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[Paul Lismore] Roshi Badhain is absolutely right about the FSC'S criminal role in his family tragedy

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 14 Décembre 2021

Several well placed people messaged me on 8th/9th December and informed me that the terrible tragedy at Ebene where Badhain's sister and niece were stabbed and his brother in law eventually committed suicide had only one cause: the disgustingly nasty role played by Vikash Thakoor, the CEO of the FSC nominated by arguably the two most stupid and evil men on the island: Pravind Jugnauth and the man whose face makes normally sane people want to be violently sick, but who nevertheless quite a few very loose women find "attractive", Padaleksi...

I did not write anything because I felt that anything written about that terrible tragedy would be unnecessarily intrusive, and that it was best to let the bereaved families grieve in peace.

Now that Roshi Bhadain has confirmed the information that I received last week, I think it is quite right and proper for me to add some more details, and to try to explain to you that the main qualification required for a top job in the FSC for a woman is a pretty face combined with a pretty arse, and the skills to be a world class gymnast by demonstrating proven qualities of being able to open your legs as wide as possible, invariably for men who are as ugly as sin...

First of all, let me give you some background. On 18th October 2021, I wrote about this nonsense I called the " Vaish myth" and tried to explain how zourlanus and politicians find it so easy to put all the sins of the world on the group of people known as " Vaish", who , lest we forget, number no more than 20% of the population. I tried to explain that the remaining 80% of the population must be incredibly stupid to allegedly give power to that 20% of the population at every election since independence.

And I explained how the reality was quite different, and that a glance at the individuals nominated since 2014, including Constitutional posts, will show you that the so called Vaish are way behind the other groups.

I wrote the article because many people had been complaining that since Thakur became CEO of the FSC, only so called Baboujis in particular and maraz were being appointed/promoted at the FSC. The article certainly had some resonance at the FSC, and I am told that Thakur wanted to show that dan so cafe pena triaz...

.And as Randir Hurdowar happens to be a senior figure at the FSC and is the brother in law of the bete noir of the Jugs, Roshi Bhadain, hurrah! Anou kass so fesse!. So, a very loose member of the harem, a trainee who recently joined FSC without going through classic interviews but on her ability to spread her legs wide, made a false denunciation, and accused Randir of sexual harassment sipaki ggtri.

As soon as the complaint was received, Thakur and his zombies suspended Randir and gave him 2 days to respond, which is quite illegal. Randir was escorted off the premises, the place of work where up to now, he was a respected senior member.

What happens next shows you how evil these bastards really are. Guess where they sent the letter of suspension with details of the alleged offence? To Randir's home address! When his wife saw the letter, what was hitherto a decent, peaceful marriage gave way to a great deal of acrimony leading to a demand for divorce. The rest you know, with Randir's apparent breakdown and his calamitous behaviour.

Roshi Bhadain is right to point out that it was this unproven allegation of sexual harassment, the inhumane and unprofessional manner the suspension was decided and carried through, and the letter of suspension sent to Randir's home which was the dagger that split the couple apart.

Guess who was the pretend virgin who made the complaint of sexual harassment that led to this terrible tragedy? A close relative of a MSM MLA who won his seat by 25 votes, and is now a chatwa par excellence....@Nando Bodha knows It too, and Joanna Berenger also knows It too....

Remember, Randir was suspended on 30th November and given 2 days to respond to the farcical allegations, despite having no access to his place of work at all, or to possible witnesses. By the 2nd December, Randir had his defence and witnesses ready....Guess what happened on 2nd December and Thakur twisted the knife deeper? Thakur went on mission, so the hearing could not take place! The morons and patented chatwas at the FSC continued to harass and make life difficult for Randir...

Randir had over 18 years service at the FSC whereas the woman who made the complaint recently joined the FSC as a trainee...

Thakur was under pressure following my post to show that he is not a casteeist and does not favour Baboujis in particular. What better way to buy political support than to make a favour to another MSM deputé by taking his relative as a trainee? At the same time, Randir was an easy target ( as a baboojee) because he is the brother in law of Bhadain.

That is how the evil bastards think and behave in our so called democracy, our so called etat de droit.
I am enclosing the article I wrote about Thakur on 18th October 2021, and his apparent belief that as a Babouji, his shit smells of chanel number 5. He is further proof that not only Padaleksi is an absolute shit, but all his nominees have been absolute shits.

An ugly bastard like him can have so many mistresses only because we now have many sluts pretending to be virgins, and who will do anything in order to get a job...including sleeping with the ugliest, nastiest, most spiteful fuckers on earth.

P.s. I am enclosing 2 other posts I wrote about the loose women providing sex for favours from our "patriots", on my Facebook page...

Mardi 14 Décembre 2021

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