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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 6 Mai 2020

The page Paul Lismore that Facebook decided to block in early February with no explanation whatsoever contained hundreds of posts involving detailed research on many issues affecting us. All of them are now lost.

Fortunately, Zinfos-Moris published quite a few of them, and as SBM is back in the news to show us yet again how greedy, useless, and incompetent its Board of Directors is, here is an article forwarded to me by Rajakreshnan Pillay. 

Don't say we had not been warned! I asked in that post " Why isn't the press asking for true accountability and demanding that Raj Dussoye ought to at the very least face a criminal investigation, together with some members of the Board of Ploks?"

The amazing distortion of the SBM debt scandal by zournalus keen to blame someone who had nothing to do with it

Predictably, our serviteurs du pays did nothing and our wonderful press did fuck all, apart from splashing the huge egos of its zourlanus on articles that often are not even fit to wipe our backsides with....and blaming Kee Chong Li for something that was clearly not under his responsibility.

I observed then " No criminal investigations, absolutely nothing from a Board of Ploks appointed by a Plok minister. I would not be surprised at all if Dussoye received a golden handshake when he was allowed to resign instead of being taken to Casernes. More to the point, why hasn't any newspaper, any of the decent journalists in existence or any of the zourlanus that fester in the fetid sewer of our 'free and independent press' asked for proper action to be taken against Raj Dussoye and the Board of Ploks that approved those billions of rupees in loans?....The audited accounts of SBM for 2018 show that loans of over Rs 3.6 BILLIONS have been impaired, with Rs 1 BILLION going to an offshore client based in Dubai, and Rs 2.6 BILLIONS pocketed by the Parbari clan in Kenya.Remember! Without those toxic loans, SBM would have made a profit of over Rs 4 billions in 2018! "

They did nothing! And now, the Board of Ploks approved more toxic loans from another foreigner, which has resulted in profits of only Rs15 millions for SBM instead of the billions of rupees in profit that should have accrued.

Read the post and decide for yourselves whether in a true etat de droit, thieves can get away with fiscal murder to such an extent...and to make matters worse, all that happens to them is a golden handshake and off to a new bank to presumably cause further havoc!

Dussoye, the man with more lives than a feral cat, same as most of these political nominees. And all of them tolerated and supported by an execrable 'free and independent' press.

Mercredi 6 Mai 2020

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