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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 2 Mars 2019

Forget the sacrilegious aspects of politicians taking over one of our major religious festivals, and let us instead look at the politics only. The PR battle has been relentless, constantly fed by mercenary zourlanus with all sorts of articles extolling the virtues of the Jugnauth couple, with only their visits to the toilets apparently being kept out of bounds from us. Thank God for that!

In this rather distasteful battle of the egos, the result is an overwhelming victory for Pravind Jugnauth ; he has won by a mile the PR battle over Navin Ramgoolam during the Maha Shivratri festival.

Here are the reasons:

1/ No speech from Pravin Jugnauth, something which was appreciated by everyone, as no politician should ever be allowed to make any speeches during religious gatherings.... Navin Ramgoolam, as usual, misjudged the public mood, and a predictably stupid speech brought the stench of politics to the sacred waters of Grand Bassin. First victory to PJ.

2/ The battle of the rido is a draw. Both were equally stupid and looked stupid in their rido.

3/ The long march to Grand Bassin by PJ, his wife looking all demure, loving, and pious. PJ and his wife looking and behaving like a  young and active couple.

Navin Ramgoolam looked like a grumbling old man, the proverbial loud mouthed uncle who will tell the whole world what he thinks of his relatives at the funeral of a dear one. Wrong setting, wrong behaviour, wrong attitude in public when silence should really have been golden.
Grand victory for PJ.

4/ Kobita Jugnauth behaved in an exemplary 'Hindu' wife manner, always by her husband's side, looking very devoted and pious, and often gazing admiringly at him. 

Navin Ramgoolam's greatest political asset, his wife Veena, was once again in the background, wearing dark glasses that immediately created a distance between her and the people there, and smiling at times as if to show some discomfort at being there with a husband who has not always behaved properly towards her. That is a pity.

If there is one Ramgoolam who is loved by many people, it is Veena, and it is beyond belief that such an asset is never ever used in any PR battle. But then, that has always been the trouble of the PTr: a leader who loves the fake flattery of the small army of arseholes only too willing to pretend to be his best friend, and who will listen only to those idiots.

So, as I said, this post is not about the sacred nature of the Maha Shivratri festival. It is about the PR battle between the only two who can unfortunately aspire to be our next PM.

 Pravin Jugnauth has won that battle hands down, almost a walkover. If this was a horse race, I would say that Pravin Jugnauth has already passed the finishing line, whilst Navin Ramgoolam has managed to just squeeze out of the starting stalls and, being ill prepared, is having a good shit on the race course before deciding whether to run properly or not.

Samedi 2 Mars 2019

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