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[Paul Lismore] Smile ! Blame Reddy and the SBM Board for the Financial Problems of our Students abroad

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 22 Janvier 2019

On 22nd June 2015, in the midst of the hysteria engineered by Lutchmeenaraidoo, Bhadain, SAJ, Tekwa face Manraj, etc over the theft and destruction of Dawood Rawat's assets and properties, I wrote this :

" Today, we come to an even worse scandal, one that has destroyed jobs in the IT section of our national bank and which gives a damning lie to our right to call Mauritius a 'cyber island'. We have always had some 200 IT professionals from Mauritius working in the IT department of the SBM.

When Reddy returned as Chairman in 2012, he got rid of most of them by transferring the IT hardware and software system to Hewlett Packard in Bangalore, India.

There are only about 40 Mauritians now left in the IT department of SBM. But it gets worse. This destruction of high value Mauritian jobs was achieved with the blessing and authority of our Bank of Mauritius when the man who really believes he is a legend, but only in his deluded brain, Bheenick, was the Governor.

So, we now have a national bank whose database, credit card information, internet banking, retail/company accounts,personal bio data of all its individual clients, etc are under the full control and direction of unidentifiable individuals in India.

How can it be possible for the secret, sacred property of a national bank, its data, to be handed in such a cavalier manner to a foreign country, and with the full blessing of the Bank of Mauritius? And at a cost that is at least 6 to 7 times the amount paid by the Mauritius Commercial Bank for exactly the same IT system?

Where has the money gone, you may ask. At least 7 billion rupees to transfer a system to a foreign country when the same system has cost around Rs 1 billion to the MCB? Someone must have really deep pockets to accommodate the difference in costs...

And you know the worst part about all of this? All the staff at SBM are aware of this rape and pillage of the IT sector in the bank because of the enormous day to day problems encountered since everything was given to Hewlett Packard in Bangalore.

And our zourlanus cannot claim ignorance of this as they were all informed about it a while ago. But, as usual, the news about underage girls shagging is apparently of far more interest to us...

Of course, the whole, nasty deal was ratified and approved by the vultures known as the 'Board' of SBM. "

I foolishly and rather too optimistically concluded that post by saying that "One can only hope that the new Minister for IT, our future Prime Minister, Pravin Jugnauth, will soon start asking questions about this criminal waste of our money and the unforgivable transfer of our confidential data to a foreign country. And of course, we wait for the police/ICAC to start interviewing all those Board members soon, starting from Reddy and including our Solicitor General."

As usual, nothing was done. Everyone forgot about it, and zourlanus have found better things to report on , like the number of schoolgirls with 'jambes en l'air'...

But the problem continues, causing a great deal of worry and unnecessary distress for parents with children studying abroad, and who hoped that the "SMILE" prepaid card bought from the SBM will do what is meant to do, i.e. allow the students abroad to withdraw cash whenever required, cash that has been invested in GOOD FAITH by the parents with the SBM.

This problem has again occurred, this time since last Friday. The zourlanus know about this, but once again have chosen to keep quiet, same as they ALL have kept quiet over the horribly incestuous relationship between Muni Reddy and politicians and newspaper owners....Reddy konne tou zot secrets 'finance', non? Or maybe kisan la so brinzel pli long is evidently more newsworthy to our zourlanus...

Instead of SMILING, you cannot possibly blame the parents if they scream LKZMM to the Board of the SBM and the politicians who have sat on this scandal for years now.

This is what happens when billions of our money is spent/wasted without any accountability whatsoever....and when you have absolute idiots nominated to all sorts of boards by selfish, corrupt, good for nothing politicians. Vreman sa ban la koir ki pays la pou mari zot mama sa!

IT hub? Bousser fesse do!

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 Paul Lismore : The original post written in June 2015....the IT department, with all the private databases of our accounts, are in India.  


Mardi 22 Janvier 2019

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