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[Paul Lismore] Sale of the millenimum : 4 airplanes for only Rs 269.2 millions!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 23 Septembre 2021

Yes folks, you will not get a better bargain than this! On 7th July 2020, Air Mauritius put these 5 planes for sale:

Two used A340-300 aircraft (MSN 194 and 268)
One used A330-200 (MSN 1057)
Two used A319-100s (MSN 1592 and 1936).

That wonderful newspaper, le defi, which gets its news straight from various orifices in the PMO, told us today that the sale netted Air Mauritius Rs 269.2 millions, which amounts to 6.5 million US dollars, roughly. Yippee! Well done, our Fake Hajee Katar and his partner in crime, another accuntant whose name no one can remember.

Of course, us Mauritians are really too stupid to be told exactly how this sale was conducted. We are simply expected to accept whatever figures the serviteurs du pays give us as the truth, the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth. Therefore, as good "patriots', we must not question these figures, ok? Katar ek so ti macro accuntant in travay bien dire pou nou!

Mai mo ene mo ve batar, alor laisse mo questionne sa chiffre ki sa 2 la in donne nou. I am afraid that if that was the real price, then it is similar to asking 2 sixieme fail sit the HSC exams and expect them to be definite laureates....Have a look at this website and at similar websites for you to get an idea of the real price of used planes like the ones the Katar and his friend unceremoniously offloaded so cheaply.

You will see a 2009 Airbus A330, exactly the same as the Air Mauritius one that was sold for God knows what pitifully small amount, being marketed for 45 million US Dollars!!! Those 2 bozos sold 4 Air Mauritius planes for a total of Rs 6.5 millions US dollars?? Eoula!

But this is Mauritius where no one questions anything that the serviteurs du pays do on our behalf. As usual, there are no receipts, nothing to suggest that the pitiful amount received for those 4 planes was the right amount, and that everything was above board. The zourlanus will simply swallow whatever the serviteurs du pays tell them and will not do anything to question these figures, and the opposition is too busy having wet dreams about the only thing that seems to excite them, their next stupid and quite pointless "press conference".

Narien pa sanze dan sa ggt pays la! Ene lepep mouton nek aksepter tou kalite ggtri....C akoz sa ki ban voleurs senti ki zot dan paradi et alor zot kapav kokin kommien zot envi.

Jeudi 23 Septembre 2021

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