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" Study the past if you would define the future.”"― Confucius
Unfortunately, neither Ramgoolam nor the other political leaders have studied the past properly, including one who claims to be a 'historian'. If they had, they would then understand why so many of us are so thoroughly pissed off with the lot of them that we are frightened for the future of our island and the poisonous legacy they have left us.
Ramgoolam calls his quite modest ideas about his plans as our next PM, a " rupture" with the past.

I am surprised that the good doctor does not seem to know the real meaning of 'rupture'. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as" a medical condition in which the wall of muscle holding the stomach and bowels in place inside the body is broken apart". In political terms, it means the force of new ideas which will get rid of the shit that has impacted over decades and obstructed true democracy for all our citizens.

Ramgoolam's constant yapping about 'rupture' and his promises to break with the past reminds me of my friend's rather cynical and cruel habit of sending beautifully wrapped large gift parcels to newly weds, whose excitement when starting to unwrap the expensive looking package soon gives way to loud swear words when a little yoyo is unravelled as the mystery gift....I am afraid Ramgoolam's 'rupture' will be as disappointing as the yoyo and, worse, it will do nothing to regain whatever credibility remains after his 2005-2014 unsavoury antics and the pounding he received from the Jugs soon after his rout at the last general elections.

Why is it so difficult for these politicians to understand that most of us hate them, apart from some unprincipled, morally bankrupt louts who apparently use superglue to stick their tongues up the arses of our politicians?

Why can't they see that our votes for them is not really a vote of approval for them but rather a vote of disgust towards opponents who somehow are worse than the lowest on the other side?

Perhaps the only other one whose credibility has been shattered since the debacle of December 2014 is Berenger, but unfortunately, he insists on being the only historian in the world who does not learn anything from the lessons of history. I shall give him my full, undivided attention next week...

So, where does Ramgoolam go from here? The elections will be held around the week after the Metro Tramway is unleashed upon us, as Pravin Jugnauth would want to capitalise on the excitement by many who would want to brag to their neighbours:" Oui, mo in al dan Metro zordi. Bien prop. Mari bon, mo dire ou!"

The last thing that PJ would want would be for the public to realise a month after the launch of Metro tramway that billions of rupees have been spent on something that has done nothing to control our hellish traffic jams.

That, and the goodies given to civil servants from a PRB extracted with forceps well before maturity date, and lots of goodies for the elderly will make Ramgoolam's chances of becoming PM again not as brilliant as he and his soucerres like to think they are.

Rupture is the right approach, but putting a piece of plaster on a suppurating, gangrenous ulcer does not even remotely approach the expertise of our 'doctors' who prescribe Paracetamol for every illness on earth. If he really wants rupture and tries to make us believe that he will indeed break the nasty, corrupt, insanely selfish habits of the past, here are some of the things that I think he ought to do.

1/ He has an ace card which, remarkably, he prefers to leave at home. The ace card is called Veena Ramgoolam, and, in case he needs reminding, she is his wife, the one he promised undying love and loyalty to. Navin Ramgoolam may be disliked, even hated, by many, but I have yet to see or hear anyone say a bad word about Veena Ramgoolam.

Many people hate la cuisine, esp when led by Lady Macbeth, but Veena Ramgoolam has a strong credibility with most. So, why does Navin keep her in the background and instead surrounds himself with heavily made up ladies who often play the leading roles in many people's nightmares?

Doesn't he realise that the more he keeps Veena in the background, the more the insalubrious, unwholesome image of another woman creeps into our subconscious alongside him? Yes, I am referring to Signora Soornack, the one woman wrecking ball that has crashed the PTr.

2/ Ramgoolam needs to not only prepare his manifesto now, but has to publish it asap. He has many so called geniuses, 'intellectual giants' with him as advisers or hoping to receive a ticket, so get them to work on that now. Not general, stupid nonsense of the past, like " Nou pou arete this" or "Nou pou fer sa". Give clear details about how you would implement them and a specific time frame for each policy.

3/ How can we have a thriving shoe manufacturing or furniture industry or any other small industry if we cut our own throats and allow imports to flood the country tax free? Pravin Jugnauth has removed duties from most of our trading partners, which means that cheap goods have swamped the island and we are in grave danger of losing the skills of carpenters, cobblers, etc.

