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[Paul Lismore] Pravind Jugnauth will never be a statesman...He is a PM in name only...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 29 Mai 2022

A statesman is defined as a wise, skilful, and respected political leader; he/she is a "political leader who promotes the public good, or who is recognized for probity, leadership, or the qualities necessary to govern a state."

Any objective analysis, i.e. a non chatwa one, of Pravind Jugnauth's "skills" has to recognise that he has none of the qualities of a statesman. To put it crudely, he is the leader of a gang of misfits, opportunists, and thieves who has obtained power through deceit, cheating, and the cowardly and criminal acquiescence of the people tasked and paid handsomely for running "free and fair elections", and the spineless demeanour of all the rotten characters he has nominated to lead institutions that are no longer respectable.

He shows all the attributes of the henpecked husband: ene ti mouton dan lakaz, mai deklar gran tapeur en deor...He has never graduated from the spoilt brat phase of his life, and every time he opens his mouth, one can visualise him as the spoilt brat in the school yard, surrounded by brats who have been told by their parents: "fer kamarade ar li, garcon premier ministre sa!". He certainly did not win any popularity contest at the RCC for his sparkling wit, his amazing intelligence, his titillating banter or lightning quick repartee... His adolescence has effortlessly moved into an adulthood with all his spoilt brat symptoms as evident as on the day his father became PM.

Because he believes the world revolves around him despite his mediocrity and quite mind numbing stupidity, he has devised a trick to help him cope with the terrible weaknesses and handicaps that he must know he has in abundance: he appoints/nominates only absolute idiots, so that he hopes he can shine when people see the arseholes surrounding him. If you think I am being harsh, I challenge you to name one, just one of his nominees who you feel you would be able to have a drink with and not die of boredom before you have gulped the last drop...Go on, try to think of one, and let the world know how stupid you too are if you discover one of his people you could share a drink with...

But the worst aspect of Pravind Jugnauth's personality, and it is linked to the "spoilt brat syndrome" is his utter cowardice...the cowardice that made him surround himself with other school brats, who would never get involved in any schoolground fight but who would egg his "friends" to, " Aller, bez li ene kalotte". In his adult stage, and especially as Prime Minister, his school brat friends have transformed themselves into

1/ socio kultchurel leaders whose functions he attends in order to deliver a public speech which he cowardly stops the opposition from doing;

2/ Spineless police commissioners who are a disgrace to their uniforms, who piss on their constitutional rights and responsibilities, and who have perfected the art of saying "Oui Missier" to whatever stupid order the spoilt brat in chief gives. He has turned the police force into his gang of bullies.

3/ The head of all our institutions where he has nominated zombies who need to ask him permission to have a wank, because they can't get an erection unless he gives them that weird smile of his, followed with his ludicrous "huh huh"...

4/ All spoilt brats need as much attention as possible, so he has commandeered the most hated institution of them all, the MBC, to provide him with wall to wall coverage of his stupid face and his dangerous speeches. The only reason why sale of TV sets has increased since 2015 is simply this: Too many of us have smashed our TV sets as soon as we see his mortifyingly fake smile on our screens, with these words being heard all around the island, "Mo paye Rs 150 sak moi pou mo guet la guele sa LKSM la tou les zours?"

But what pisses me off more than anything else, and I suspect the majority of Indo Mauritians feel the same: What fucking right does he have to pretend to be defending Hindus when he must know that thieves, charlatans, idiots, pompous arseholes, and cowards are all condemned in our religious books? I say "he must know", but I doubt if he has even gone past the first page of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, etc. We all come across many fake people, but he has to be the most fake Hindu to have caused so much damage to the Hindu religion in Mauritius.

The spoilt brat always weaves a tale of lies, deceit, duplicity, deviousness, and hoodwinking to justify any of his sins. Why do you think he has suddenly realised that a horse has 4 legs, and can bring in billions of rupees to the den of Satan known as the Sun Trust, if he can get the Champs de Mars into the hands of the biggest thug in Mauritius, Lee Ki Shim? He is now pretending that taking the Champs de Mars from the MTC and Giraud is a continuation of the battle against slavery! The spoilt brat becoming a dangerously racist rabble rouser...

Perhaps the rabid hypocrite could explain to us why Apollo Bramwell, belonging to a Muslim, was given away almost for free to a very rich white company....

Finally, remember what I told you about the spoilt brat always surrounding himself with absolute idiots, in the hope that he will shine? Here he is, with the worst and most stupid Attorney General in our history...You have to agree, anyone standing next to la guele vier sousoute is bound to look like a combination of a film star and Einstein, all in one...

Dimanche 29 Mai 2022

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