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[Paul Lismore] PJ ought to know that saying nothing and doing nothing is often the best policy

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 30 Juillet 2020

" Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact
"---George Eliot.

Pravind Jugnauth seems to be so caught up in the maelstrom of the stupid advice and ideas of his advisors and of la cuisine that he seems incapable to raise his head above the choppy waters and to see a horizon of clear and limpid thoughts.

He now strikes me as a man drowning in the contradiction of the many senseless ideas and proposals of the people around him that he feels he has no choice but to continue to hang on to their coat tails, even if that makes him sink further down the plughole of their crass ignorance and stupidity.

It is really quite incredible how he has chosen absolutely the wrong target, Berenger, as the springboard for his political renaissance. Now, I have often criticised Berenger for many things, his endless repetition of the same stale slogans, the reliance on one weekly press conference as his favoured medium for reaching Lepep, the choice of his "favourites" in the MMM who invariably end up stabbing him in the back, and the rigid stickler to old habits, sayings, principles, and attitude that have simply not kept up with les moeurs de nos jours.

But I have never ever, not even once, thought of Berenger as a racist. Only a fool would think that, and it would seem that the MSM is now full of absolute idiots who continue to repeat that nonsense, despite the absolute absence of any evidence to condemn Berenger as a racist.

Is Berenger a racist towards Hindus? Of course not!

SAJ would have been nothing but a mediocre Zavoka had Berenger not foolishly decided in the early seventies to make him, at least nominally, the leader of the MMM and subsequently leader of the Opposition and then Prime Minister. Remember, in those days, SAJ was by all accounts the most boring orator imaginable at public meetings and had never spent even one minute in prison when Berenger and others had been locked up for many months under the State of Emergency.

He simply glided his way as "leader' of the MMM, then leader of the opposition in 1976, and subsequently and since as Prime Minister in 1982. In other words, WITHOUT Berenger, SAJ would have still been the mediocre lawyer that he always was, and he certainly would be still Aneerood Jugnauth and not SAJ.

The same applies to the numerous politicians of Hindu faith who owe their success entirely to the patronage of the "racist" Berenger. Many have abandoned him when SAJ was in the ascendancy only to then come back to the "racist" Berenger when SAJ in pisse lor zot....

Why am I mentioning Hindus? Because I absolutely hate it that members of my own community are showing such a nauseating amount of 'namak haram' to the man who made the political careers of their fathers and their families.

I won't mention the idiot with the pony tail and the orange lamoresse, as I doubt even his wife would mention his name in moments of passion....Without the "racist" Berenger, they would have been nothing but little pen pushers in the Civil Service licking the arse of whichever politician will 'dire ene bon mot pou moi'...or little planters begging for some State Lands in order to grow their vegetables and make their fortune.

So, why have some Hindu politicians, exclusively from the MSM brigade, followed their leader in this nonsensical crusade against Berenger?

And now they are targeting his daughter too? Eoula! Joanna did not call anyone a "Zako", as you lot seem determined to carry on with this terrible and evil piece of Fake News. I listened to the whole incident, and in the cacophony of vile insults and garbage by the MSM zombies in the National Assembly, one could clearly hear Joanna say "Arete azir kouma zako!".

She never accused anyone of being a zako, as Ivan Collendavello scandalously did in in 2004 when he accused Hector Tuyau of being one! Of course, the one eyed, one eared, pot bellied Speaker did not hear anything, and worse, he and his moronic Deputy are still allowing those ridiculous zombies to continue to parade that lie on TV in the National Assembly.

Why are they doing it? Because Pravin Jugnauth, in yet another display of the spoilt little schoolboy that he has always been, showed extreme cowardice in brandishing a piece of paper ("confidential" to every one else but not to the idiots in government...) and shouted to Berenger " To pou tasser ar sa!". The rest of us felt bemused and asked ourselves, " Ki eter? ena la colle forte dan sa papier la pou li tasser?"

And as we all know, the BWSC/Rs 700 millions+ bribe/commission inquiry is being etidier very carefully by Navin Beekharry and his ICAC en fesse, which means that it will die a death soon....or at worst, when the news is not bad for the government in the light of a new scandal, our zourlanus will feel sufficiently distracted with another "Breaking News" that Berenger is being interviewed at interview which is bound to be of very short duration, as there is nothing incriminating that those bozos can directly put to him.

Now, Pravind Jugnauth has followed his stupid mouth of a few days ago by saying the he will sue L'Express and give all the damages to good causes, something that he has never done following the substantial number of diffamation cases he has always lumbered our courts with.

Today, he has made it official, and I, for one, will once again salute his incredible stupidity and lack of political acumen, because

1/ By suing L'Express, he will have to show how L'Express was not only wrong but intended to print lies about him in the otherwise exemplary investigation by Axcel Chenney.

2/ He will have to confirm that his wife and children returned home from an earlier arranged flight which coincidentally landed only a few hours before the borders were closed and thousands of our compatriots were stranded abroad...with many still hoping that one day soon, Bodha will remove his finger from his arse and, as our civil servants like to say, "do the needful" so that they can return to their homeland and to their families.

3/ He will have to explain why he chose to keep a decision to close the borders secret for 3 days, until his wife had safely landed. He can thank Zouberr, the pharmaceutical 'agent' for that...Why did he refuse to tell the population that in 3 days everything will be closed down so that they could have made all the necessary arrangements for their own la cuisine, instead of having to pay extortionate prices to supermarkets when everything had been locked down without warning?

4/ In the demand for particulars which L'Express is bound to submit, many of the mistakes and weaknesses of Pravind Jugnauth will be officially shown to be true and not Fake News.

Is this what PJ really wants? As I said, sometimes it is far better to say or do nothing than to throw something which turns out to be a boomerang, and which will smack you in your arse...But his advisers know best, and la cuisine keeps brewing up its poisonous drink for the poor sap to drink copiously..

Jeudi 30 Juillet 2020

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