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[Paul Lismore] Political jokes

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 16 Août 2022

1/ Husnoo, Ti cretin, and Padaleksi are on a sinking ship.
As the boat sinks, Husnoo heroically shouts: “Save ze women!”
Ti cretin, being the spoilt, selfish brat that he is, hysterically hollers: “Screw the women!”
Padaleksi puts on his savatte dodo and  replies excitedly to ti cretin: “Do we have time?"

2/ NSS: One of the few government services that actually listens to Lepep...Their phone taps work better than the Mare Aux Vacoas ones..

3/ When you are making love and the frotte frotter is sublime, why not upset the NSS listening to you by saying: " To mari excite moi! Sel zafer ki kapav fer moi mou la, c si mo pense ene sa ban la guele fesse dan NSS la! " And your lover replies: " Ayo! Ala la secheresse vini! Ene sel kou mo sec net! Kifer to in mentionne NSS?"

4/ Do you remember when Halloween was the scariest night of our lives? Now, it is the day after the elections and the Electoral Commissioner and the ESC springs another surprise on us by saying that there is no need to count as the ballot boxes have all been X Rayed and they clearly show that a little cretin has won again....

5/ Navin Ramgoolam p kondire so loto et li tap ar Pravind Jugnauth so loto. Li sorti, dire sorry, et cheker si tou korek.

Li donne Pravind Jugnauth so boutey whisky ki li garde pou "emergencies'' , et dire li "Tap sa. To paret to in choque avek sa ti accident la. Trust me, I am a doctor."
Pravind pran whisky la, et soulaz li avek ene bon gorzee.
Navin dire li: "Pravind, pran 1 enkor, to paret enkor choquee."
Pravind tap ene pli gro gorzee et remercier Navin. 
Pravind: " To pa pou boir toi? To pa bizin ene? Mo in fini tap 2 moi."
Navin: " Pli tar kan mo rant lakaz. Mo ti telefone la police et zot p vini. Mo atane zot aller."

6/  What's the difference between a politician and a snail? One is slimy, a pest, and leaves a trail everywhere, and the other is a snail.

7/ What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 100?
Your Honor.
What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 50?
A member of the National Assembly with a degree in Law from some crap university...

8/ Kid: Dad, I want to be in politics when I grow up.
Dad: Are you insane? Have you completely lost your mind? Are you a moron?
Kid: Forget it. There seems to be too many requirements in order to become a politician...

9/  What's the difference between sports and politics? In sports,  you are out if you're caught stealing and cheating....

10? Finally, if you don't like political jokes, why do you keep voting them into power?

Mardi 16 Août 2022

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