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[Paul Lismore] Si zot envi koner kifer MBC pli k* ki zamais, lire seki zom en sarz p fer...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 1 Septembre 2020

At the end of this post, I will include anonymous letters sent to ICAC since 8th July 2020. ICAC visited the MBC yesterday, and one hopes that it was not only to share a nice cup of tea and some baja chaud, and that for once, ICAC will show the independence that it has never shown since its birth. 

2 Outside Broadcast cars were bought by the MBC for Rs 90 millions and the following commissions were apparently dished out to these parasites: 

1/ Rs 1 million to AR
 2/ Rs 1 million to BR
3/  Rs 500,000 each to SG and GP.

The OB cars have been stripped of their camera lights and sound equipment so that during their God's outings, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth can be revealed to us in glorious light and sound...The drones that were in the OB cars have vanished and one poor journalist had to use his own drone for work purposes. When it got damaged, his colleagues contributed to provide him with a replacement.

The first anonymous letter to ICAC in the enclosures makes allegations that Anooj Ramsurrun, acting DG of the MBC, negotiated an arrangement with a Group Tour company whereby free MBC publicity for the company will be compensated by free trips and hotel accommodation for Anooj's wife and daughter on the Yatra Trip to India...I never realised that God's benevolence depended on bribes and corruption to that extent...

The second anonymous letter relates to allegations re free hotel trips in exchange for free MBC publicity for a well known clinic.

The last two letters give details about Anooj's mediocre educational qualifications and how he slithered to power by doing the only thing that he is an expert at: lick whichever arse is likely to fart kindly on him....And how he does 'favours' to opposition politicians so that they do not apparently ask questions about the MBC.

That man is a cancer in our media and the sooner he and his small group of zom pitins at the MBC are excised and thrown out, the better for us and for the long suffering staff at the MBC..

Mardi 1 Septembre 2020

1.Posté par anonymous le 07/09/2020 09:43
ban ti staff dan mbc pa p gagne mutual aid....mbc lin blacklisted acoz la fin du mois zot cash couper mais cash la pa ale mutual aid sanser aciz envi connai ki zot fer avec sa cash la boss? dan ki sanla so poche li rentrer? syndicat gaspillage zot manger boire dan la canteen. zot ale mariage ensam ena bezer la pffff

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