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[Paul Lismore] Padaleksi : The luckiest politician in Mauritius...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 1 Avril 2022

The man who believes that savatte Dodo will make him look sexy and the ladies will queue up to sample his peculiar delights....despite having a face that only a mother could love.

The man who has single handedly fucked up our economy and hung a noose of over 400 billion rupees around our necks and the necks of future generations...

The man who behaves as if our money, taxpayers' money, government's money actually belongs to him, and therefore feels entitled to spend as he that respect, he remains true to the primary motive of ALL our politicians and those who pretend that they will gouverner autrement: that they will enrich themselves in a manner that relying purely on their mediocre level of intelligence and ability could never achieve.

Again, during the current scandal over the Dubai jamboree that I raised here first and which others have since "discovered": he enjoys such enormous luck that zourlanus and everyone else seem to ignore the plain fact that is too obvious: that it is he, his EDB nonsense, and his other departments who have behaved like true leeches in the last 6 months of merry making at our expense in Dubai.

Instead, everyone else has focussed their seemingly one good eye on a convenient target: Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah. Yes, her per diem, as all per diem from tax payers' money in Mauritius, is grossly immoral and is a system based on no accountability at all. Per diem in Mauritius is now the Prime Minister acting as the original Santa Claus and deciding how many thousands of rupees will be given to any "patriot" as well as entertainment allowance and all sorts of ludicrous freebies. 

As far as I am aware, Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah went on only one "mission" and therefore benefited from per diem for that one mission only. And, she did not, like the other parasites, go to that monumental obscenity known as Dubai Expo but had been invited by a women's group that had nothing to do with Dubai Expo.

What about Padaleksi? How many times has he been to Dubai Expo and why? How much taxpayers' money has he taken from us as per diem/ all sorts of allowances? No zourlanus interested in this?
What about the EDB, which comes under Padaleksi? The dirty minded will now say, "that too COMES under him"....13, yes thirteen members of the EDB have been on permanent "duty" at Dubai for the Expo since September 2021! Imagine the per diem!!! Ken Poonoosamy, the CEO goes regularly to EDB, with a delectable lady holding his hand in case he trips over...What about his per diem and other allowances? 

Why is no one decrying the fact that this whole nonsense should have been organised by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, but Padaleksi found it very easy to encroach  and to get the EDB to take over...Parski li meme mari! 

When someone asked Pravind Jugnauth if he was going to attend Dubai Expo, his response was: "Kifer? Pou mo al fer sourire la ba? Ban la pa in aranz oken appointment pou zoine ban movers and shakers dan UAE! Mo pa ena letan pou perdi. Avoy President Baigan instead!"

If the PM himself believes it was a waste of time and money to go to Dubai Expo, the question remains: Why did Padaleksi take it over from a hopeless Alan Ganoo and get the wasters of EDB to have a nice, six months holiday at our expense?

More to the point: Why are our zourlanus so shamelessly biased towards Padaleksi and giving him such a free ride? Why has there been no article decrying the obscene amount of money being wasted by Ken Poonoosamy and his mob?

Is it because Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah is a more convenient target? Or is it because by targeting her, lepep Kouyon will forget about the vrai zouissers having a wonderful time in Dubai at our expense?

Zouissers like Padaleksi and Poonoosamy...If the names ring a bell, that might give you a clue why our zourlanus rarely, if ever, mention them in an objective and  critical manner. Some would say, it is the Tamil mafia at work...But I won't, because we live in a Rainbow Nation, non?

Vendredi 1 Avril 2022

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