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[Paul Lismore] "PJ pa zis fou, li ene danzerer, inconpetan ti cretin oussi"

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 28 Avril 2019

"PJ pa zis fou, li ene danzerer, inconpetan ti cretin oussi. Aller, cancel mo passport aster, parski sa oussi pou mari torma sa!"

Mank zis ene ti moustasse pou fer li vine Hitler net. Perhaps it is true what people say: that some short men who are put in positions of power will soon behave like dictators.

It was not enough for him to get his Marionette to put 10 useless criminal charges against the previous PM; at the same time, he, Roshi Badhain, and Yerrigrodoudou, ( the most useless Attorney General ever, even worse than the current pussy face one) decided that holding two foreigners against their will in the AG's apartment was ok, parski pays dan nou la main.

He then became actively complicit in the biggest destruction and theft of private property ever on this island, BAI/Bramer, and he had the cheek to make an oblique reference to this earlier this week without having the guts to mention the name of the one who he used to beg money from, together with the Ayatollah Mouftah: Dawood Rawat.

Seki mo dire, mo fer, he likes to bore us to death, with a constant repetition of that useless mantra. And we know that seki to fer mai to pa dire is what we should worry about. Like when he rescued an almost bankrupt lotel la cuisine known as Maradiva with a fiscal sleight of hand that card tricksters can only feel envious about.

Like when he turned a mediocre individual called Sherry into an incredibly rich man with stewardship of our MT and access to huge debts taken under our names, and which we will have to reimburse.

Like the other absolutely mediocre individuals who have been nominated to positions that are way above their minuscule abilities or qualifications; ALL our institutions have now become official branches of the MSM with zombies appointed to run them.

He has put a stranglehold on the future of our children and grandchildren with debts of well over Rs 300 billions, and his delusions of grandeur will soon increase that debt even further with the 'freebies for votes' scheme in the next budget; huge amounts of needless public expenditure, otherwise known as electoral bribes, will be voted in by his zombies in the National Assembly, and a Lepep Kouyon will be tempted to reelect a lunatic because of the 'gifts' he will give them which their own children will have to pay for over many decades.
But when an idiot interferes with the private lives of otherwise decent individuals to such a dictatorial extent that he plays God with people's lives is the time for sane individuals and real patriots to rise up and tell him: Enough of your lunacy!

His treatment of Patrick Hofman and his Mauritian wife is not only deplorable, but has crossed a line that no other political leader in any democracy has ever done: "WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER!" (Bible, Matthew 19:6).
Is Patrick Hofman a terrorist? NO!

Is he one of those dangerous idiots who joined ISIS in Syria and took part in massive killings, beheadings, rapes, and all sorts of other atrocities? NO!

Ever heard the ti cretin or any of his ministers or the Marionette or anyone else say anything about the return of those psychopaths to these shores and the new 'skills' they have learned which hopefully they will not put into practice here? NO!

Is Patrick Hofman a thief, a drunk, someone who steals our money with massive commissions like those at Air Mauritius, or a convicted fraudster like Bissoon Mungroo who sits on the board of Air Mauritius? NO!

Is he like Mike Seetasipaki, a useless individual but so beloved of la cuisine, on more than Rs 300, 000 a month at the same Air Mauritius? NO!

Is he a rapist, a murderer, a violent individual, a drugs dealer, or someone who uses tapeurs to beat other people up? No!

If he was, there would be a good chance we would be calling him Honourable and he would be sitting in our National Assembly!
His crime? He apparently "made derogatory comments", and much, much worse, he "treated the Prime Minister as a MAD PERSON"!!!

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Eoula ti cretin! You fucking need to get out more and to hear what people call you on the streets! Because only real lunatics and deluded arseholes run a country like you and previous PMs have done, and still believe they are wonderful people.
So, because someone allegedly calls the PM a mad person, our lovely PM declares him a 'prohibited immigrant'. Ena bez la!

What will he do to me if he finds out my identity? A little beheading in public perhaps? or given a worse sentence and condemned to a lifetime listening of Ayatollah Mouftah saying "Mo ena la foi, moi"? or condemned to listen, until death provides welcome relief, to Pravin Jugnauth himself showing me the million and one ways to say "Evidaman" and 'Bien sure"?
And some irredeemable idiots have still the gumption to ask " Si to ene zom, kifer to pa met to nom?". Kouma mo dire, Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! 

The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum...

Dimanche 28 Avril 2019

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