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[Paul Lismore] Rs 12.8 billions debts of SBM written off? There is worse to come folks!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 29 Juin 2022

Annual report 2022 of SBM
Annual report 2022 of SBM
If you thought that it can't get any worse, think again. It is all there in black and white, in the Annual Report that the fake Hajee tried to hide/release at the very last moment. But before I get there, let me tell you about some of the individuals whose abject incompetence makes them unworthy to ramasse kk Waste Water, never mind trying to run the second largest bank in the island.

Here is the price of failure in Paradise Island:

1/ Sattar Hajee Abdoula, Chairman of SBM: In 2020, the poor chap received "only" Rs 3.5 millions for doing less than fuck all, and whilst chairing the depletion of billions of dollars by foreigners with no collaterals. In 2021, yippee! The fake Hajee has doubled his "salary" and obtained Rs 7.5 millions! The motto of the SBM seems to be: Plis to perdi mo larzan, plis mo pou reconpense toi...

2/ Shakilla Bibi Jhungeer: She is one of those nauseating "youngsters" who tell us all day long that " En tant que jeune citoyenne, j’ai toujours pensé que c’est la jeunesse qui représente l’avenir de notre pays....À travers mon engagement politique, j’ai les moyens de contribuer au développement de l’île Maurice. C’est aussi un moyen pour moi d’aider tous les citoyens à améliorer leur qualité de vie."

She certainly has improved her own quality of life, despite abysmally failing in the 2019 elections (She came eighth in Constituency 2 in the 2019 general elections). As reward for her failure, la Kwizin put her on the Board of Ploks of the SBM, and she received Rs 1.5 millions for turning a blind eye to the clear cases of fraud going on there...

3/ Sharon Ramdenee: Fuck knows who she is, but she is closely related to Lady Macbeth, and in free, independent, democratic Mauritius, that is all that apparently counts. For stellar services to la kwizinn and ensuring that disel et zepices la korek, she received over Rs 1.1 millions from the SBM.

4/ Jean Paul Emmanuel Arouff, ex zourlanus at L'Express and therefore, by definition, shares the same DNA of greed, mendacity, and arse licking as our politicians and serviteurs du pays. This genius received  nearly Rs 2 millions in 2021 from SBM, probably by pontificating all day long about how wonderful, how caring, what a gorgeous fat chap he is...

Those are the main ones receiving huge amounts of money from the SBM for not noticing that foreigners had barged through their back doors and walked away with Rs 12.8 billions. Now, it is up to you to believe that not one of these wonderful people noticed anything suspicious about those transactions...or perhaps they did but did nothing, which makes them the criminals that they patently would be if that was the case....Many would say that they must have known, and that some of the Rs 12.8 billions found a cosy home in the deep pockets of those who should know better...

Question: How do you reward someone who was one of the Gang of Four on the SBM Board Credit Committee, which was responsible for approving those farcical loans? You make him a MSM candidate at the last general elections! Yes, Mahmadally Burkutoola, who came sixth in Constituency 15 in the 2019 general elections...

Before I give you the bombshell that will hit the SBM soon, let me include our lovely zavokas from la kwizinn, who provide "legal advice" to the SBM. Angels like  Desiré Basset, Juge Domah, Chetty, Mardemootoo, Andre Robert, Moollan, etc. Guess how much this little army of "learned friends" obtained from the SBM for giving essentially crap advice? Rs 280 millions!!! They call it "legal and professional fees"...

Here is something for you to ponder upon: If MCB has Juice and even a non-bank like MT has mobile money, why does SBM still not have mobile money? Don't you find this unacceptable?

Consider this: Should the Fake Hajee be allowed to sit on so many Boards? Who the fuck does he think he is?  No one can devote independent attention to important banking matters by sitting on so many committees whilst doing his own accuntant job and occupation full time. Again, I ask this question that has always baffled me: How much money does someone need before he/she says, "enough, I have more than enough now"?

Finally, the bombshell I mentioned at the beginning. You think Rs 12.8 billions wasted/thrown away/stolen is bad? Check the attachment and you will see that there are Rs 16.5 billions of "impaired advances" pending, i.e. gro dettes ki pa pou renbourse, alor pitaye ki in perdi sa!  They will have to be classified as credit loss sooner or later, when it is discovered YET AGAIN that no or not enough guarantee has been secured.

Ala ki kalite idiots/fraudeurs/voleurs/inconpetan p roule sa ggt pays la! Remember, all these people have been nominated by Padaleksi and given the full blessing of Praving Kumar Jugnauth. Mai pa blier! Ban patriotes sa!

Annual report 2022 of SBM
Annual report 2022 of SBM

Annual report 2022 of SBM
Annual report 2022 of SBM

Mercredi 29 Juin 2022

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