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"Our minds become slaves to those we see as having total power to control us and to cause pain to us. We are quick to give up control of ourselves to those who have the power to rule us as long as they also have the power to feed us. This is the fundamental construct of a feudal society.”---Majid Kazmi.

Never forget this: Every cent that all governments spend comes from our pockets, either from our taxes or from the loans that they take in our names and which we will have to reimburse.

Politicians will always try to make you believe that they have done it all by themselves, and some will even claim that some tatty piece of jewellery bought entirely with our money is the 'bijou' their munificent hearts have granted to us ungrateful bastards. But it is all lies, as everything is done with our money and not theirs.

We have this annual thing called the budget which inevitably will result in enormous waste and pilfering of our money, and which therefore will necessitate a supplementary budget in order to cover the overspend in the original budget.

Yes, our politicians believe that raping us once is simply not good enough, and a second round of dipping their filthy fingers into our pockets has become an automatic reaction now. This applies to ALL our governments, not just the current MSM one which has turned thieving, waste, and corruption into an art form.

Let us look at the origin of all the waste and thieving, and you will find that it comes right from the top, from the Prime Minister himself. There is a terribly malevolent culture of 'entitlement' in the office of the Prime Minister, which has permeated down to every level of the government machinery.

From the PM himself who believes that he can spend our money in any manner that his mood takes him (the typical 'spoilt brat' mentality of our leaders...) to the senior, middle, and lower management of all our institutions: they all feel 'entitled' to have things which must be bought for them out of our own money. "Mo droit sa" has become the favourite mantra of a nation that believes that it is the most natural thing on earth to scream "gouvernman bizin donner" without realising that 'gouvernman' is the money that belongs to all of us.

I have often mentioned the biggest obscenity in our 'democracy' and it concerns the fiscal and environmental monstrosity known as 'duty free' cars.

This has now become a routine electoral bribe for all political parties seeking to buy our votes, with socio cultural parasites heading the queue for that immoral 'entitlement', closely followed by the biggest recipients of that hugely irresponsible largesse, our civil servants.

This is immoral on several grounds: it benefits the richest members of our society by removing the taxes that everyone else has to pay. You see, you only benefit from 'duty free cars' when your salary has risen to a level that most of us can only dream of. And who turns that evil nonsense into policy? our dictatorial leaders of our political parties who end up becoming Prime Minister...Watch out for at least sixty new duty free cars being bought just before the elections, esp by those who stand no chance of being re elected...They get a duty free car at the beginning of each new government and the poor pets have to receive another one after 4 years of doing fuck all, non?

He is a list, by no means conclusive, of the numerous 'privileges' that ALL our Prime Ministers enjoy which allows them to feel that they are entitled to do as they wish with OUR money:

1/ The nomination of their friends, relatives, members of Soucerres Incorporated, women who feel that opening their legs to an ugly politician is a sign of intelligence and good taste, and assorted ne'er do wells as the Director General or Board members of those things called "Para statal orgs"...

Simply put, these are organisations where we, the Mauritian nation, are the majority shareholders, but which in reality have become the playground of our Prime Ministers to reward those who have licked their arses to perfection, and to punish those who have instead licked the arses of their enemies.

The end result is the same: What belongs to us now becomes the avenue for untold wealth for the arseholes on our island, with commissions on contracts that must never be revealed to us despite us being the ones who will have to finance those orgs and deal with their massive losses.

2/ The Prime Minister who decides who will go on the thousands of missions that bring absolutely nothing to this country but which bring a lot of money via per diem, entertainment allowances, etc to pigs feeding off the carcass of our economy. The PM also decides how much per diem these idiots will get, and will think nothing of giving per diem even when the full costs are taken care of by the foreign governments or foreign institutions. As I have often said, nou larzan, c larzan mari mama sa ban premier ministres la, sa!

3/ All our Prime Ministers complain about how terribly biased the MBC is, but only when they are in opposition.

Remember Maya Hanoomanjee rightly kicking out the MBC camera crew from an Alliance Lepep meeting just before the last elections? But not one of them will ever think of amending the IBA or the MBC Act and make it mandatory that a proportionate amount of time should be given to the opposition too, accompanied by swift, punitive measures if that policy is not adhered to. Neither will they ensure that the IBA remains truly independent by appointing credible outsiders, instead of stuffing it with dummies that are 'nou bann'.

4/ I mentioned in the previous post on "Rupture" how it can only mean anything if the first thing a new PM does is to abolish the ludicrously expensive dinners for MPs, which cost us Rs 400,000 EVERY time these serviteurs du pays attend parliament. This has to stop! It is immoral and the worst example of pissing on us by these people.

I also mentioned how the new PM has to lead by example and stop this nonsense of armour plated limousines for PMs and other self important people, all bought with our money. Stop the sick tax free pensions and numerous privileges for the arseholes which you yourselves have nominated as Presidents or Vice Presidents, and that only for a few years.

How can you justify this? Live in luxury for a few years with everything free, i.e. provided by us, and we will make sure you live in luxury for the rest of your miserable lives? Eoula!

5/ Reduce the greatest symbol of corruption and the sick sense of entitlement that PMs believe they enjoy as if it is their divine right, by at least halving the VIPSU contingent. We give you our votes not for you to then remove our policemen from fighting the crimes that are now endemic on this island! If you want to draw attention to you or to your sense of self importance, wear a lovely negligee in public, preferably with black suspenders, and parade up and down the pavement outside the PMO!

But leave our police officers to do the job we pay them to do! And stop this nonsense of chauffeur driven limousines and 24 hour police bodyguard for ex presidents and ex Vice presidents. Most of us do not even know who these people are, so how can they be at any risk from us?

6/ Last but not least, there cannot be anyone on this island, not even the zombie of any political party, who smiles with happiness when he/she hears that someone like Tarolah is taking at least Rs 200,000 from us every month. Reduce the pay of all parliamentarians, and esp those on astronomically high salaries as DGs that you yourselves have nominated. Sherry Darling on over Rs 1 million a month plus all the juicy contracts in billions of rupees that must remain secret? Eoula! Kri kri kumsa? Never heard of KY Jelly kan zot envi fer zot insignifian ar nou?

I cannot see how a MLA cannot live on Rs 100,000 a month, or any minister on less than Rs 150,000-200,000 a month. As for the PM, just have a look at Modi's salary and then ask yourself why you think you deserve 5 times what he gets from 1.4 billion Indians.

So, if "rupture' is going to mean anything to us, stop doing the things that annoy us the most! If you don't understand this, then you are not fit to lead us because it shows you do not even have the most basic understanding of our needs and our frustrations. Start by implementing some of the measures I have highlighted.

There are many more things that you could and should do, but I don't have the time, as someone has told me that a ti cretin has decided to dissoudre parleman zordi...

Vendredi 4 Octobre 2019

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