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[Paul Lismore] People whose names end with a vowel often cause trouble...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 2 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] People whose names end with a vowel often cause trouble...
Never mind the Shakespearean " What's in a name"? The real problem resides with people whose names end in a vowel...especially in politics.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of vowel enders who are neither loyal nor dependable...This, of course, must not be taken too seriously...unless when you are in the polling booth!

In strict alphabetical order:

Abbas AmodE: Transfuge, does not know what loyalty is, grabs the votes of one party and then joins another party whose supporters did not vote for him...

Ameer MEEA: strong rumours at one time that the food in la kwizinne was becoming irresistible....but has stuck to the violette (kouleur mauve, do!) and satini of the MMM. So far!

BodhA: Fuck knows why he left the MSM because he has done nothing of value since joining the opposition. We have not heard even one lurid tale of jig jig on the kitchen table of la kwizinne so far. A complete waste of time and space, but who nevertheless is arrogant enough to believe he should be the next PM...

BablEE: Only an idiot would tell us that Vacoas will be like Manhattan soon, and feel actually proud for saying it.

Li pa koz koze ki bizin, li koz par so Trou Kanaka li...

CollendavellOO: Small man who really believes he is a political giant. Only man to have been kicked out on the basis of an unverified  piece of paper written by the man who kicked him out...

DaureeawOO-JeewA FazilA: the indisputable proof that ownership of a double barrelled name is not a guarantee for intelligence or for even a personality that is slightly more exciting than a limp lettuce leaf.

DhunnOO: An unreconstructed idiot who believes that being an MLA gives him carte blanche to physically assault a nurse, or to be a complete arsehole 24 hours a day.

DiollE and GanOO: The Gruesome Twosome who pretend to be saints...Mo fer serman lor mo pied papaye ki 2 bon dimounes sa! Et zot pa konne Franklin ditou!

HusnOO: the zis zat zoz of our politics...Has a gargantuan taste for different leaders as he has tasted the delights of the major parties at various times.

IttOO: Fuck knows who he is...

MaudhOO: the only man who makes fish feel proud that they look prettier than he ever can...esp with that stupid moustache. Him being a minister reassures us that we cannot get any lower than this.

MayottE: The very well off woman who pretends to defend les ti creoles...Kayambo, my arse!
ObeedoobeedOO: the most vain, arrogant politician ever, despite having a face that looks like a mangue sabre ki in fletri. 

RamanO: like the other O's, Ganoo, Obeedoobeedoo, DiOlle, etc, he now believes that Pravind Jugnauth shits big phials of expensive perfume, when before they used to call him a shit. Une phiole pour Diolle?
RawOO: A dentist apparently, so feel free to knock a few teeth when you see him. He can't look any uglier or more stupid than he already is.

Last but not least, YogidA: What can be said about this "patriot" that has not been already said? In winter, remember a nice fire in the sugar cane field will keep you warm...

The PTR also has its fair share of troublesome vowel wallahs. Just 4 names for today:

FaugOO, JuggOO, RittOO, VarmA: 4 self important, very arrogant individuals who believe that Lepep is clamouring for them to stand as candidates in the next elections. Eoula! Zot 14 in sitan glisser ki zot koir zot vreman sa inportan la? 

So, there you are: It can't be a coincidence that these people in politics whose names end with a vowel will invariably display their arrogance, gross incompetence, and lack of loyalty. 

Jeudi 2 Mars 2023

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