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[Paul Lismore] Real Hindu and real India bashing...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 15 Août 2022

@ L'express
@ L'express
By the arseholes from the MSM who have unilaterally nominated themselves as defenders of Hindus and of India...

Don't you understand that when you put your dirty orange flags and banners around the statue of perhaps the most famous and respected Indian of them all, Mahatma Gandhi, you desecrate his memory and you insult India? On the day prior to India's Independence celebrations?

Pravind Jugnauth and your half Hindu wife who behaves as if she is Sita reincarnated, tell your dogs to stop behaving so abominably! Yes, you and your lot of idiots and chatwas can pretend to be the defenders that most decent Hindus do not wish or want, but I hope the rather naive Nandini Singla will take note of your scandalous behaviour yesterday.

It is pointless saying "Shame on you" because it is palpably clear that you don't know what shame is, despite you behaving shamefully on so many occasions ever since you entered public life. If you don't know that attacking and mocking your agent Kistnen, found murdered in atrocious circumstances, is simply indecorous and undignified, then really there is no hope for you. If you and your illiterate thug of an Attorney General do not understand that mocking the serious illness of your opponent, Navin Ramgoolam, is beyond the pale and that illness should never be used in order to score cheap and nasty political points, then one can only wish that you both suffer from long painful illnesses before you do us all a favour and, to use one of your fetish words these days, kreve! 

Look at this photo where your thugs and idiots who inexplicably refer to themselves as "soldats", have desecrated and insulted the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. I hope Nandini Singla will send a copy to both your bosses, Modi, and let him know that he is backing the wrong horse...and that this cretin is no friend of India. The poor chap's only friend is Paissa, preferably rupees converted into the currency of the Western countries he describes as hypocrites...

The photo is yet another example of who the real hypocrite is....cretin!

Lundi 15 Août 2022

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