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[Paul Lismore] Roshi Badhain swallowing only a spoonful of his own vomit and feeling proud of himself with a dessert of lies, subterfuge, and deceit

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 8 Mai 2019

I often quote Sherlock Holmes' famous recipe for solving mysteries, " When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Unfortunately, Roshi Badhain's incredible arrogance has led him to believe that we will readily swallow the remnants of his vomit and accept at face value his truly incredible and ridiculous assertion that he had nothing to do with the destruction of BAI/Bramer. 

To turn Sherlock Holmes'quote on its head, it is impossible to eliminate the grotesque images of Roshi Bhadain as head butcher of BAI/Bramer in his numerous rampages via press conferences with uselessly subservient zourlanus, and on the MBC, where the hiring of  huge TV screens at great cost to us was used in order for him to try to convince us about a ponzi that never was. 

If we cannot eliminate the impossible, then what remains is the probable truth that Roshi Bhadain not only took an active part in the dismantlement, destruction, and sharing the spoils of BAI/Bramer, but was responsible, far more than Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and the other numpties in the worst government in our existence, for exhibiting a sadistic pleasure with the resulting carnage. 

The same MBC which serves as propaganda and dishwasher for idiots of all governments has left us with irrefutable proof of the sheer cruelty and nastiness of the participants of that butchery. 

Let me deal with just some of the more grotesque elements of Roshi Badhain's disgusting vomit swallowing exercise.  

1/ "Mo pa ti konne narien avan ki Vishnu et Basant Roi cancel licence Bramer Bank", the precursor to the destruction of the whole BAI conglomerate. It gets worse. " Mo sire ki meme SAJ pa ti koner. Al dimane li si Vishnu ti konsilter li!". If that is true, and only the brain dead will believe it to be true, answer this:WHY THE FUCK DID YOU, YOUR FAMILY, SAJ, AND MANY OTHERS WITHDRAW ALL YOUR CASH FROM BRAMER WELL BEFORE THAT FATAL DAY OF APRIL 1ST 2015? Bon Dier ti koz ar toi et warn toi ki to bizin retire tou to pitaye asap? Again, this is an impossible pill for rational people to swallow. 

2/ Bramer bank suffered from massive withdrawal of funds from government institutions from December 2014 until its closure in April 2015. We are talking of billions of rupees suddenly withdrawn in a clearly well arranged, satanical plan of massive disinvestment by a corrupt government doing the bidding of the ultra wealthy who did not want the insurance and banking industries to be in no one else's hands but theirs. Badhain as minister of good governance sipaki ggtri did not know? 

Nor asked any questions about the reasoning behind such a cynically orchestrated plan of huge disinvestments, which in civilised countries would be considered as a serious criminal act?  

3/ Who actively participated in the selling off of a very successful bank known as Britam, an offshoot of BAI/Bramer, at a price which was criminally irresponsible, which would suggest that a huge lump went to the murderous pirates in the government? 

Who tried to sell off the most successful and most modern private hospital on the island, Apollo Bramwell, to a group of unknown, greedy individuals in a weird company called Omega Ark? 

Who sold Courts to David Isaacs at a derisorily low price and surrendered the credit books of Courts, worth around Rs 1 billion to CIM....which happened to be the financial backer of David Isaacs in this deal! 

4/  Remember Iframac? Badhain had assured us that he had personally been dealing with Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Peugeot, etc in order to enable Iframac to retain exclusivity over these brands. So, how come they have all been evenly spread around to competitors of Iframac?  

5/ Badhain had repeatedly assured us that no public funds, i.e. taxpayers' money, will be used for managing (or mismanaging) the BAI scandal. So, who were paying the salaries for Apollo Bramwell, Bramer Asset Management , NCB, NIC , etc.? 

Who is going to reimburse the Rs 3 billions injected by the Bank of Mauritius, if not the taxpayer? 

6/  BAI was one of the major shareholders of MCB, Gamma Civic etc . Who has benefited from the sale of these shares? Why was Axys Brokers entrusted the task of selling these shares and not the Stock Brokers of Bramer ? Rs 50 million have been paid in commission, and no one knows where that money has gone... 

7/  What about the appointment of ex Ponzi,or Ponzi like people, like Benito Elisa ( former employee of Bramer Bank) who was appointed special adviser to Badhain and who was also nominated on the Boards of SICOM , NCB, FSPA? Or Fadil Ramjanally & Akilesh Deerpalsing former colleagues of Bhadain at PWC, who became Senior advisers of Missier Bhadain? Or Eshana Mooraby, also ex BAI? Or Cora Corrimboccus, also ex BAI?  

What about Somduth Nemchand, ex colleague of Bhadain at ICAC, now Chairman of Heritage City project and other Badhain's pet projects? Andrew Stephenson, another ex colleague of Badhain who seems to be the only forensic expert in all inquiries initiated by Badhain?  

The moral of the story? If you want to earn a fortune from the taxpayer, make sure you are either a friend, neighbour, or ex colleague of Roshi Badhain...All that Roshi Badhain has done so far is to copy/paste the cheques from BAI to MMM and MSM that had been disclosed by me TWO years ago on my Facebook page. 
Nothing else. His cloud remains as dry as a nun's knickers, and we have heard nothing, absolutely nothing of his 'revelations'. 

The only credit I can give Bhadain is for bringing BAI/Bramer back into the limelight. But until he answers real questions like those in the post instead of copying from my post, I am afraid he gives the impression of a desperate man clutching at any straw in order to keep his dwindling political chances alive. 

In his case, he is clinging at the corpse of an entity which he himself was actively responsible for destroying in the biggest act of state robbery and carnage by any government in our history. 

Swallowing your own vomit is fine if done as an honest endeavour to repair the damage that you yourself caused in the first place. But doing it to score cheap points in order to salvage a political career that has destroyed a lot and created little is the sign of a man that will do anything in order to satisfy his only priority: his political career. And that makes him a dangerous and untrustworthy individual. 

Until he does something really constructive in repairing the huge damage he and his cronies caused to Dawood Rawat and the thousands of savers and their families who trusted him, I am afraid Roshi Bhadain will always remain the bullshitter and arch manipulator he has always been.

Mercredi 8 Mai 2019

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