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[Paul Lismore] Poor Nandini Singla...No one deserves this

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 5 Août 2022

Yes, many of us feel extremely uneasy that Nandini Singla behaves more like Lady Macbeth's twin sister than fulfilling her real role as the High Commissioner of India to Mauritius. We all remember how she created a magnificent impression when she first arrived here, meeting with the management and journalists of various newspapers, and the leading politicians of all our parties. 

Most ambassadors/High Commissioners prefer to work quietly in the background and are rarely seen, but Nandini was in our papers on an almost daily basis displaying an alluring smile, her long, silky hair, and a beautiful saree from an apparently endless collection of expensive sarees in her wardrobe. She created a positive impression everywhere she went, and presented us the best of India, at her mysterious, benevolent best.

Unfortunately, all that changed when the Brown Recluse Spider in la kwizinne spun her toxic web and held Nandini in a seemingly tight embrace. From then on, every time we saw Lady Macbeth, Nandini was not far behind, thereby creating the firm impression that the government that she represents wants the same bunch of maha chor to win the next elections in Mauritius. That is really quite an unpardonable sin for any High Commissioner to commit, as by definition, High Commissioners are guests in the country which their country wants them to represent. Therefore, they must at all times display an image of total independence and non interference in the countries that have accepted them as guests. 

She has moved from being a guest to our country to being an agwa making all the arrangements for a wedding that is none of her business, and which current trends suggest, only the sad individuals known as chatwas really want to see happen.

But forget all of that, please. We are Mauritians and  therefore imbued with a generous, forgiving nature. So, please feel very sorry for Nandini Singla today. Why? Because the Voice of Hoodlums wants to meet her and to present her with a letter. Apparently, they have never heard of postal services...or perhaps they believe that their tongues are used exclusively for licking the arses of politicians and not the stamps that normal people would put on an envelope prior to posting their letters....

Someone called Krit Manohar, who describes himself as the "President du VoH", "a déclaré qu’il cherche un rendez-vous avec la haut-commissaire de l’Inde à Maurice pour déposer une lettre dans le but de dénoncer, selon lui, l’« India Bashing » de certains membres de l’opposition." There you are, folks! The stupidity of Mauritians at its pathetic worst...Doesn't the Voice of Hoodlums already know that Nandini Singla is well aware of this mythical " India bashing" nonsense being peddled by chatwas bringing disgrace and shame to my religion? Do you think Lady Macbeth, a half Hindu, would not have already told her about this India/Hindu bashing nonsense? Anyway, despite our reservations about her links to la kwizinne, no one can deny that Nandini is a very intelligent woman, and therefore knows exactly what is happening in Mauritius....esp as India itself is behind all this childish nonsense!

But please, do feel sorry for Nandini. Having heard of the desire of the Voice of Hoodlums to meet her, she is now thinking of possible excuses in order to avoid meeting those idiots. Does she tell them

1/ Sorry, I have Covid and it would absolutely mortify me if I pass the virus on to you extremely intelligent people.
2/ Sorry, my diary is full, and I will not abandon my daily session of belo roti in la kwizinne for you.
3/ Sorry, in my line of work, I meet many idiots. But meeting you would top the lot, and the answer to the question "who is the most stupid person you have ever met" would provide me with an answer that would be so easy that it would sound like cheating.

So, thank you for your invitation, but the postal services in Mauritius are quite good, you know. I am sure the postman will have no problem delivering your letter. By the way, did the chap on the left of the picture have too much Goodwill which did not agree with his gato piman gajak? His facial expression seems to suggest that....Jai Hind!

Vendredi 5 Août 2022

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