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[Paul Lismore] Shakeel V Badhain: The dismal spectacle of two bald men fighting over a comb

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 15 Février 2022

It is a real struggle trying to find anything positive or exciting to write about those two individuals following their grotesque performance on Radio Minus recently.

The Japanese would probably describe it as the best example of two grown men deciding to commit Hara Kiri or seppuku in public together. The only winner turns out to be Nawaz NoBuzz who could not really hide his excitement at seeing two idiots making bigger fools of themselves than anyone could possibly have imagined.

As Berenger once asked, "Eski ena kk dan zot la tete?" What was the point of going on that burlesque show? Couldn't at least one of them stop and think for a moment: " Hang on. Pou ena problem entre nou 2 lor sa kouyonade la. Laisse mo phone li et guetter si li pou cancel li. Si li dire non, b mo laisse li al toussel et pli tar mo fou li ene video (they both love their videos, don't they...) kot mo ignore tou seki li in dire lor radio lor moi, et mo kontinier repete seki tou dimoune koner lor sa elections kokin la". But no.

They both like to think they ooze testosterone in huge amounts, and therefore they felt they had to spray it on the zombies that follow them, by being more outrageous than the other one. They both behaved like two drunks who no longer remember what the argument was all about, but who feel they have to shout and repeat ad nauseam, " Seki mo p dire toi....Eh to fer tapaz ar moi?", until the inevitable happens and one of them says, " to nepli mo kamarade!"

What we saw was two potential members of the next cabinet completely naked, and it was not a pretty sight. In fact, both of them managed to show us that there might not be a next cabinet at all, if that is the standard we can expect from future leaders...

Instead of our useless zourlanus and radios continually asking stupid and quite irrelevant questions from our politicians, why don't they ask them to tell us exactly what they will do to drastically reduce our horrendous national deficit? Where is the vision of an island at ease with itself and realistically coming to terms with the many problems it faces? Not one politician has proposed  specific and realistic measures to reform the criminal justice system, to fight corruption and waste of public resources, to reduce the truly horrific national debt, to address the alarming rise in drug addiction and the concomitant increase in HIV infection, to reduce unemployment and inequality, and to reduce the ludicrous expectation that, come what may, the 'government' will always provide for you, that "gouvernman bizin donne!".

In this life, you get what you pay for, and we simply do not pay enough to justify all the free things we take for granted . We are happy to pay Rs 1000 for a 10 minute consultation with a mercenary doctor but would immediately man the barricades if we were asked to make a financial contribution for a hospital consultation; we pay without once blinking  the Rs 800-1000 charged monthly for private tuition in one subject and complain vociferously for the 'government' to improve conditions in our schools without us contributing one cent to the final costs. 

Where is the money going to come from to pay for a free health service, a free education system, a free this, a free that ? Some people are already claiming how wonderful it would be to lead a tax free life. Have we lost our senses completely? How on earth is any politician going to square the circle of a drastically reduced income and a significant increase in public expenditure?

Never before have we faced such a huge budget deficit combined with the terribly uncertain future of our sugar and textile exports, and our tourism industry as a result of Covid..The lack of clear policies does not augur well for our future; at best, it indicates a paucity of imagination and absence of vision from those who seek to lead us; at worst, it shows a contempt for the electorate and an overriding desire to win power at any cost. It begs the question as to what exactly they will do when and if they get into power.

This lack of imagination is now encouraging people who do nothing else but spend their waking hours copy/pasting anything that moves online to believe that they are highly intelligent and therefore deserve the chance to servi nou pei...B kot nou p aller dan sa ggt pays la?

Slogans do not make laws nor do they change the directions of the country; clear policies do. In the absence of anything that remotely looks like a clear and costed policy, radio programmes and the "interviews" of zourlanus give us the tasteless prospect of yet another dismal spectacle of bald men fighting over a comb. The comb will be as useless to the bald men as power given to a bunch of incompetents with no policies to implement.

Shakeel and Roshi gave us the perfect example of two bald men fighting for a comb that none of them would know how to use. And Nawaz NoBuzz played his role of coiffeur ki la pou met choula perfectly well.

 Don't blame him! Blame the 2 politicians with egos so massive that it is such a surprise to see their heads cross the doorway without any difficulty...

Mardi 15 Février 2022

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