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[Paul Lismore] Socio cultural gatherings in Mauritius : An excuse for politicians to win the competition of "most shameless lie to tell the public"...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 1 Avril 2019

Ki kalite celebrations sa? Kumsa "Hindu" House krap ki zot pa kapav asseter ene rido pou met lor zepol nou Premier Minstre? Eoula! Nou tou koner kouma rido lor zepol so passe tan favori, ban nimak haraam!

Aster, ene lot chuttur ka mou ki soi dizan reprezant tou malbars dan Maurice, p montrer ki ariver kan nou pays dan la main ban soucerres, ban dimoune bien amoral, extreman selfish ki pou donne fesse a ninport kisan la ki pou donne zot ene ti boutte. Ene laryaz kumsa p dire ene lot laryaz " kan ou pou donn ticket, pas donn tou dimoune. Pas donn bane laryaz ki pou fer ou gagne problem."

Note the 'ou', as in causing problems for Pravin Jugnauth, and not for the country. Ban "patriotes" fausse kouma sa laryaz la zamai pou dire "pou fer nou pays gagne problem". In other words, kokin kommien kapav, mai nou pa pou fer ou oken problem, tan ki ou laisse nou ossi kokin in p...

Last year, on the day for cretins known as April Fools' Day, we had our lovely Prime Minister taking a break from one blatant act of pointless bragging,"mo pou casse les reins mafia la drog", probably because he knows he has failed abysmally, and even the most stupid amongst us can see that we have never had so many drugs in open circulation on our island.

He told us then that 'Mo pa zis kozer, mo fer!", and those who are fans of double entendres would have interpreted this as the declaration of a great lover lasciviously telling his lover " mo pa zis dire toi ki li pou bon, to pou truv tou kalite zetoiles ar moi kan mo fer"....And he promised us that he will give a running commentary kan li fer: "seki mo fer, mo touzour dire"....I suppose it would be along the lines of the astronaut telling Earth from his capsule that "Entry has been made, and it is very smooth."...

Last year, he told us some April Fool's jokes which were quite good in fact: The billionaire PM told us" Ou bizin sincere, ou bizin travay dan linteret pays. Pa met larzan dan ou poches, dan ou coffres. Nou bizin donne ban bon lexanp. Zamai mo pou fer le kontrer seki mo in dire..... « Il faut travailler pour le pays, pas pour se remplir les poches ». Haha!

The reality tells us otherwise...So much has been stolen from us, from Dawood Rawat, from contrats bidon, from corrupt so called tenders, that Ali Baba has been heard screaming from afar " Eoula! Meme avek mo 40 voleurs, mo pa ti kokin kumsa!"

The winner, at an early stage of the competition last year, had to be Roshi Bhadain....Most politicians did have the good sense of simply wishing their zombies a Happy Easter. Not our KGB!

In the long annals of April Fool's jokes, his has to be the best, the most shamelessly hypocritical one. Never mind crocodile babies going amiss, or the Ayatollah Mouftah becoming our next President, or Rakesh Gooljaury returning the hundreds of millions of rupees in loans which he has forgotten about, or all our ex presidents and ex vice presidents deciding to start paying income tax, etc; or any other such nonsense! As ex VP Bundhun would say, " ene pecadille sa!", and for once in his life he would be right...

Roshi Bhadain won it for sheer chutzpah, for the ability to be so shameless when voicing an opinion that goes against everything that the man had done in his short political career. Here it is, and I am sure you will agree that nothing can beat this little turd of hypocrisy and blatant lying, from the man who destroyed BAI/Bramer and oversaw the sale of the assets of Dawood Rawat at bargain basement prices..."Recherche materielle"? My arse!

" Roshi Bhadain
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Si les hommes vivaient toute l'année dans la simplicité, ne s'enfermaient pas dans la recherche matérielle, le monde serait plus beau et chaque jour serait une résurrection.Que la fête Pâques nous illumine et nous apporte l’espoir, la tolérance et l’harmonie ! - Roshi."

But I can't finish the post without a special message for the laryaz known as Viren Ramdhun, and all the parasites and hypocrites who have the impertinence to call themselves leaders of all our various communities: " Ban laryaz kouma zot zamai in reprezant nou, ki zot 'reprezantan malbars/laskars/creoles, etc! Zot tou le tan reprezant zis zot meme! Ene sel bon dier zot tou ena, et li apel Bon Dier Paissa. Zordi zot la lang dan trou fesse ene cretin, dimin si li gagne elections, zot pa pou meme rince la lang la avan met li en place dan trou fesse Navin, ki ene lot idiot!"

Lundi 1 Avril 2019

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