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[Paul Lismore] Put yourselves in the shoes of Vishal Jaunky and imagine this scenario...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 14 Août 2022

You are a pleasant, well mannered young man who has always studied hard and who believed that our "democracy" and our risible claim to be an etat de droit will provide you with the rewards that your hard work deserves.  

1/ In 2018, you have all the qualifications and experience required for the post of Lecturer in Economics at the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE). The MIE emphasised that priority of consideration will be given to candidates with higher and more appropriate, pedagogical qualifications".

2/ You have a PHD in Economics and you have 6 years' experience in the educational sector.

3/ All notions of fairness, of reasonableness, of justice were thrown out of the window when the bozos at the MIE decided to give the post to someone whose qualification is not even recognised by the TEC and had only 9 months experience in the field compared to your 6 years....The test of reasonableness was explained by Lord Diplock in 1995 and refers to a decision that " is so outrageous in its defiance of logic or of accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided, could have arrived at it..."

4/ Look at the tables that I have included as attachments and which compare your qualifications and experience with those of the "successful" candidate. How would you feel if you, and not Vishal Jaunky, were the victim in this grotesque masquerade of fair play and decency?

5/ What did the Supreme Court decide? Although it took them 3 years to decide the case, the judges concluded that " There is barely any possible comparison between Jaunky and the successful applicant....There is no basis to support the MIE's contention that the "successful candidate had indisputably higher and more appropriate pedagogical qualifications than Jaunky......the appointment was manifestly unreasonable and so outrageous in its defiance of logic that no reasonable person could have reached a decision for making such an appointment"... 

6/ In our lovely creole language, that verdict is known as donne ene cou pied sitan fort dan fesse ki pouce la tousse so Trou kanaka...Malerezman, ministre ledikation ene gro bourik arrogan et so fesse sitan gro ki meme so proctologue pa ressi truv so trou kanaka...

7/ The judgement was given on 11th August 2021 by no less than our current Chief Judge, Rehana Mungly-Gulbul and Judge Iqbal Maghooa. In any other democracy, in any real etat de droit, a Supreme Court judgement delivered by the Chief Judge would have seen immediate action to rectify the injustice. And if the minister had even an iota of integrity and decency in her, she would either have resigned on principle or got the MIE board that made such a crass appointment to leave...

But what has happened since, a year later? Nothing, absolutely nothing, sweet fuck all! This is the Moriste where a gang of thieves, reprobates and hypocrites keep telling us that we are a democracy, that we have an etat de droit, and that nou bizin respekte nou institutions!

Can you see a Pravind Jugnauth telling Lilaliapala, "Eoula! Bouz ou gro fesse et donne sa piti la so post ki li merite!"? No way, parski li mem li  p enkor rode kot so graines ete...

Can you see an ultra arrogant, supremely inconpetent Lilla Lipala saying, " Ayo! ene erreur sa! Mo rektifier sa en place la! "

Can you see those vultures who I call Tchurels getting their socio Kiltchurel orgs to campaign for Vishal Jaunky? Apre tou, li ene malbar, non? Et nou Premier ministre et so half Hindu wife kontan deklar zot gran defendeur ban Hindous non? Kot sa fam avel la guele la line depi Hindu House ki kontan koz kk dan conference des fesses? P atane mot dordre zot ti cretin? VoH anyone? (silly question, because you have to be mad and demented to want a VoH...)

So, any Hindu stupid enough to believe that Ti Cretin is your God or that MSM defanne malbars, remember this: Ti Cretin et MSM defanne et protez zis ene vingtaine malbars ki kontan souce. Zot bien pisser avek le res malbars, as the case of Vishal Jaunky amply demonstrates. Check these attachments and decide for yourselves..

[Paul Lismore] Put yourselves in the shoes of Vishal Jaunky and imagine this scenario...

Dimanche 14 Août 2022

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