly lied, got you and your wife arrested and humiliated by the police, and perverted the course of justice?

According to the Marionette, nothing will or must happen to the politician. As he did with the complaint made to the police by the Ruhomallys.

Ayatollah Mouftah has never been even interviewed by either the police or ICAC over what was clearly a gross abuse of his ministerial powers.

I could never quite understand how individuals with a less positive reputation than that of a disease ridden skunk can scream 'diffamation' as often as they do...

The Ayatollah Mouftah Besharam is of course the world leader in suing everyone for diffamation, and he has yet to receive even a cent from anyone he has sued.

So, why does he go to Casernes so often, more often than a Phillipino sailor enters a loka in Port Louis?

Because it is the weapon of choice of the morally weak, of the incompetent, of the useless who finds that in our very peculiar etat de droit, screaming 'diffamation' is enough to frighten people into ignoring or keeping quiet about their misdemeanours.

I mean, how can anyone possibly damage the reputation of these people when they happen to be the most disgusting, depraved, corrupt people on our island?

Let me now get to the main topic of this post, the complaint of fraud made against Sesungkur more than 3 years ago , which la police p enkor etidier dossier la...3 fucking years pou etidier dossier et gratte fesse, senti!

A complaint was made at Casernes CCID on 27th April 2015 ( Ref OB 316/15) by Mr Udaysingh Taukoordass, a reputable accountant (yes, they do exist, you will be glad to know...) who was the senior adviser to Pravin Jugnauth in 2004-2005 when the latter was Minister of Finance.

He had accused Sudhir Sesungkur, then MSM MLA of constituency number 10, of defrauding him of $ 219,250.00, and of trading under false pretences.

Briefly, the two were partners in a firm of accountancy, but Sesungkur apparently did the usual bit of creative accountancy by opening a separate bank account without the knowledge of his then partner, and cashing his own bills for audits which he was conducting without the express authority of the parent company, Mazars.

Sesungkur, of course, already had some form in these sort of things, having had a judgement against him in 2007 in the Baker Tilly Alliance Associates case when he failed to obtain the injunctive relief he sought from Judge Caunhye....

I wrote at the time:

"  What happened in the land where idiots keep telling us that " the law applies equally to everyone"?

Sesungkur attended Casernes on 14th May 2015, nearly 3 weeks after the complaint had been made. He was seen coming out of CCID, and told the zourlanus that he had 'a friendly meeting' with Heman Jangi. He did not specify whether tea and baja chauds were served at this friendly meeting....

As far as I know, nothing further has happened, 8 months after the complaint had been made.

Taukoordass did the only thing available to him when faced with the criminal passivity of the police towards his legitimate complaint made to the CCID all these months ago: he applied to the court, and on 30th November 2015, Judge Gulbul issued an interim injunction against Sesungkur, MLA, stopping him from, inter alia, billing and making claims for professional services from Taukoordass' clients, and from from soliciting and/or enticing and/or interfering with Taukoordass' clients in any way whatsoever which may give the impression that Sesungkur personally has authority to act as a member of ‘Mazars’ and/or represent in anyway whatsoever the ‘Mazars’."

Now, all the above re Sesungkur is factual and backed up with Court evidence.

So, why hasn't one MLA, from either the government side or, worse, from the opposition mentioned anything about this?

Why haven't our arch defenders of freedom and fairness, our wonderful 'free and independent press' not yet published anything of relevance regarding our Honourable member?

Why isn't anyone from the MSM questioning the intelligence of the individual, (probably Lady Macbeth as she vetted all candidates for length of tongue, presumably...) who chose him as their candidate in the last elections which were supposed to provide us with the vrai sanzman we are all hungry for?

But things have changed at last, I am pleased to say. Maybe the 2 slaps last week on the photographer have convinced Pravin Jugnauth that keeping such an idiot in government, with or without his resignation letter, is simply not worth the candle any more.

And Xavier Duval's questions yesterday must have been useful too in helping Pravin Jugnauth to locate his own backbone.

I am reliably informed that ministre diluil coco will be interviewed, properly this time, by the police in the next few days.

Once he is charged, as he ought to be, then he is gone as a minister. And his brat of a son will no longer be able to use the limousine purchased with our money for his childish nonsense, hopefully.

But the questions that remain are:

1/Why has it taken more than 3 years for any politician to ask any questions about this scandal?

2/ Why has our 'free and independent' press remained so ignominiously quiet about these allegations, apart from the odd reference now and then?

3/ Why hasn't any politician asked anything about the Apollo scandal where the Ayatollah Mouftah Besharam 'forgot' his bill of over Rs 400,000, and then engineered the arrest of two wholly innocent individuals for simply copying and pasting a bill that I had put on my Facebook page first?

Could it be because they too took advantage of Dawood Rawat's kindness and will look rather foolish after all the nonsense they spouted about the Ponzi that never was?

Let us wait and see whether Sesungkur will indeed be interviewed properly soon and provisionally charged with fraud. I never take anything for granted in our etat de droit; the incredible frequency of charges against our serviteurs du pays disappearing into thin air because of the donkeys leading the police force and the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC are too numerous to make me feel optimistic about our justice system.

But who knows? Perhaps Pravin Jugnauth has seen the light at last and decided that things simply cannot go on as before. Let us hope so.

Mercredi 1 Août 2018

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