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[Paul Lismore] Prayer for the day

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 11 Septembre 2022

I pray that all those fake Hindus who are desecrating my religion whilst pretending to be its great defenders see their testicles rotting soon and falling bit by bit in their lamoresse. As for the women, God help us if those arse licking  tchurels are the real images of decent Hindu women...

I pray that the mercenary leaders of ALL our so called socio cultural organisations see God just before they take their final breath, and He tells them: You are going straight to Hell.

I pray that the gablous who desecrated Hanuman outside Akil Bissessur's girlfriend's house see their offensive, disgusting fingers catch gangrene and fall off one by one. Preferably when they are eating sausages and they mistakenly eat one of the fingers that had just fallen off.

I pray that the little bastards from la kwizinne that Facebook has employed as moderators get the sack soon. Unfortunately, they are not good enough for anything else, except perhaps peeling potatoes in la kwizinne. They are so incompetent, so nasty that everyone else can read my Facebook page apart from me...But then cruelty, callousness, and incredible stupidity have always been the primary qualifications for anyone entering la kwizinne.

I pray that la kwizinne gets a massive infestation of rats that will enter the orifices of the wretched lunatics who really believe that pays la pou mari zot mama sa. And if the rats don't cause too much damage, I pray that la kwizinne is infested by huge amounts of compete with the human cockroaches who have been causing such havoc to our island since 2014.

I pray that the police commissioner sees a real dip in his fortunes and well being, and that he continuously shits himself with the fear that a decent new Prime Minister at the next elections will drag him into a court of law...together with the other useless dummies masquerading as senior police officers.

I pray that our wonderful zourlanus would learn to analyse every bit of nonsense sent by the police, our crap institutions, and the government instead of simply "reporting" it and thereby giving Lepep Kouyon a totally false impression.

I pray that the next government will make every nominee since 2014 account for every cent of the billions of rupees they have wasted/stolen since their nomination. 

I pray that our little army of chatwas learn very soon that there is far more to life than repeating the stale slogans of la kwizinne.... and that they learn that their stupid comments might become a little bit more credible if they learn how to spell, and how to use that thing which is very strange to them: logic and the ability to think independently.

I pray that things could get back to how they were since independence until 2014 when there was a burgeoning spirit of brotherhood, and everyone could eat at least one decent meal a day. We have lost all of that and the only people happy with the way things are now are the maha thieves, the chota thieves, and the idiots aspiring to join the gang of thieves via la kwizinne.

I pray that very soon we will all remember that we are condemned to live together on this small island and that we all aspire to be real Mauritians.

Dimanche 11 Septembre 2022

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