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Was an expression used by barbers when shops were closed on Sundays and pharmacies open only Mondays to Fridays.

Men would visit the barber's on a Friday evening or at the week end to prepare themselves for an active, romantic week end, and the coiffeur would politely ask before the last snip of the scissors if Sir would like something for the week end, i.e. buy a packet of condoms.

The above anecdote is used to illustrate what follows about an individual who has the added advantage of having a face that looks like a pussy, and who therefore ought to always put a condom over his tongue in order to control that incredible amount of garbage that 'comes' from that twat face.

Yes, I am referring to the individual who bears the title of Attorney General, but who does not seem to have a clue about his duties and responsibilities. Para 69 (a remarkable numerical coincidence when your face looks and behaves like a pussy on heat, eh?) of our Constitution defines the role of the Attorney General as " the Principal Legal Adviser to the government of Mauritius".

Yes, Principal legal adviser to the government and NOT the Chief propagandist of the government, which our AG seems to think is his only role in the government.

But it is the absolute hypocrisy of the chap in question that should annoy anyone with even a minuscule knowledge of the politics of our island. Let me remind you:

1/ Who was the Senior Legal Adviser to Bramer Bank who was quite happy to take the money of Dawood Rawat, but who never saw any of the farcical and non existent Ponzi that his colleagues did when he was employed by Bramer Bank and who, scandalously and ridiculously, started screaming 'Ponzi' too in order to suck up to the thieves and the destroyers? Yes, the Pussy face Attorney General.

2/ Who is the idiot who in an act of outrageous vindictiveness decided that an amendment to an existing law on citizenship would be the ideal way to deal with a Belgian pilot who, lest we forget, has done more for Air Mauritius than the mercenary bastards ruining our national airline? Yes, the twat face AG, quite happy to trample over the constitutional rights of the Mauritian citizen who happens to be the wife of the pilot.

3/ Who is the mediocre zavoka who believes that taking a sledgehammer to crack some of the online nuts who deface Facebook with ignorant, racist, uneducated, quite stupid comments, is the best way to protect our Constitutional right to freedom of expression? Yes, our AG with a goatee that prisoners like to call Prison pussy.

4/ Who is the quite stupid AG who goes much beyond his role as Chief legal adviser to the government and who believes that latching on to the hysteria manufactured by an interpretation of Supreme court judges over Betamax might give him the much desired ticket for the next elections? And who has gone way beyond the limits of any self respecting AG with an ounce of professionalism in his body when he competed with Bobok Hureeram in the Stupidity Challenge Cup, and told an ex PM " Eta Kouyon! Ferm to la bousse...Pran ene drink al dormi..etc etc"....Can you recall any previous AG, from either the PTr, MSM, MMM, PMSD behaving in such a crass manner? Yes, our Ag with la guele sousou..does.

5/ On Monday, the Privy Council will give the final decision on the CT saga. Much as I hope that the coal bandits lose the case, what happens if the Privy Council supports the Supreme Court's verdict and finds in favour of CT? What will pussy face say then when we will have to pay back billions of rupees in compensation? Eski li pou ressi ferm so la bousse

6/ Every day, we hear of cases of sexual assaults, paedophilia, rapes, underage sex, unlawful sexual intercourse, etc, and the useless sentences passed by the magistrates. A responsible AG would have come up with an amendment to the existing law, and prescribed minimum sentences for those perverts, so that magistrates can at last be weaned off their apparent addiction to 'community service' or 'suspended sentences of imprisonment for those deviants. And a professional AG would have understood that it is inhumane and cruel to expect an abused child to give evidence 10 years after the traumatic event that will blight his/her life forever, and would reorganise the lamentable service provided by our courts of 'justice' to victims of crime as a matter of urgency.

But what can we expect when we don't have an Attorney General with the basic understanding of his primary role in the National Assembly: that of being the Chief Legal adviser to the government? We have instead a clown who pretends to be a zavoka and who has the morals of an alley cat desperately looking for attention from anyone.

It is high time he listens to his coiffeur and puts a large capote on that pussy face, because he must surely know that accidents happen when an orifice does not insulate itself from careless emissions...

Samedi 8 Juin 2019

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