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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 20 Juillet 2021

Shame on Arvind Boolell for calling the horrible creature calling himself our Speaker a " batchiara". Is that the best you can do? Next time, when he says in his sixieme fail English, " I am suspanding ze shitting", and walks past you, punch him! You can't miss him, really. His face was really made for punching, and his fat stomach is always a few yards ahead of his grotesque shape. I am afraid it is the only language that the fat buffoon will understand.

Shame on the rest of the numpties calling themselves "the opposition". I have seen more life in Cimetiere St Jean than in today's farcical proceedings in the National Assembly. No wonder their idea of political activity and mixing with Lepep is a once weekly soliloquy in a posh hotel, which they label "conference de presse", and nothing else. What was so difficult about all of you walking out as soon as you heard the ti cretin come up with his predictable motion to suspend a member of the opposition for as long as possible?

If that was not bad enough, didn't you feel the phlegm rising in your miserable throats when Obeedoobeedoo did his pathetic " I second the motion"? Were you scared that if you made any movement, that it might encourage Obeedoobeedoo to put on his fake accent again and tell you some more lies? Shame on you for your cowardly stance!

Shame on the Leader of the opposition, the lovely Zaza, for accepting yet again to ask his horribly massacred Private Question. Why couldn't he have started the proceedings by saying, for the benefit of the nation, " This is not my question. This is the question that has been put by the buffoon in the chair and who has not been elected by anyone.. So, let him ask his question whilst I and my colleagues go and get some fresh air outside?" And then go out and give a press conference that far more members of the public would have followed than would continue to watch the parody in the National Assembly..

Shame on the members of the government for ignoring completely the essence of statesmanship and of decorum in the National Assembly. Shame on you for finding the truly scandalous behaviour of the Speaker "funny" and for often encouraging him to eject members of the opposition. Shame on you for not having the intellect or the good sense and manners that we would expect from anyone that we, in our stupidity, have voted into power. But really, it is quite pointless saying Shame to individuals who do not seem to have even an ounce of shame in their pathetic bodies.....

Shame on you Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, no longer jeune and now with the dynamism of a flat battery! Shame on you for not saying, "Fuck these Standing orders that were designed for people who are no longer alive. As Prime Minister, I find the action of the Speaker in ordering Honourable Boolell out and naming him to be grotesque, and I therefore put forward a motion that asks for Arvind Boolell to serve just one day suspension." You would have gained a huge amount of respect from everyone by doing that. And the nation would have loved you if you had next put in a motion of no confidence in the monstrously ridiculous Speaker, so that we never have to see that ugly face again.

But predictably, you did not, as you still have not outgrown your school days with your little ti bann, and therefore can never see the bigger picture....

Shame on the Chief Judge if he refuses to consider any application by Arvind Boolell on this matter as an emergency. Worse, if he can justify the Speaker's actions with some mealy mouthed judicial nonsense, then that will convince even more people that the judiciary is now held in the same little respect that the Executive and the Legislative enjoy from us...

Finally, I would say, Shame on the Speaker, but that would be pointless, as the fat oaf does not know what shame is. The country has experienced many scandals, but he remains by far the biggest scandal since the last elections. He really is a grotesque gargoyle who brings terrible shame to any notion of fair play and independence in our so-called " Temple of Democracy". 

Having said all the above, I doubt if many people will refuse to share this opinion: Arvind should really have punched that fat face! Oh, he really should have done it!

Mardi 20 Juillet 2021

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