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[Paul Lismore] Ramgoolam's "rupture" unfortunately shows that he has not changed to gain enough credibility.

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 2 Octobre 2019

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! You would have thought that an ex Prime Minister, who lost a lot of his credibility with films and photos of him dragged to a police station by seemingly over zealous policemen, his safes disgorging some Rs 124 millions, and lurid tales of his extra marital life and the excesses during his previous periods as Prime Minister, would now do everything he can to try to convincingly put forward a case that he has changed as a politician and as a man...and that voting for him this time will show us the true potential of the leader we have been hankering for since independence.

What have we got instead? Some very vague nonsense called "Rupture" which essentially can be summarised thus: abolishing the post of Vice President, which would be good, and then followed by a rendition of the same disk rayer, "Bef travay, souval ki pou manzer", " ar moi zot dhal pa pou cuit", etc that we have heard for the last 3 decades. Is that it? Is this how you intend to persuade us to vote for you and to vote against the most corrupt, most disreputable government that we are currently cursed with?

I just do not understand our politicians. They are the prime examples of 'lisien ki manz kk pou kontinier manz kk". Why do they believe that the only people who can advise them properly, constructively, objectively, and with some intelligence are the same ones who ensured their defeats the last time round?

Yes, the ones who reassured the leaders of the PTr and the MMM that 40+40= 60 guaranteed seats, when most rational people knew that they were heading for disaster, are still there. Pravin Jugnauth believes that the advice and words of the real arseholes surrounding him are nuggets of wisdom when most of us can see that they are nothing but unadulterated shit. Same for Zaza and his zoli mamzel constantly being wooed by the cretins advising him....

I don't know what Ramgoolam's so called advisers are telling him, but if I were in his shoes and I wanted to feel the pulse of the nation, I would discard them and instead start listening to the voice of the people.

He would then hear that the one thing that really annoys all of us, the one thing that would show us that he really has changed, is if he embarks on the sacred journey of giving the people that vote for him what they dearly want to see : remove the vast majority of the incredible and quite corrupt privileges enjoyed by parliamentarians, ex parliamentarians, Presidents/VP and those who have 'retired', senior civil servants, etc.

Politicians talk about Egalite, and how we should all be treated the same. Well, put your money where your mouth is and put into action these basic tenets of Egalite, which would be a credible sign of 'rupture':

1/ Stop this nonsense of pension for life for all those who have been elected twice. That is insanely cruel and disproportionate. Why can't they get a pension same as the rest of us when we reach 60-65 years old? What is so special about these people, most of whom have become much, much richer whilst pretending to be servi nou pays?

So, change, amend, or get rid of the National Assembly (Retiring Allowances) Act, 1976! How can you claim to be representing Lepep when you then give yourselves a pension at a much earlier age that Lepep can?

2/ Change, amend, or replace the President's Emoluments and Pension Act, 1992. This has to be the most grotesque act in any democracy, where a Government nominee receives a palace, a retinue of servants, secretaries, SMF soldiers, police, civil servants, etc and his/her principal role is to sign the few acts of parliament that our gorgeous MPs have managed to complete during the few times they are actually in parliament. An overall budget of well over ten million rupees every year seems hugely disproportionate for someone putting his thumb print on a document which inevitably will be full of loopholes....

The worst part? The President remains the ONLY person in Mauritius who does not pay even one cent in income tax. You know what is even worse than this? When he/she and the Vice Presidents retire, they still will not pay even ONE cent in income tax until the day they mercifully pass away! Can anyone justify this?

But it gets even worse than this, folks! Not only do these retired parasites get a TWO THIRD pension for life, they also get a clerk typist, an office attendant at our expense FOR LIFE, and a chauffeur driven limousine FOR LIFE. Their spouses, if these serviteurs du pays die before them? 2/3 pension for the first 12 months and a 50% pension until they too die. Why? What makes them so special?

Real 'rupture' means 1/ Getting rid of the ludicrous 'no income tax' on their 'emoluments' and pensions for Presidents and Vice Presidents.

2/ No 2/3 pension sipaki! How can we justify giving someone over Rs 250,000 tax free every month for life because the idiot has been our President or VP for only a few months or a few years? This is immoral!

3/ Stop this luxurious nonsense and fiscal irresponsibility of getting the taxpayer to fork out every four years for a new limousine for ex Presidents and ex Vice Presidents 4/ And get rid of the secretary/typist/office attendant frippery!

These people hardly ever write anything, and even when they do, it is some sanctimonious nonsense about poverty from the comfort of their lovely houses, and grabbing the taxes of the poor whilst they themselves give us nothing back.

3/ Ask people around you (not your soucerres because they are programmed to say, "Tou korek boss! To meme nou mari!"), and you will find that there is nothing that disgusts us more than the sight of some useless minister desperately trying to look important from the back of a limousine which WE have paid for. Or the sight of some nincompoop CEO of one of our numerous parastatal orgs in a chauffeur driven limousine, simply because he/she happens to have a longer tongue than us lesser mortals.

So, make it your policy that you will put a stop to this corrupt nonsense of chauffeur driven limousines pou tou kalite LKZMM! Lead by example, for fuck sake! Tell us that you will sell the monstrously expensive limousine purchased with our money by Pravin Jugnauth and that you, as PM, will have an eco friendly vehicle...same as your ministers. And that no one else will have any vehicle purchased entirely by the taxpayer, irrespective of the length of their tongues.

The above is just the start of a series of articles I will write about the things that most of us absolutely hate. If some people find the language "vulgaire", well, fuck you and your snobbish attitudes! The one thing that I find most vulgar is the silence of the snobs and the pseudo intellectuals when we are being dry fucked by these politicians.

Tomorrow, I will write about some of the other things that have turned our democracy into the playground of the spoilt, rich school boys pretending to be our Prime Ministers.

Mercredi 2 Octobre 2019

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