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Yes, it is time to say out loud what most of us, at least those who have not yet been zombified or bribed with a few rupees, know about the man who wants to properly become our Prime Minister.

As the creole expression puts it perfectly, "Li pa ena letoffe ene Premier Ministre".

His behaviour, attitude, demeanour, gross irresponsibility with our finances, and an obsessive, manic hunger for a PM post which he prays will stop the truth to come out over the billions of our rupees which have magically been transferred into the pockets of that evil bunch of individuals who take great pride in peeling potatoes in la cuisine.

That is his only priority: not the interests of the nation but the supreme interests of la cuisine and the protection of all that stolen loot.

Let me give some glaring examples of how this man is singularly ill suited to be in charge of our country:

1/ He has a personality that is as exciting as cold porridge: lumpy, insipid, and who will add anything, even if it is toxic, to make it a bit more palatable.

2/ He has surrounded himself with the biggest bunch of idiots that have ever graced the corridors of power of any country, including the banana republics. These are not advisers or people imbued with great knowledge about anything: they are just there in order to maximise the amount of our money that can become 'legitimately' theirs, through what the thieves always say, "Nou in suiv tou procedures". As I explained in previous posts, if you nominate Boboks to become the Board of Directors of our parastatal orgs, you can only expect those boboks to rapidly transmogrify into zombies who will say yes to whatever corrupt deal is being planned.

3/ He has used our institutions for his own personal benefit. By his, I of course mean la cuisine, without which the ti cretin simply cannot function. All major decisions, especially those that involve huge public expenditure, necessarily need the approval of la cuisine before the zombies around the cabinet table can tap la table and say, "Oui, Premier Ministre". Name me one institution, just one, that is not entirely under the control of la cuisine.

The police? When led by a Marionette, what can you expect? The police is no longer our National Police Force, despite it being financed entirely by us, the taxpayer.

It has become a secret police force, entirely under the command of Commissioner Lady Macbeth via a ti cretin and the buffoon who likes to piss on us.

That is why the police force, made up to a large extent of decent men and women, now spends more time protecting the parliamentary mafia in the government, watching the opposition politicians, and snooping into the private lives of our citizens than in combating real crime.

And when the main drugs dealers and the muscle heads have direct access to politicians in power, what can you expect the poor policeman/woman to do when they know the Marionette and his underlings will shout at them " Nou dimoune sa!"?

4/ This corruption of all our institutions has reached alarming proportions. Mention "ICAC" to any citizen, and he/she will either curse you, or slap you. Pravind Jugnauth has put all his own people to run our 'independent' institutions, and he then has the cheek to regularly tell us: "Nou institutions independan! Zamai mo pou interfere dan nou institutions!" It used to be bad under the PTr too, but it has never been this bad. These institutions are now rotten to the core.

5/ Today, we saw another two of our 'independent' institutions, the Electoral Commissioner and the Electoral Supervisory Commission, object to one judge sitting on the Supreme Court panel to adjudicate on whether Mauritians can stand as Mauritians in the General elections or as one of the 4 divisive categories that politicians have imposed on us.

Now, what could those two 'independent' orgs possibly find objectionable, unless, as many suspect, that these too act as obedient little servants to She who must be obeyed? Pravind Jugnauth deliberately stopped the renewal of the amendment of 2014 which would have allowed any Mauritian to stand as a Mauritian candidate. Especially as he knows that the opposition would have voted for it.

The Supreme Court has now decided that it will hear the application AFTER nomination day...which means that Rezistans et Alternativ will not be able to field any candidates. Sa meme nou gran demokrasi la sa? Sa meme nou etat de droit? Bousser fesse, do!

6/ The list of MSM/ML defaulters is too long to mention here....But ICAC and the Marionette p enkor etidier dossiers la, which proves that these idiots really need to enrol at the next ZEP intake if they can't master a dossier after 2-3 years that most of us will spend less than half a day to complete and pass on to the DPP.

7/ Last but not least, as these happened yesterday. 2 things:

a/ The incredible outburst of Pravin Jugnauth at a meeting yesterday where he made some very injudicious and completely non Prime Ministerial threats towards Top fm journalists----on the basis that 'p atak mo famille', re the Serenitygate affair. The hypocrisy and nastiness of that is highlighted in the second observation:

b/ Yesterday morning, many of us were given free toilet paper, courtesy of Lee Shim, the main financier of Pravin Jugnauth, and the mercenaries who work for him, and who are so bad, so nasty, that they cannot even be called "Zourlanus".

On its front page, that toilet paper came up with an article to highlight how Laina Rawat in particular and Adeela Rawat-Feistritzer were apparently such nasty people, and , worse, behaved in an 'Islamaphobic' way towards some unnamed woman who used to work at BAI. Let us ignore for one moment that both daughters of Dawood Rawat are themselves of the Muslim faith and do not feel the need to shout out about their religion at every given opportunity.

But tell me: Where has this lady been hiding over the last 5 years when the nasty psychopaths in government decided to destroy BAI without pity? Where was their 'informer', someone called M.C., which suggests this idiot either does not exist and is made up by the king of made up stories known as the new toilet papers calling themselves 'newspapers', or is just a Macro Champion. Rather like Nandinee's daughter who was bought by Lee Shim, spilled some vomit which everyone laughed at, and has not been seen or heard of again.

The question to Pravind Jugnauth is this: Zis to fami ki ena linportance dan sa ggt pays la?

It is ok for you and your hoodlums and zombies to mercilessly attack the Rawat family over the last five years, but God helps anyone who mentions how your lovely wife and even lovelier brother in law have made a fortune from us? Through your active connivance? Eoula! Meme ou zombies pou riye ou!

Look at Pravind Jugnauth's career as Prime Minister: from the horror show known as Air Mauritius where all sorts of prized, quite useless idiots from la cuisine have been given top the latest SerenityGate... to the nasty, cowardly attempt to hide how our money is being stolen by the billions, by smilingly telling us that he can't answer as these corrupt companies are listed n the Stock Market, and therefore it is all private and confidential? Even though they belong to the people? Eoula! Now, ask yourselves whether this man really ena letoffe ene premier ministre.

The panic has now set in and there are rumours of a secret MMM/MSM deal once the elections are over. I just do not believe this. After all that Berenger has said on the MSM and the Jugs, he too has learnt how to ravale so la crasse? I don't think so. At least I hope not. Having praised him for going it alone for these elections, and rightly so, I am told that he might be now considering to ally himself with the same MSM that has caused the most damage to his MMM since its Exorcist like birth in 1983.
If he does, then this country is really fucked.

Mardi 15 Octobre 2019

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