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“My advice is, never do to-morrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!”― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

Many friends have advised me not to say anything too critical about Navin Ramgoolam, because the future of the country depends entirely on the electorate removing the Jugs' filthy, corrupt paws from the levers of our government.

I agree with the second part of that sentiment, but I am afraid the kind advice of my friends in the first part is simply not convincing enough for me to change the nature of this beast:

I will not spare anyone who claims to want to servi nou pays, when our tragic history shows clearly that most of those serviteurs have been nothing but common thieves, encouraged to a large extent by highly mercenary and corrupt zourlanus who are the acknowledged experts in pretending to be virgins when we all know they enjoy nothing better than to bend down in front of those parasites.

So, Navin, nou le roi, to meme nu mari, bla bla bla....Who is the bastard who has convinced you that procrastination followed by either doing nothing or doing the wrong thing is a highly valued principle in politics?

Are they the same idiots who, in their desperation to sound clever, always trot out the quote from Harold Wilson that " A week is a long time in politics?" Why are you enamoured of the "advice" given by the same idiots who 'advised' you five years ago that 40 +40= 60 =balier karo?

Have you forgotten how you and your party were the ones who were sent to balier caro in December 2014? Have you forgotten how 12 really stupid charges were laid against you? I do not recall any of those asinine "advisors'" protesting loudly against the treatment meted out to you by the Jugs..So, why do you now think that those arseholes are the founts of wisdom and that the advice given by everyone else is wrong? In tro boir zot dilo dire oui?

Let me start with the choice of candidates, and I'll explain it as plainly as possible, parski mo bien amerder.

Which political genius and tactician has told you that you must keep your list of candidates as secret as the password to the vaults in Fort Knox, and to release them only at the last moment? What do you expect to gain from this, apart from creating a huge amount of frustration amongst potential but unconfirmed candidates, and enormous anger that the dinosaurs are once again rearing their ugly heads?

Where are the women, young people, and fresh blood you promised us? Can't you feel the despair and anger of most people when they hear that these arrogant and useless dinosaurs might be asking for our votes again?

Here is a list that anyone could provide you of names that make most of us want to reach for the Lysol:

Sheila Bappoo, Herve Aimee(in out, in out, back in...), Pillay Chedumbrum, Peetumber, Vasant fucking Bunwaree, Jim Seetaram (his contracts re solar energy will be a bonus for the MSM, Rajesh Jeetah(You want me to give you a whole list where the MSM will maja karo over his scandals?), Dhiraj Khamajeet (who thought he was chairman of the PSC when you were last PM...) Prateebah Bholah (nice video of her financially 'helping' a voter in the last campaign...) Balkissoon Hookoom (lovely, loyal friend, but then so is a dog...), Deva Virahsawmy, Lormushmush Bundhoo and his thinking 'out of the box' in French,,,), Abu Kasenally (with son as MSM candidate insulting Abu's leader...), Sylvio Tang (I suppose only as the PTr version of a sumo wrestler in the same mould as Mayor Fat Fong of BBRH...), Asraf Dulull (forgotten the corruption scandal of our state lands in 2005 already?), Kalyanee Virahsawmy, etc, etc...And now, as if to rub our noses in it, Rama Bloody Sithanen? Eoula! Sa meme sa ggtri "Rupture" la sa?

But it gets worse. The most corrupt, thieving, and evil government in our history seems to be doing all the running in this campaign, albeit aided and supported by mercenary zourlanus so deep in the arses of these wretched people that soon they will be filming them having a shit too.

Sa meme "news'' la sa? Canper dan Sun Trust avek cameras et p dimane sarite avek zot " Ena kit nouvel pou nou, Missier ou madame so and so?"

But should NR just bemoan the fate of our terrible press and do nothing by himself? Should he only concentrate on his Navin Ramgoolam 19 Facebook page and compete with Pravin Jugnauth in the " who can copy/paste the most videos from abroad?" championship stakes? Or should he continue to simply attend weddings, receptions, little meetings that no one else knows about? Is this what you call 'expert campaigning tactics" avek sa ban bilo fail 'advisers' la?

Well, fuck me sideways with a bamboo stick if this is what is called effective and efficient campaigning! You want " Rupture" but you remain stuck in your own discredited and quite childish ways?

Of surrounding yourself with zombies who will praise you all day long and who do not have the integrity nor the courage to tell you, "Boss, ou p faner la! Sa, pa bon! Kifer ou pa fer san la?"

One cannot escape the impression that this election is between two spoilt kids who still see themselves on the rather small school playground of RCC, and each with his own little group of idiots sharing in jokes and making sure to laugh the loudest if the 2 leading spoilt brats say anything that is not even remotely funny.

And yet there are so many things that he could and should be doing. The 2014-2019 government has presented him with a real smorgasbord of delicious titbits that uncover a world of corruption, nepotism, and thieving that we have never experienced before.

He has to lead from the heart, and say things that will resonate with the people. Enough of this nonsense about 'no politik revanche'! Does this mean that the thieves will be allowed to saunter away on first class flights with their loot on 8th November? I am sorry, but that is a policy dictated by the moralising hypocrites who call themselves journalists but who, in true zourlanus fashion, are first in the queue for freebies from politicians.

A real, effective campaign has to make the vile destruction of BAI/Bramer its centrepiece. Never mind just condemning it in your usual tepid manner! Tell us that you will institute a full Commission of Inquiry, chaired by distinguished foreign judges, and with enhanced powers to compel attendance of witnesses and to refer matters straightaway to the police, the AG, or the DPP whenever necessary.

Don't tell us " Nou pou konbat korription!". Tell us how you will do it and how you will amend POCA soon after taking office. And tell us that the Chuttur ka mou currently in charge of ICAC will be compelled to give reasons why so many cases involving government politicians/soucerres require him to etidier dossiers la until the Ice Age hits us again.

Tell us you will immediately modernise our criminal laws and make them fit for the 21st century. At the moment, the laws are too pro criminals and hardly serve the victims. We just cannot continue with laws created when Napoleon was giving Josephine some big gulab jamuns.

Tell us how you will make our comatose courts of 'justice' wake up and work properly. It cannot be right to make people wait 5,10, 15 years or more for a judgement that eventually turns out to be 1-2 pages long. Judges already receive a full pension which is equivalent to 100% of their salaries. It is high time they provide us with a service commensurate with our generosity towards their pay, pensions, and privileges.

Tell us how you will stop the terrible waste of taxpayers' money by ALL governments, including yours in the past. As a goodwill gesture, tell us that the Prime Minister will no longer be responsible for the amount of per diem received by the serviteurs du pays and that you will reduce the annual number of missions to less than a quarter of what they are now. Because these missions are nothing but day light robbery of our money.

But for fuck sake, release your list of candidates now. And if you include the dinosaurs, some of whom I have mentioned, then Good luck to you. Because most of us will not vote for those arseholes.

Vasant fucking Bunwaree? Rama bloody Sithanen? Skelete Mouveman Patetik? Eoula ! Arete insilter nou! Deza nou fesse p briler avek PMSD (remember the lost deposit when Arvin Boolell trounced them 2 years ago? and Zaza as not only DPM but minister of finance too! Ever heard of Eric Ng? Ki ariver? Li pa nou bann, li?

Or is it that Eric Ng is far too intelligent compared to your favourites? Or is it just another case of our leaders liking only those whose tongues tickle their arses?

Anyway, get a grip and stop prevaricating! This is your last chance as a political leader, so behave and act as if you want to make it last longer...Otherwise, adieu to you and your political career.
Your bilo fail advisers will still be here, sucking the blood of other politicians.

Jeudi 10 Octobre 2019

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