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[Paul Lismore] Sok Samachar : Maha Shivratri so nom in vine Maha Pravindratri ou Maha Ticretinratri

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 2 Mai 2022

Eh ban Marathis ki ti ekut Anal Ganoo dan sa fete sociokultchurel deklar ki Pravind Jugnauth, c nou Shivaji sa: ene ti la honte zot pa ena dan zot fesse? Ena ti aplodi, tou? Ki arive? Sitan Morisiens kontan souce aster ki zot pa kapav debarasse sa loder kk depi zot la lang? I know 69 is a lovely position for the taste buds and for sublime pleasure, mai zot kontan souce meme kan pena narien dan la guele, et zot p guet ene ggt koz kk dan zot fete relizier? Eoula!

Kifer Morisiens in vine soucerre kumsa? Kifer pa ti ena o moin ene dimoune dan sa fonction la ki ti leve la voix et dire sa ggt Anal la: " Ta, move vilain bouffon avek to gro tasse mofine lor to la zou, pa fer blaspheme ar nou Bon Dier! Kouma to kapav apel ene menteur, ene voleur, ene soutirer la drog dan pays, ene magouyer, ene inconpetan ki fer Zokrisse paret kouma ene zeni, to apel li nou Bon Dier? Kou pied in deza batte dan to kiwi? To envi?"

I find it really incredible that the Hindus who claim to be religious, or at least pretend to be, can accept without even a murmur of protest, a terrible blasphemy on this scale. That is why I never attend temples or anywhere that will have an idiot claiming to be the representative of my God, or of any God, leading the prayers. My relationship with God is a strictly personal and private matter, and it certainly does not need the validation of an army of soucerres who attend these prayer meetings not to pray to God but to try to get themselves noticed by the worst politicians on earth. Sharam naiba?

To my Hindu brothers and sisters, this is addressed to you primarily, because you are the only group of Mauritians who will allow thieving, nasty, irreligious politicians to monopolise your religious ceremonies and to make speeches that have nothing to do with God. The Christians won't allow it and all praise to them. Muslims used to allow it until recently, although they now suck up to politicians by inviting them to come and eat their food. If only they would add some arsenic and thereby rid these islands of the most malevolent, evil influence on all of us: the arrogant, thieving politicians. Sinoi pa laisse zot kozer, mai nek bour sa ban politiciens la ene ou 2 sipek et atan ki zot bez fesse aller....

Mai malbar? Mo honte kom ene malbar ki mo truv sa kantite soucerres parmi dimoune ki soidizan suiv mo relizion. Eh ban ghanr! Zot in truv kit passaz dan Bhagvad Gita, dan Ramayana, dan Mahabaratha, dan ban Vedas, dan oken livre relizier Hindou ki dire ki dimoune bien bizin met zot la lang dan trou fesses ban politiciens? Non? B kifer zot fer li alor? Tro kontan gagne sa gou kk la lor zot la lang?

Rise up, the decent Hindus amongst you! Stop thieving politicians, OF ALL PARTIES, exploiting our religion for their benefit! They don't give a fuck about you! All that talk about "nou bann" is mere hogwash and designed to raise the devil of fanaticism so that the stupid ones amongst us would vote for them again. Do you think these evil politicians worry at all about the tens of thousands of Hindus who live in grinding poverty every day? No! They are only interested in keeping their chatwas happy, and hope that the chatwas will then cajole and bribe poor, hapless Hindus to vote for them. The other political leaders of other religions do the same thing, by the way...

Alor, Pravind Jugnauth, c nou Shivaji sa? No problem. La police pa pou kapav fer ene ferfoute aster si dimoune kraz koko lor sa la tete ti cretin la...Mo pa pou dire kot bizin met banane la, ou kot bizin alim ene boutte camphre...
Si ene gablou ki p rode promotion arete zot, nek dire li: " Ki ou gagner? nou p prier nou Bon Dier, nou! Shivaji sa! Atane, mo p roder kot mo kapav met sa gro koki la pou mo souffler ladan..."

Lundi 2 Mai 2022

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