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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 14 Mai 2019

My leader sed he likes papaye

O rage! O desespoir! O mari morma!
Az he fallen on iz ed?
I am taking ze liberty to not use Sexpire to express my rage!
Madam Speaker, what eeeez wrong with melons?, as the bard would say.
Sweet, juicy, firm melons zat mak ze mouse water...
And you go bouloum bouloum with your head between two ripe melons!
Zat, madam Speaker, eeez the future! Melons, not papayes!
Madam Speaker, when ze call me aboyeur de service, zat's ok?
Beat return eez not good for zem? It makes ze hurt, ein?
Zis eez Mauritius, not ze Spain of Francisco Francois!
So stop sowing la zanzani here!

Zanzani is being sown by people in government too!
I sed that Raj Dayal will not resign one ferfoute.
As Parti Malin sed,
It was a case of a Kentucky leg, or a pestle which made noise without krussing anysing.
A pylon wiz no electricity, as ze say...Anozer 15 millions and he will be quiet..

And now I sink that ze old goats sould not stand for ze elections
Gayan, Sesungkur, Tarolah, even Ivan, and ozers sould go! 
Aller chevres! Go Goats! We don't need you anymore!
Let ze pretty, very intelligent peeeple like me run ze cuntry!

Madam Speaker, we have everysing! Luvly hair, ze looks,
We wear ze suits where lepep can play dames or chess on zem
And lots of bow ties too!

And when we speak, ze people laugh
Because we use ze right words
No zanzani wiv us, madam Speaker!
We know how to please ze people
So, don't badine wiv us!

We are ze future, we are ze world!
Michael Johnson sed that, madam Speaker..

Mardi 14 Mai 2019

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