4/ The Glenryck Pilchards Test: How can it be possible for a tin of the delicious, protein laden food to cost more when imported from South Africa than it does in Europe despite the much longer freight distance?

Many items of food and other essential materials cost far more than they should, and it is all because of a pernicious system of monopoly enjoyed by the importers who have no fear of a useless, moribund Monopolies Commission.

The same applies to the high cost of vegetables with only a small amount given to the planters and most of the money ending up in the pockets of rapacious middle men. How about breaking up some monopolies and allowing much more competition, and giving planters a good return for their hard work? Kan vant grogner akoz manzer tro cher, mauriciens pisse lor politiciens, don't you know?

5/ The countless number of missions that are completely useless and which serve only as a pretext to give friends and supporters a large chunk of taxpayers' money and calling it per diem. When will we have a politician with enough balls to say that this has to stop? In an age when we can skype anyone anywhere in the world at a moment's notice, when we can make full use of video links and all sorts of I.T. gadgets, why are we still sending thousands (yes, thousands!) of people on missions that bring nothing to this country? 

6/ The enormous salaries and privileges given to so called advisers, and parasites in our parastatal organisations. Doesn't any minister feel just a twinge of embarrassment when he/she signs off a contract with his/her adviser giving the numpty at least Rs 80,000 a month+ a chauffeur(if he/she does not want a chauffeur, well we'll give him Rs 8,000 anyway), petrol allowance,+ a car at our expense+entertainment allowance..And many of them get two business class flights every year also..

Why????What other country in the world allows this extravagant nonsense?

Again, we are talking of billions of rupees that could go to much better use to benefit everyone, not just the few. Just a clear promise on this, that on day 1 of his term as PM, he will stop this nonsense will be enough to sway many voters thoroughly angry that so much of our money ends up in the pockets of absolute wasters and arseholes. But has Ramgoolam got the balls to promise this and to do it?
7/ Duty Free cars. This one really kills me....and it also kills well over a hundred of our citizens every year with many more maimed for life. A small island with a painfully inadequate road system, certainly not for the 500,000 vehicles currently in use, bribes people who already draw a more than decent salary with incentives to pollute the island further!

I hear a lot of welcome noise from the environmental lobby in Mauritius about the massive pollution danger that coal poses, but hardly a murmur of protest about the dangers to our environment from the noxious fumes of vehicles.

When will people start protesting about this? When we have 6,7,800,000 vehicles on our roads, most of them duty free?

Let us briefly look back to the origins of duty free vehicles: this came into effect when it was difficult for the Civil Service to attract good candidates who instead preferred to go to the private sector with its better salary and conditions of service. That was decades ago! Duty free vehicles has since become a political bribe for 'nou elektora'.

The height of ridicule was reached recently when Anwar Husnoo decided that one of the ways to make life easier for the marsan anbilan was to give them each a duty free car....
8/ Finally, otherwise this post will get far too long than it already is, what sort of sick, perverse morality allows our politicians to believe that a simple 'X' next to their names gives them the God Given right to extort as much money as they can out of us?

How is it possible for innumerate, verbally and intellectually challenged politicians to earn at least Rs 200,000 every month for 5 years, with lots more thrown in as per diem, etc?

If Ramgoolam really wants to redeem himself, he has to say that the first session of the National assembly with him as PM will see an emergency bill that will reduce the salary and expenses of MLA's, including useless PPS, ministers, Chairs of moribund bodies like select committees that do nothing, by at least HALF, and that no political nominee will receive more than the average salary of politicians.
I will write more about political nominees, the riff raff who hover like ghosts around our politicians, and those stupid institutions ki nou bizin respekter in my next post. I will also (again!) point Ramgoolam to the open goal known as BAI/Bramer where he can score at will and receive tens of thousands of votes because of the sheer thuggery, illegality, and injustice of it all.
If Ramgoolam really wants 'rupture' and boosts his credibility, I have given him a few pointers, free of charge...unlike his little group of 'advisers' who are still wrestling with the huge conundrum of whether 2 ply or 3 ply toilet tissue paper is better to wipe the arse of their idol...

Mercredi 20 Mars 2019

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