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[Paul Lismore] Sadio Mane, to meme mari!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 1 Octobre 2021

I like football, but I do not go around shouting "Liverpool mari Man U" or "Man U mari Liverpool". I find that to be extremely childish, especially when accompanied by those devilish fire crackers late in the night...

I judge people by the things that they do, and not the syrupy words they like using to describe themselves. That is why I absolutely hate ALL our politicians who, by and large, are mediocre individuals with a level of intelligence that match their shitty personalities and the mentality of the meatheads who look upon them like the Messiahs who will save all of us. 

These days, it seems that in order to consider yourself as the future, intelligent politician that we apparently have been looking for, all you have to do is to learn how to put a video camera on "record", film yourself babbling either some interminable nonsense or repeating what has been said by others down the years. Of course, you think it will sound better if you film yourself with like minded idiots....or, you could just copy/paste all day long, because there are enough idiots who will believe that you wrote it and therefore you are so intelligent that you deserve to be a minister.

Read about Sadio Mane, esp what he says about wealth, and his views on rich people who value rich, rather pointless trinkets far more than their desire to help the poor. 

By the way, he plays for Liverpool, and in this instance, I have no hesitation in shouting " Sadio, to meme mari!"

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Vendredi 1 Octobre 2021

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